Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Everything

Hey, Merry Christmas, Merry whatever and Happy everything to you all!

All is good here... my time is winding down and I will be back in Cairo next week, God Willing.

Its been a fabulous trip, too short really, but I enjoyed myself as always.

The stores enjoyed me too cause I been a shoppin' fool! And so, I'd like to thank a few...

Thank you ebay for making me extra money to spend while I was here, how i love and missed you so.

Thank you dollar stores for you have so many amazing chinese made products that IF we have them in Cairo are so overpriced.

Thank you Walmart, although you are no longer a made in the USA products store, you have deals that rock.

Oh Nordstrom, your walls make me feel whole. Although I can't afford too much of what you have to offer, your jewlery, shoes and perfumes make me sooo happy! (btw-you HAVE to try Eau Mega by Viktor & Rolf, OMG!!!! I did treat myself to a big bottle thank you very much).

Ross, oh Ross, what can I say? You have given me so many purses and shoes this trip, all such great deals, thank you.

And how can i not thank Last Chance (Nordstrom Rack). Although it seems you sell returns from 100+ years ago, you always that little treasure or two and I did find them this time, so thank you.

So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all, my wonderful, faithful blogging peeps, i'll see you when i get back to the land of sand and pharaohs. xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Confession with the cleaning lady

CL: "Do you have any kids?"

Me: "No, not yet."

CL: "I have 3 kids and 2 grandkids."

Me: "Oh, thats nice."

CL: "How old are you?

Me: "Um, 37."

CL: "I'm 39."

Me: "Wow, thats great."

CL: "You still have time."

Thanks cleaning lady. You made my Monday.

But she sure did get down here at my Dad's house, man oh man. Thanks again 39 year old cleaning lady grandma, you rock.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Maternity Shirts and Bitches

Hey hey hey from the USA.  ( Loser, yup- you know that is so me. )

So yesterday I am at the almighty Ross. If you don't know Ross or don't have one where you live, I am so sorry.

I bought two maternity shirts... no I'm not pregnant yet. But you know that ruched front style, these are larges and dont fit like a maternity shirt. However, when i get pregnant next month, they will stretch to accomodate my pregnant belly. Cough, cough.

So the guy behind me in line, about 25 or so, has two small kids with him. I guess a lady cut in front of him and he went off on her. I mean off. Bitch and other choice words were flying everywhere. Where is the holiday spirit man?

Same store, while shopping, a white couple approximate early thirties, are pushing around two little Asian girl twins. Adopted? Sweetness I swear.

Also at Ross, a man buy himself at register across from me checking out with two matching pink little furry sweaters and jeans. Is he a father of twins? Is he having twins and thought a great gift to give to his wife? You know "us", what we think of when we see these things...

Today another store of stores, the big W Mart. I'm in line, a 20 something with 3 kids, two looking like they were less than a year apart, like one and two years old maybe and then a 3 year year old... she had her hands full. She was so flustered but in a good, not stressed out way. She said to me "oh I'm trying to hide their toys, I don't want her (meaning the 3 year old as the other two were too little to get it) to see these." Cute? So cute.

Oh and so many pregnant bellies man, so so so many. Seems everywhere I go I see at least one. People are gettin pregnant, havin babies, life is good here in the USA. It's good to be home- bitches and all.