Wednesday, May 31, 2006

DAY 25 - 26

Well nothing spectacular has happened.....feeling ALOT better, no dizziness like before. All is good, can't complain.

I made a cool Personal World Clock, (way too much free time) check it out....,151,51,259,197,422

Anyway, all is well. We may travel this weekend, a few of my friends said "don't travel, you shouldn't travel, etc." I was like why? I am wondering if this is an Egyptian thing or if its true everywhere? They said not good for the pregnancy, or hopeful pregnancy that is. It's not like I am going to be moving boxes or driving small trucks. I will be a passenger in my car while S. drives and a bit of walking, looking at the sea, thats it. So I put a call into my doctor, I will see what he says. What is your opinion? Leave me a comment.

Monday, May 29, 2006

DAY 24

The photo to the left is an ultrasound of twins at 4 weeks...I hope I can post such a picture someday soon....

Well just 9 more days until preg test day... They will go fast, yeah right, but actually the time is passing rather quickly...

I found a really cool site that describes fetal development week by week, you can view it at
The website is dedicated, it seems, to GE ultrasound techniques, but has some really great info for expecting mothers. There is just so MUCH info out there, what did we do before the internet, I don't remember.

All else okay. Just hoping for good news June 7th, God how I am praying for this news, that at least one little embryo has decided to stay in its place. God Willing, it will.

As my dear sister, a special friend from Tempe commented yesterday, that if I am pregnant, I should get used to these feelings, oh believe me I WILL. I am not complaining at all, as I said, if we are lucky enought to get pregnant, believe me, all this is worth it and what is to come I can bear insha Allah. Its just so different and all this is new.

You know, when you are going through this, you think you are alone, not alone, but I mean you can't imagine HOW MANY others are experiencing the same situation and lots of time so much worse, with many problems, etc. I feel lucky really, I haven't had too hard a time, this is our first try, I know. I have read so many blogs with so many IVF trys...its so sad for these ladies.

Of course I hope it will work for us this first try. We'll see, but we know if it is meant for us now, it will be. Its really out of our hands now....we did our part.

Thanks all for your beautiful comments, it means so much to me that you care so much and have us in your thoughts....Friends are awesome and make life a pleasure really! Kisses and hugs to you all......

Sunday, May 28, 2006

DAY 22-23 ~ Progesterone SUCKS

Well this Progesterone regime is getting tougher. It actually sucks really. Last night I threw up all of a sudden and started feeling a little light headed. This morning I feel better, but still have this semi-light headed feeling, and my stomach doesn't feel steady! I will call my doctor to be sure, but after doing my usual online research, seems this is normal and oral progest can have this effect.

Some of you know how much of a BABY I am, but don't get me wrong, I am tough, and can stick it out, but a baby none the less.

I read this article online about progestrone, it is informative and made me feel a little better seeing these few side effects I am experiencing.

Progesterone Use in the Treatment of Infertility
Contributed by Christine M. Schroeder, Staff Writer

Progesterone is a reproductive hormone that is frequently administered to patients during infertility treatment. It is prescribed for several purposes and comes in multiple forms, each of which has advantages, disadvantages, and contexts in which it is most likely to be used.

Progesterone's Role in Reproduction

During an unmedicated cycle, progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum, a cyst-like structure formed after the oocyte is released from its ovarian follicle. Progesterone vascularizes the uterine lining, increasing the blood supply in preparation for potential implantation of a fertilized egg. In the absence of pregnancy, the corpus luteum’s progesterone output will normally begin to decrease after about 12 days. In response, the vascularized lining is shed in the form of a period.Because of these effects, the primary uses of progesterone in infertility treatment are (1) triggering of menstruation and (2) luteal phase supplementation.

Oral Progesterone
Natural oral progesterone, such as Prometrium pills, is used primarily as a supplement in the luteal phase for patients undergoing natural or IUI cycles. The primary advantage of oral progesterone is its convenience; patients do have not have to learn to give themselves injections or deal with the discharge that may occur with vaginal application. Despite its appeal, however, oral progesterone has several disadvantages. Most seriously, at least one study suggests that it may be associated with lower success rates than some other forms of progesterone; it has been hypothesized that oral progesterone may be more effective at raising serum progesterone levels than at raising the level of progesterone within the uterine lining itself, which is where its true effect occurs. Additionally, oral progesterone is metabolized by the liver, and the byproducts may cause side effects such as dizziness or sleepiness.
Recently, some doctors have begun to have patients administer these same progesterone pills vaginally. Few data are yet available on the efficacy of this approach.

Progesterone Suppositories
Progesterone suppositories are compounded by individual pharmacists and consist of natural progesterone suspended in a base similar to cocoa butter. Upon insertion, the warmth of the body causes the suppository to melt and release the progesterone. Since suppositories are vaginally administered, the liver does not produce the high number of side effect-causing metabolites that can occur with natural progesterones taken orally. The vaginal administration also allows the progesterone to be targeted more specifically to the uterine area. Many women, however, find the discharge associated with suppositories to be overly messy or uncomfortable and there is some question as to how long the progesterone is effective after insertion. Additionally, it can be difficult to find a pharmacy that will compound the suppositories, and the individualized process may cause a lower level of dosing accuracy and quality control. Finally, some women may be sensitive to the suspending substance.

Friday, May 26, 2006

DAYS 19 - 21

Well its been 3 days since the transfer. I have been indoors since Tuesday, and will maybe venture back out into the world today, we'll see.

I am feeling good, can't say that I feel different at all really. I do hope that those little embryos are growing and doing well, boy do I wish so.

These two weeks are going to be long, I can feel it now. But you know, I am just not going to think about it and wish for the best, if its meant for us it will be.

Just wanted to say hey and all is well. Have a great weekend wherever you are.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Well we went today for the transfer of was quick, we left in less than an hour probably. Minimal pain, a sharp feeling when they injected the 4 embryos, but not bad at all. No anesthesia at all.

The doctor talked to us before hand, and he said (while he showed us his chart of patients with embryo tramsfers today (in english) ) that I had the best number of embryos for transfer and for cryopreservation (freezing.) of his patient list today.

He also said I was one of the best cases they had seen yet in their clinic. That I responded extremely well to the drugs before and that my eggs were excellent.

They transferred 4, grade 1 embryos for me today and have cryopreserved (frozen) 16 more.

So we are excited with this good news, and hope they will "stick".

Anyway I will rest for 3 days at home, normally, not in bed and after 3 days go out side as normal. I will continue taking progestrone tablets and suppositories.

We will take a pregnancy test after 15 days, insha Allah, we get the news we've been waiting for, for so very long.....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

DAY 15 & 16

Yesterday went fine. We got there at 12 noon or so, they took me right away. I was wheeled into operating room, given anethesia and was finished in like 15 minutes S. said. All i remember is the mask I was breathing into was bothering me so bad, I remember telling the doctor...then...thats it, I woke up in my room next to S.

Had to relax a few hours, was a bit dizzy but ok. The doctor told us he got 35 eggs, well not eggs, but hopefully there are good eggs in the 35 he collected. He seemed very pleased. I am taking an antibiotic and some progestrone now.

Tuesday we will go back for the embryo transfer, unless we hear from them. They said if we don't get a call from them, its good, and just to come Tuesday. So I sure hope we don't hear from them.

So that was it.....not too bad at all.

We are excited and nervous for Tuesday as you can imagine. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.....

Friday, May 19, 2006

DAY 13 & 14

Well it's Friday night, Day 14 and tomorrow, Day 15, we go for egg retrevial at 12 noon.

I had my last injection at 1AM this morning, this was approx. 36 hours before egg retreival, went fine, but the doctor who usually gives to me, she was not there. So another doctor, a guy had to give to me...went fine.

I was SUPER tired today, the first time for me to feel this tired. Then in the late afternoon I finally snapped out of it. I plan to try to sleep early today, we'll see if that happens.

Well hope all goes well, will try to blog tomorrow night, I should be fine. Be thinking of us.....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

DAY 12

Well today was the last night for the injections!!! The follicles are excellent in size and quantity, the doctor gave me my last two injections of the meds I was taking.

So on Friday, at 1AM i will take an injection of another medication, (have to take this 36 hours before egg retrieval).

Then on Saturday they will retrieve eggs, fertilize and we will wait for mature, good embryos to grow, then put into uterus.

So we are excited! We hope the eggs and the embryos will be good and implantation will take, insha Allah. We just have to patient and pray, you too!

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your kind comments, it means alot to us. Talk to you soon.

<------ Here is an 8 cell egg on Day 3 after retrieval, lets hope mine develop good like this......

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DAY 11

Great news again today...follicles still growing and multiplying. I will go to doctor again tomorrow night and he expects to decrease the dosage of one injection.

My injections tonight were hard, they hurt really bad. I switched arms for the subcu one, wow, did it sting! The intra-mucscular was tough too. Oh well, if it works, its all worth it.

I am tired and will get to bed now, see what tomorrow brings...Have a great one!

Monday, May 15, 2006

DAY 10

I can't believe its been 10 days of injections left arm is pretty bruised, but surprisingly these have been going alot better than I expected. I hate needles, but as long as I don't see them, I'm cool.

Tomorrow another ultrasound at the doctor, hopefully good news again.

Its late here and I am so tired, just wanted to check in. Hope all is well for everyone and talk to you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


The doctor gave us excellent news once again today! He said the follicles have increased in number and in size , exactly as they should!

I will continue the injections, same doses, then will see him again on Tuesday. He will probably decrease the dosage if the follicles continue to grow larger and increase in number as they have been.

So we are feeling good, seems all is going well thus far. We will see what this week brings.

Stay tuned...

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Nothing too much to report for today.

I will go to the doctor tomorrow for another ultrasound, see if the follicles are increasing and growing as they should be, I hope they are. We will see if he decreases any of the injections or not....

Happy Mother's Day to everyone, and let us hope that next year you can wish me one too!!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Well Day 7 was excellent and encouraging for us to say the least.

We went to the doctor, he did an ultrasound, the follicles are growing as they should. I had a good amount in each ovary and their size is as it should be. He told me to continue with both injections and I will see him again on Sunday for another ultrasound. When the follicles increase in size a little bit, he will decrease the injections. Once they reach the optimum size and amount, he will do extraction and fertilization.

He said everything is progressing as it should, exactly as it should be.

What a relief- to know that these injections are working, is so cool!

When we arrived at his office, their was a couple there...they just delivered twins on their first attempt at IVF. The doctor said this was "kheyr", like a good sign for us...I know he is right.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


It's Thursday! Tomorrow we go see the doctor to see how these injections are "working", we are hoping for some good news.

I went to the pharmacy today, got my one strong injection, but all pharmacies here where we live did not have the other one. S. is out in Cairo, I called him and told him to try to find somewhere there. The doctor told me she will be at the pharmacy until 1:00AM, its now 11:30PM or so and S. should be home soon, hopefully he found it somewhere.

Anyway thats all the excitement for now, will update tomorrow and let you know what the doctor says for us to do....Have a great Thursday!
p.s. Wishing you a very, very HAPPY, HAPPY the Happiest BIRTHDAY M. !!!!!!!


I've been taking my shots at 11PM or so each tonight after we watched our movie, Extreme Measures, (Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman- good by the way) we were off to the pharmacy. The doctor was not in, they said she left eraly today. So we went to another pharmacy, no doctor, then the last pharmacy we tried, in the Mall here, there was a doctor, yeah! So she gave me both injections and it was fine. The subcu one stung again so much and I felt a little dizzy after, but nothing too bad at all. I am pleased with how well I am handling these injections...despite the fact of being poked everyday, they are really okay. I am just pryaing that the doctor tells us good things this Friday. Hope you're week is going well, we miss you all...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Day four has passed and gone, it is now Day 5 here for me, I am posting late....

I took my injections with me to a friend's house with the intention after leaving there we would go straight to pharmacy...I left the injections there!

So we got to our city, I went home, got the injections from the fridge and off to the pharmacy.

Today the subcu injection was hard, it stung sooooo bad. The doctor said it could be that it was too cold. The intra-muscular was like nothing, just a quick sting on injection.

Then I told her that this morning when I woke up all my back muscles were so achy, she said it is normal, so I am glad for that.

Anyway, another day under my belt, we'll see what the ultrasound shows this Friday....

Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Hello all. This is Day 3, but Day 1 of the second injection, Fostimon. It was fine. We went to the pharmacy at 11Pm, it was soooo crowded. The doctor took me upstairs and gave me both injections, minimal pain. I am such a baby, but that initial prick is so tough. Anyway, I'll live and these days will pass quick. Thanks for all your great emails, it means alot to us that you all are praying and thinking of us as we start this journey. So good night for now and until tomorrow, sweet dreams...

Sunday, May 7, 2006

DAY 2- I Can't Do It!

Well I tried, I got the alcohol, the cotton, cleaned a spot on my stomach, took the lid off the syringe, had it in my hand......

No way! I thought maybe I could as I will be needing these daily for some weeks now.... really, I thought I could, I can not. I am defeated. (smile)

So off to the pharmacy it will be, luckily we have one so close to our home, and they will get to know me there.

I am a whimp, what can I say. But you know what, with some suregries under my belt, I know I can give birth, if I am so lucky to be able to, I just HATE needles!!! And if I don't see them, the better...

Saturday, May 6, 2006

The doctor called

The doctor called about an hour ago, said the second medication has arrived at his office. We will pick it up tomorrow. See, the doctor was nice to order for us to save a few pounds as opposed to us buying from the pharmacy directly. This medication is four viles and two powders that have to be mixed and injected intramuscularly. The other medication, which I started today, comes ready in a seringe. I inject half of the seringe each day, well not me, but you know what I mean.
Not sure if you know, S. went to primary school with this doctor. The both of them were always the top two in their class S. told me. He is the same doctor, who with another doctor, performed the removal of my right fallopian tube in January, very, very kind and nice he is. I like him.
All night I have been siting here thinking, could it really be possible? Could we really be on our way, the possibilty of having a baby in nine months or so? It would be a miracle, and insha Allah, God Willing, it can happen...


Finally after 10 years of marriage, one tubal pregnancy in January, we officially started the IVF process today! So i MUST tell you we are VERY EXCITED!!!

Took my first, of many more to come, injections today. Did I give it to myself, you know I didn't! The doctor gave it to me, but from here on, I will go daily to our pharmacy here, for 1 LE, a doctor will administer the injection. S. could NEVER do it, he is worse than me! He said he would, no problem, but I am going to spare him this....poor guy.

So here's the drill.....

- I will take injections (two daily) for awhile now.

- Day 7, I will have an ultrasound to check if my ovaries are being stimulated enough and the doctor will adjust the medicine accordingly.

- Day 15, he will extract eggs, mix with S.'s sperm.

- 36 hours later they will implant fertilized embryos in my uterus.

- Day 30, 15 days after implantation, we and you all, will pray a period does not come.

Will try to post daily, I hope you will enjoy sharing this experience with us. You know how babdly we would love to a child, God Willing we will soon.