Monday, June 28, 2010

22 week, 2 day Ultrasound

Superbaby is doing great! We saw him yesterday... he was kicking his feet together and opening his mouth. It was amazing man I swear.

We had a quick ultrasound without getting a DVD this time as Dr. K used a machine they just use for IVF transfer measurements, not hooked up for recording I guess. We had to wait almost two hours, then when we went into the exam room/office, Dr. K had to leave to deliver twins. They were two girls, naturally conceived and it took all of 15 minutes! We did not mind waiting for that.

Dr. K explained to us as he always does, what we were seeing, the organs, the 4 chamber view of Superbabys heart, fingers toes etc. Next ultrasound he will do a detailed scan of his heart. But said all is looking good so far, what a relief. Super S was so excited this time, not that he isn't always, but I think as Superbaby is beginning to look more like a person, it amazes him. He said I just can't believe it, I was like I know, me too baby.

So I am feeling good and so, so, so happy that our little guy is hanging in there and doing good. You know we have waited 12 years for him...

I said yesterday I want to feel him kicking, well he heard me I guess, as I feel alot of movement today. Earlier this morning, I was feeling my stomach and watching it and I saw him move, beyond amazing!

So all is good in Superbaby land, just wanted to let you know. Next ultrasound will be around 26 weeks.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dancin fool man

I saw this first on Venting's blog... she always finds the coolest, funniest, most unbelievable WTF type stuff. Love it.

Can this be NOT photoshopped? OMG this boyz got mad skillz man, he had me up in my chair, LOL! Now thats a happy baby. Happy Saturday.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Can I get some salt with that water please

We're coming Red Sea...

I think its about that time again, the salty waters of the Red Sea are calling me. I said to Super S yesterday that its time we make a visit to our favorite destination Dahab. Those of you who visit me often know our love affair with Dahab, I have blogged it about it waay too much.

So we are thinking about going in a few days for a week or so. I think I want to visit Dr. K just to check before we go. Super S said, "no all is ok, don't worry..." but he knows me, you know me, I just want another confirmation before I go in around 24 weeks and before we go to Dahab so I go knowing all is good with Superbaby. We'll see, but I think I will try to go in Sunday or Monday maybe.

The last time we were in Dahab, was two days after embryo transfer and before our first beta on February 20th. While we were in Dahab I wrote this in the sand....

Little did I know at the time that this day would be one of THE best in all my life!

Tomorrow is 22 weeks for me, wow, just wow! You know what I've been getting, some really fun late night calf cramps. So painful that they wake me up, I scream and Super S massages it out. Not every night, but sporatically. I read about it online and its normal it seems. I read in a few places that drinking a glass of tonic water gets rids of them? I only get them at night, I wiggle it out or Super S massages it out and thats it. I don't get them during the day but I have noticed my feet are a bit sore throughout the day, especially the foot on the leg that had the had cramp the night before. They are not swelling as much so thats cool. I really am trying to sit more often.

This week Super S and celebrated our 14th anniversary. We met 16 years ago and been married for 14. Seems like just yesterday really. I daydream sometimes that had things gone as "normal" our son or daughter would be going into high school this fall wouldn't they? But you know what, Super baby will be here in October, God Willing, and if we live, we will be old when he goes to high school and thats just fine with me.

On our anniversary we went for a really nice dinner, spent the evening walking at our club, watched a world cup game and it was just a great day! Romantic huh, LOL. It was wonderful and when we're in Dahb next week we'll celebrate all over again too.

So have a wonderful weekend my friends, I'll update soon. xoxo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 2010 ICLW... Welcome

Happy ICLW. If this is your first time visiting via the ICLW list for June welcome!

You can see my summarized journey in my profile to the right, but in short we are finally pregnant after many failed IVF cycles. We spent the last 12 years sort of TTC and the last 5 years doing IVF. So we are very excited and very cautiously happy, despite the fact I am 21w3d today. Still amazing man I swear.

So what's been up... well my feet and ankles are a bit swollen. So you know I am off to check my blood pressure today and praying that it is ok. I read that the swelling along with high blood pressure and protein in the urine is a sign of pre-eclampsia. Last appointment with Dr. K. confirmed that my placenta was fundal, so thats good. My pressure has always been good too. So for now I am attributing the swelling to being on my feet alot and the fact that here in Cairo it has been like 150 F for the last three days, insanely hot.  I just got back from checking my blood pressure 110 over 70, thank God.

I decided I will go see Dr. K around July 12th. That will put me at 24w2d. I will take the GD test that so many of you have informed me is so tasty and fun, and hope all will be good. I will take the test at the lab here where I live before my appointment and take the reults with me. ( If you are a new visitor to my blog, here in Cairo all lab tests are done at offsite labs and most times you don't even need a note from your doctor.)

On a very very sad note Charlie is gone. Remember Charlie, our baby who had a broken jaw and then surgery and we kept him inside with us? Well he always slept in his room at night, went outside during the day, did not wander but hung around the yard. If he went for a walk he always came back. He left Sunday early morning and we have not seen him since. I fear the worst as he is not a wandered at all since we had him neutered. I heard a rumor that here in the city where we live they have put chicken heads with poison outside to kill the cats. Humane huh? Cairo has a cat problem in general and this suburb is getting populated with cats too, but come on, poisoning them? Again, not sure if its true, but thats all I think about when I think of my baby Charlie.

Charlico Pico we miss you so much...

Friday, June 18, 2010

The marathon is over!

We had an AWESOME four days with ours friends. When I say it was a marathon, it really felt like it was!

They arrived Sunday afternoon and left Wednesday afternoon. So really we had only Monday and Tuesday as full days for excursions. I don't think any tour company in Egypt could have done what we did.

Monday late morning we started out by visiting the Pyramids. It was HOT, but not humid. After we left the Pyramids, we went to Al Azhar Park, had dinner and then we were off to Khan al Khalili bazaar. After the bazaar we went downtown to the Nile, took a boat ride for an hour and then exhuasted we went home.

Tuesday we went back downtown to the newly remodeled Cairo Tower, then went to eat famous Egyptian Koshary, did some sightseeing from the car around Cairo and back home for a late dinner at a very nice place here where we live.

Wednesday they were not able to get on their plane.... why, well because the airlines did not want to let them check-in as we arrived as they were closing the check-in. Now mind you, we were NOT late. We got there an hour before flight departure, which we thought was sufficient for regional travel, Cairo to Amman, but nope.

So in the airport we sat, watched the World Cup, ate, drank and off they were a few hours later.

Oh and don't think they could just get on next plane, oh no. We had to "reward" a few people to get them on, because thats how they roll here. Money talks and everyone speaks the same language, insane!

So it was wonderful and we had such a great time. They did bring their two kids, their seven year old daughter who was so adorbale and fell in love with Charlie our cat and their 14 year old son, a great kid. They had a blast and said they want to come back to Egypt soon.

So tomorrow is 21 weeks. Still feeling great, I just hope all is still well. I think I'll go see Dr. K around 24 weeks.

Have a great Friday! xoxox

It was a HOT day but still lots of people

The Sphinx in all his glory

Restaraunt at Al Azhar Park overlooking the Citadel of Saladin

Colorful shisha pipes at Khan al Khalili bazaar

Hnadmade necklaces at the bazaar

Antiquities.. NOT! For sale at the bazaar

Cairo Tower

View from Cairo Tower

Another view from Cairo Tower

Abu Tarek, a famous and CLEAN place to eat Koshary
Policemen ride camels at the Pyramids

Friday, June 11, 2010

Funky Friday

I don't know why I titled this Funky Friday, but it could be a new to do for blogs on Fridays maybe? Air out our funk on a Friday maybe? Good, bad, funny, sad whateva, we'll see.

Anyway, hey.

I am still here and still pregnant as far as I know. Tomorrow is a big milestone for me, 20 weeks, 5 WHOLE months you guys.. still hard to believe. I feel good. And I feel lazy too. Like I have things to do but just don't want to. I read that the second trimester is the best and easiest, while it is easy I am still lazy. 

It feels like Superbaby is on my bladder too. I am not sure if this feeling is normal, but like if I press down there at the bottom of my tummy I can feel pressure, like I could/should use the bathroom. Even right after emptying my bladder, is this cool? Hopefully it is.

I don't feel Superbaby moving yet. Dr. K said as this is my first pregnancy I won't feel movement until well after 20 weeks... I feel twinges and some sharpness sometimes, but no kicking or real movement I don't think. I can't wait to feel him from outside. At night when I lie in bed, I rub my belly and I swear I can feel his arm or head sometimes, who knows if I'm right, but its a great feeling anyway!

We have some friends from the US who are in the region for a weddding, and they are coming to Egypt to visit us on Sunday. They will be with us for only 4 days, short but it will great to see them! They have five kids, four boys and a girl. The boys are older, one is getting married next month, the others are college aged as well. Their sister is the youngest and came along late she's probably like 7 or so. As far as I know it is just our friends, not their kids who are coming.

So Super S and I have been planning the schedule, what we'll do and where we will take them on their short visit. Of course the Pyraminds, Khan al Khalili Bazaar, Al Azhar Park, The Citadel, downtown for dinner and a cruise on the Nile.... I sure hope we can cram all this in. We will and have before. So its kind of nice to entertain friends as its been awhile. Lets hope I can stay awake and motivated enough to do so.

Speaking of motivation... I have to clean the guest room and bathroom.  I have been planning all week to clean the guest room and bathroom. Its Friday, they come Sunday, you think its time? LOL, I will hit today for sure.

I have to share that Super S is just so amazing. I know you guys hear me say that all the time, but seriously what a guy. Yesterday he got out the vaccum and went to town!  He vaccumed like a champ, moving furniture, vaccuming the counches the whole nine. He has been so awesome, not wanting me to do anything, of course I do, but he is such a great help. He is going to be such an amazing Daddy, I can't wait.

Oh, and how much do I love you all for your awesome advice on shopping? My goodness you guys totally prepared me and gave me an idea of what to shop for initially and gave me some great ideas on some must haves too. Thank you so much! A special thanks to my dear, dear online friend Fiddle1, she sent an email that proably took a day to compose. Fiddle now you know why I haven't sent an email back, cause I am so lazy. I love ya girl!

Have a great Friday and talk soon. xoxo

Monday, June 7, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday: The Perfect Blanket

So I'm browsing  Etsy cause you know how many tons of awesome handmade things are available there and came across this perfect little blanket.

Its by Mollyannemake and she's got the goods man!

It super soft on both sides- front is chenille, back is super soft & luxurious too and I (or someone else maybe) am so ordering one for our little Superbaby. How can I order now you ask, it must mean you you have a name... indeed we do. I will share it soon, but for now you have to wait, smile.

Anyway check out her stuff and the thousands of other items and support small independant business on Etsy. So many of our fellow bloggers are on there too. If YOU have a shop on Etsy, leave a comment with a link to your Etsy shop so we can all visit too.

This is a Perfect Monday Moment because I am buying a personalized blanket for MY baby... beyond believable, beyond perfect man!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Shopping Advice

How cute is this? DKNY at Macy's $34.99.

Well yesterday I made my first online purchase for Superbaby. It felt awesome too! Just a small purchase, four pieces. Two Ralph Lauren Polo style onsies and two Carters sleeper sack gowns, I guess thats what you call them. They are open at bottom and have sleeves that cover their hands to prevent scratching.

But I need help.

I am not sure how to buy. Wishing4One, you don't know how to shop? Of course I do, and how I do- but not for baby. Not yet.

See what I need you guys to tell me is what sizes to buy initially, like how many 0-3 months, 6-9 months etc. Like how many pajamas, onesies... I need to know everything, as I have not a clue! Also I should calculate Superbaby's age as the seasons change too huh? Like God Willing, he will arrive in Fall, October and will be 6 months in Spring etc etc.

(Too funny- according to my Mother my sister and I were elephants and she had things she could never dress us in because we grew so fast!)

I know we don't yet know how big or small Superbaby will be, but what was you rule of thumb when shopping before your baby arrived?

Also is there anything that I won't be able to live without that I should I get? It can be anything, but something that was so amazing for you and you were glad you got it (them).

I plan on getting most of Superbaby's things from the US. I will do alot of online shopping and my sister and Mom will get me some things too. I'll get some things here in Cairo, but the good quality things for baby are waay overpriced!

I am contemplating delivering in the US as well, more on that later.

So any and all advice is welcomed. Remember I have never shopped for a baby before and know nada! Have a great Friday! xoxo

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Eating

Find more Wordless Wednesday brilliance here.

This Super easy salad recipe is here CLICK!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

18w2d Ultrasound

Went in yesterday for 18w2d ultrasound.

All organs in tact and where they should be, 5 fingers and 5 toes, femur and bpd measurements on target. Heart is looking good...

Dr. K said I could come back in 6 weeks, but I laughed  telling him you know I would probably be in sooner, he smiled and said you know you always have an open appointment.

We have a dvd but images are not so good  Superbaby was moving alot and not easy to get good clear shots. We tried 4d but too much movement. We were able to see Superbaby "chewing" some fluid though, too cute!

So now we await our next u/s to see how our son is doing!
Yes, God Willing, we're having a little boy! You were right Dad.