Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cute baby weekly contest

Ok, I have so not invented this idea, but want to try it here on the blog. Its a great excuse to update my blog more often and I think it'll be fun featuring cute babies each week.

So here's what to do...

Send me an email and include your photo and baby's name.

I will choose a new photo every Sunday starting this Sunday, June 5th.

( Of course it was only appropriate to feature my little man as the first ).

I hope you'll participate and even if you are still waiting for YOUR baby, you can send in your niece, nephew, whoever. You know I can't leave my sistas out. wink wink. And yes, furbabies count too!

What do you win? Nothing. Well a little something. I will send you html so you can post a button on your blog, if you have one, that says your baby was Cute Baby of the Week here. Have to work on creating it.

Think of it this way, your cute baby gets free publicity and I have alot of readers man. And of course we all get to admire the cuteness.

I will also work on better framing so when your baby is featured it'll look better than it does now, my first attempt at making a frame.

Is this a little corny, yeah maybe. But I think it'll be fun, why not? Spread the word too.


  1. Can we submit baby pictures even if our kids aren't babies anymore?

    BTW, he is gorgeous!

  2. I sent you a cute...something picture. <3

    Adam from England one cute baby of the week!!!!
    I can't believe in a few weeks I will have one of my own.




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