Thursday, June 16, 2011

Almost 8 months

Superbaby truns 8 months next week. Um, where has the time went? I bet it just keeps passing faster as he gets older too huh?

Alot changes in a week. I remember my last post about him, and this week he is doing so many more things. He is now semi-crawling. Still moves in all directions on his tummy, but using his feet to push more instead of just reaching and pulling himself with his hands. He can also now move on tile, where as before he would just tap it with his hands and wonder why he couldn't grab it, LoL.

Yesterday while we were playing on the bed, he grabbed my legs as I was laying down and pulled himself up to standing! He also raised his tummy alittle bit and crawled on his knees for a few seconds. Yeah! Then tonight he pulled himself to standing, bent over a bit, but standing four times holding his Bumbo chair (while I held it down from the back). This boy wants to walk! Whenever I hold him now he is squirming to get down to the floor, like he's just going to run away.

So when he starts crawling more, I'm gonna go crazy. We have all marble floors, and do have throw carpets in rooms so I am so scared he will bang his face or head. We also a bunch of stairs, we found a stair gate here thank God and will purchase soon. I have this same fear for when he starts to walk as well. Any good advice in addition to NEVER taking my eye off of him of course?

He is finally starting to like some chunky food, but I noticed with dry things only. Like when I make his veggies, he still seems to like them smooth and pureed. But now he wants to try everything he sees us eating and I let him most times. If its not too spicy I brake off a tiny piece and let him taste it. He really seems to dig bread. We eat a lot of pita bread, especially at breakfast and he loves it! I did only give him a small piece a few times and did make it soft before putting into his mouth too. Probably didn't need to, but I still am scared of choking.

He is a lot more vocal too. Like is he trying to talk to us. When I ask him things he makes like a hmmmm sound, and says dada alot. Like I said before maybe Daddy will be his first word and Super S is thrilled, me too. He's such and AMAZING Daddy, exactly as I knew he would be.

I think Superbaby will be built like his Daddy. He has no tummy now and a very slender build with a long torso, like Super S. It may change I know, but I think he will may have that good metabolism being able to eat anyand everything and not gain a pound. Now me on the other hand...

His personality is what makes him so amazing. We see it now, he is gonna be a trip and is so funny. He loves people and is friendly and always has a smile. He is such a happy little man, we love it!

His top two teeth are coming in now. He has his bottom two. He has started biting my shoulder when I carry him, and man are those suckers sharp! Then last night for the first time he bit me while I was feeding him. I screamed and he looked at me, paused a minute then smiled and laughed. What is the best way to handle this? I read put my finger in his mouth to release? While nursing it shouldn't happen and doesn't, I mean he bit when he was letting go.

Tonight we watched the lunar eclispe from our telescope on the roof, it was amazing. A bunch of friends came over and they enjoyed watching it so much. I didn't take Superbaby to the roof as I am scared of mosquitos for him. I took him to one of the windows though, showed him the moon and told him what was happening.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IVF Due Date Calculator Updated

Its been a few years since I posted the cool IVF due date calculator link and I wanted to update with some addtional links.

These came in so handy for me the past few years and especially last year. Isn't it great that these even exist? Not all of us just miss periods. Ha, if it were really that simple huh?

Click below to access the calculators:

And for au naturel... Natural Pregnancy Due Date Calculator (based on last menstrual cycle)

Also, here is a very cool Sample IVF Cycle Schedule ,Long protocol

Thanks IVFdotCA for all these amazing calculators. Just awesome that you did this for US.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Squash, 33 weeks 2 days

A few very "important" updates (laughing)...

Made squash for Superbaby, he LOVES it! Still liking smooth pureed foods so far, tried alittle chunky not having it, yet.

Talking like crazy, his first word will be Daddy I think.

Almost sitting without falling forward. Standing up from sitting position very well and often now. Seems he wants to just take off.

Two bottom teeth in. Teething seems to be better now. How long before the top two come in?

Looks like his eyes will not be all green, but a light hazel maybe? We'll see. Could be green hazel? Or maybe green still? Should know in next few months huh?

Still co-sleeping. The crib is just for show and the occasional nap. Been thinking about trying to put him in Pack N Play at end of our bed at night, not sure though. If we don't transition him soon, its going to be very hard, I know.

Can babies eat watermelon?

What foods cause constipation? Rice, potatoes, peas- yes/no? What else?

He grunts alot while eating. No its not reflux, just noises, its weird man. But cute too.

Yeah! Got some takers on my cute bay of the week idea. See cute baby Adam? He is Lynne's baby born in England in January of this year. If your kids are not babies anymore, you can still submit their baby pictures (waiting for you Kristin).

Super S had Superbaby listening to and watching Pink Floyd videos today. It was Floyd partyy minus the party favors. He really seemed to like those crazy videos too. Too funny! His music introduction thus far: jazz, flamenco and Floyd!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cute baby weekly contest

Ok, I have so not invented this idea, but want to try it here on the blog. Its a great excuse to update my blog more often and I think it'll be fun featuring cute babies each week.

So here's what to do...

Send me an email and include your photo and baby's name.

I will choose a new photo every Sunday starting this Sunday, June 5th.

( Of course it was only appropriate to feature my little man as the first ).

I hope you'll participate and even if you are still waiting for YOUR baby, you can send in your niece, nephew, whoever. You know I can't leave my sistas out. wink wink. And yes, furbabies count too!

What do you win? Nothing. Well a little something. I will send you html so you can post a button on your blog, if you have one, that says your baby was Cute Baby of the Week here. Have to work on creating it.

Think of it this way, your cute baby gets free publicity and I have alot of readers man. And of course we all get to admire the cuteness.

I will also work on better framing so when your baby is featured it'll look better than it does now, my first attempt at making a frame.

Is this a little corny, yeah maybe. But I think it'll be fun, why not? Spread the word too.