Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IVF number 6 and Florenzo

So the beyoutch came today, Aunt Flo she is such a timely heffa (old school word that just popped into my mind, which actually means female cow i think?) isn't she?

You'd think after 10 plus years of TTC her arrival would be expected, let me tell you it still isn't, I know many of you feel me on this.

Anyway she's here and we decided today when she vists again next month, which of course she will, we will start IVF number SIX. I have mixed feelings you know. Excitement and fear... as usual and as with the other five trials the same feeling except of course the first try, IVF number ONE, I just knew I was would be having twins.....

Wanted to share this with you my favorite infertile and fertile (yeah) friends.I plan to keep you updated when we start. I will be working too, which is a first while doing an IVF trial, so should be interesting, we'll see.

Okay now about Florenzo, most of you know him. My baby, my outside cat.

So check it, a few days ago, he disappeared for the whole day, came home about 1AM, ate alittle, and then went away meowing like crazy. We saw him over the next two days he'd pop in for a minute, meow like crazy and be gone. We'd watch him down the street seemed like he was looking for something.

So you know I this behavior of course. Seems there was female cat in heat and he was calling to mate with her? Indeed there was.

Meet Fiona. (For first timers, Florenzo is orange and white)

Every morning when I open the front door, Floreno always hears the door, I feed him and then leave. But this morning, tagging along behind him was his newest girlfriend, who we have named Fiona. As you can see from above they were playing abit and she was chasing him around the yard!

We saw them together last too, so seems they spent the night togther and he invited her home for breakfast.

So i get home from work, my husband says Florenzo is baclk to normal, hangin out in the yard, not wandering off and staying gone for so long, cool. But guess who else is hanging out in the yard too, yep, Fiona LOL!

She is eating his food, drining his water and he doesn't seem to care. They played around a bit, but seems as if they are comfortable and know each other.

Anyway...I know some of you are cat experts, having many, what exactly is going on?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Show and Tell- Better late than never

Hey ladies. As promised a quick Show and Tell today. I am a day late, but am hoping Lolli will post it anyway. She's awesome like that.

So I was thinking what to share today...something about my classroom, (I'm a new KG teacher as some of you know) or my cat Florenzo who has recently decided to leave for hours at a time and then return home to eat. Then I thought of my Oma. My grandmother who died in 2006.

My Oma was very ill in late 2005, she had a rare form of cancer, and was very very sick. When my mom told me how serious it was, I decided I must fly home to see her.

While I was in the air from Cairo to NE USA, she died.

So when I got to my mom, she told me something that happened the day before Oma died....

They were sitting in her room, my mom in a chair, Oma in the bed as she was too weak to be anywhere else. Oma was starring at a rocking chair in the other corner of the room. My mom asked her what she was looking at, she replied "I am watching Wishing4One play with her baby..."

Wow, i thought how I wish that would come true.....

Check this out. While I was there I was due for Aunt Flo to come, she came, but very light and different than ever before. I chalked it up to the travelling, change of time zones, etc.

When I got back to Cairo, for some very strange reason, while at a friends house, I had the strong urge to go get a pregnancy was POSITIVE! First and only time I freaked!

After a regular visit to the doctor he confirmed it was a 6 week pregancy in my fal.lopian Of course I had it removed and haven't had another positive since.

Still gives me the chills thinking that she "saw"this before she died....I love and miss her so. I wish I could have seen her one last time, but she left that "vision" with me forever.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

All is good

Hey, hey HEY!!!!!

My computer is cured and I am back yo! I just got it back and its awesome! All pictures retrieved, thank God and its faster than ever.

Anyway I plan to post a Show and Tell later today. I am off to work now. Yes we work on Sundays here, Friday and Saturday being our weekend.

I can't wait to catch up with all of you, I so missed you!

See you later.... xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, September 8, 2008


I am going through internet withdrawl....I miss you all, miss me too?

I posted too soon about my computer being clean and okay. It is clean but not OK at all.

I cannot even boot it up! I am working with some nerds here to get it going- but it is very complicated unfortunately, Should be easy, but of course it isn't. The hardest part being I need to save very imnportant things that are on my desktop and when we access hard drive, for some reason we cannot access MY DOCUMENTS.

Anyway so I am only able to go online from net cafe (here now) and occassionaly from work (connection SUCKS there) so what can i do?

I miss you all a lot and miss reading your blogs too. I plan to catch up soon as I (laptop) am fixed and ready to go again.

School is great. Still no kids until early October, but room decor coming along ok. The lack of supplies and stuff is driving me crazy and have been buying alot myself, but its ok all in all.

So my dear sweet sistas, take care know I am thinking of you and say a prayer for my laptop, LOL, i so hope it is fixed soon. XOXOXOXOXOXO

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Best online help forum EVER man!

I think many of you know I have been having some MAJOR computer problems. Indeed, many nasty dirty tro.jans, and all types of mal.ware found their way into my world.

So in my usual quest with Dr., i came across a fantastic online forum to help me.

I just want to say that this is not your ordinary Geek forum, oh no. This one ROCKS beyond belief!

After a few days of posting back and forth, I have successfully cleaned my laptop and am virus FREE!

I am sharing the link to this forum as it was a life saver.

The person who helped me, an expert on malware, viruses, etc. was so awesome, he (maybe she?) always replied to my posts, told me exactly what to do, step by step- it was amazing.

So if you have any computer issues, or not visit them cause they are da bomb!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

IVF Worldwide

Interesting IVF article in The Irish Times

Family secrets

Baby is first in UK born after new IVF procedure

IVF banned in Dubai?

Now the article above had me saying "what?" I am not sure why they think IVF and do not go together? As long as IVF is not using donor sperm, but rather both the eggs and sperm from the married couple all is good. Dubai is very high tech and an up and coming growing international city, come on.

*** Please my intention was not to start a debate here about IVF and Mu.sli.m values. In, ART procedures are allowed but no donor sperm nor eggs are used. So how, you ask, if the wife or husand has problems with their eggs or sperm do they get pregnant....they keep trying and it is a long road sometimes.....