Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are good. Tired but good

This little man is a night owl... I love it though. I never thought exhaustion could be so wonderful! He sleeps in the daytime, then night hits and its on....

We are both good though and all is beyond amazing. More soon. xoxo

Monday, October 25, 2010

Completely and totally in LOVE

Superbaby weighed 6 lbs 8.3 ounces and measured 19 1/4 inches long. He is perfect, perfect, perfect!

All is great and we are both really good. I was up walking the same night and continue to walk, cause you know Wishy is a champ like that, LOL! I am surprising myself, let me tell you. Going home tomorrow.

More soon...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tomorrow I will be a mom

God Willing, this is the last time I will post to this blog as a non-mom....

Tomorrow Superbaby will arrive and I am beside myself in so many ways. Excited, nervous, anxious, teary, happy, overjoyed, alittle scared and so many more emotions I am feeling right now.

I will try to sleep now as I am super tired and want to get up early to drink and take my vitamins before starting my 8 hour fast before the c-section.

I will update you as soon as I can and can't wait for you all to meet Superbaby. Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. Talk soon. xoxo

Friday, October 15, 2010

37 weeks, 5 days

Well I got the automated call from the doctors office, but this time it said "You have a message from your doctor, call blah blah blah to retrieve your message." So naturally I was nervous as that very cordial automated voice did not tell me this time "your test results are normal."

So I called the number to retrieve my message and all is ok, doctor just went over the results. My hemoglobin is better now, (thanks iron tablets), my sodium is a little decreased, (funny as I snack on salty things), electrolytes, liver enzymes and a few other things all just great. She said to increase my protein and that she attributes all these "little" things to end of pregnancy timing. So nothing to worry about for now I guess, THANK GOD!

I will go in Tuesday, to have another ultrasound to check fluid levels again and then a week and one day from today Superbaby makes his debut, God Willing.

Sciatic pain still there but totally bearable. I waddle now and I have gotten used to my new way of walking LOL. Maybe I will adopt and keep my little swagger after Superbaby gets here... um- so kidding. I know this and many things should pass after the birth. You know I am not complaining as you know how much of a breeze this pregnancy has been for me. I am so fortunate and everything has really been just awesome. As I always say, I just hope and pray that all continues this way until next Friday.

I feel Superbaby alot these days, not as active as months prior but he is moving around and I feel him daily. I just keep telling him to hang out a bit longer.  

So thats all for now. Just wanted to update on my lab results. Talk soon. xoxo

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

37 weeks, 3 days

Man time is flyin by and I am so neglecting my humble little space here aren't I? I don't mean or want to, cause you guys are what keep me smiling and going with your amazing comments and support- but I know you understand.
The baby shower was awesome! My friend really out did herself in preparing everything and was an amazing hostess. It was so good to see so many friends and receive their good wishes for Superbaby, Super S and I. Many of them I haven't seen since we left to Cairo a few years back. It was alot of fun, alot of good food and great hanging out and getting advice from so many amazing mothers.

Today I saw the doctor. Superbaby weighs about 6.8lbs, has a heartrate of 143, all looking good thank God. We did not get to see him very well, he is head down and facing my back, but saw his two little fists and spinal cord pretty clearly. They were happy with what we saw on the ultrasound today, yeah us too!

My amniotic fluid index was 8.42. A perfect score is 10 out of 10. A little low (although I read 8 and up is usually ok and usually indicates a stable pregnancy as long as other factors are ok, i.e. fetal movement, fetal tone etc., which in our case are good for Superbaby). She wasn't too concerned saying it wasn't too low, but my blood pressure went up a bit to 134/86 today. Last appointment it was 132/64 and the previous one it was 122/72. So these things combined with alittle protein in my urine, she had me go to the lab and have a chem panel to rule out anything.  They also did the culture for Group B Strep (GBS) which is standard to test for at this point in pregnancy. Should get results in a few days via their wonderful automated notification phone call. I just wait to hear "your test results are normal.." We'll see.

I will go back to doctor next Tuesday for another ultrasound to check fluid levels again.

Overall though the appointment went well and I asked alot of questions about the c-section. Got them all answered and now I am ready... well you know as ready as I can be, nervous though for sure. My Mom will arrive the day before on the 21st so she can be there too.

Still haven't packed my bag for the hospital, I will though and soon as you never know. Bought a few items to stick in there today, little tolietry type stuff. I have everything I plan on taking, just need to get it together and packed.

Sciatic pain. Super S gets it from time to time and now I know how much pain he is in. I no longer walk I waddle. It just started about a week or so after I got here. The pain is in my right buttox and its not continuous, but when I get up or when walking alot it is painful as hell. I am trying to relax but at the same time trying to get so much done before Superbaby arrives too. But I am slowing down, I have too just under a week and half to go baby.

So thats my update for now. No fun pics to share, ultrasound pics you see nothing and shower pics are all of people, so you will have to wait for the best picture of all, the one of Superbaby ! I will share a few when he gets here.

Miss you all, stay well and talk soon. Peace. xoxo

Sunday, October 3, 2010

36 weeks

I still can't believe I am able to type that above... 36 weeks, wow.

Well Superbaby's birthday has been decided.. October 22nd, 2010, God Willing. The countdown begins, just 20 more days to go.

We have scheduled a c-section. The doctor decided that due to a surgery I had back in 2002 it would be dangerous for me to deliver vaginally. It was a myomectomy and and a very large fibroid was removed from my uterus. I told her I was totally cool with it, adding that whatever was best/safest for Superbaby and I was the thing to do. So now I start shaking, LOL!!!

I have to admit, even though you cannot imagine how excited I am (well some of you can, I know), I am getting a little nervous too. I know its totally normal and I think the excitement definitely out weighs my nervousness. But any type of surgery, even the most inportant, greatest, best ever one, shakes me a little. I know once I see Superbaby nothing else will matter. Man I still can't believe or even guess how that feeling will be when we hear him for the first time, see him...

Next OB appointment is October 12th, I will have my first ultrasound since being here then. We can't wait to see Superbaby and hope all is well.

My Mom is arriving from the East Coast the day before Superbaby's arrival. She'll be around to give some extra help too, so thats very cool.

My baby shower is next Saturday and my friend is going to make it amazing I know, she's such a good party planner/hostess. I am looking to forward to seeing alot of friends I haven't seen in awhile too.

Been so busy aorund here, maybe not taking it easy enough, but I feel good so I hope its all good.

Will update soon, just wanted to say hey to all of you. Keep the prayers, good vibes and wishes coming ladies. xoxoxo