Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Africa Cup of Nations- Egypt WINS!

They did it!!!

The Pharoahs beat Ghana 1 - 0.

Egypt is now the 2010 African Cup of Nations Champions. This is the 3rd consecutive win for them in this tournament, winning in 2006, 2008 and now in 2010.

The party has started and will go all night long, again. Remember a few days ago?

Congratulations Egypt, yeah baaaby!!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Egg retrieval Wednesday Morning

Excellent visit with Dr. K today. He was very happy with everything. So here's what we know....

- 7 follicles on the right ovary measuring 15-16mm
- 5 on the left same measurements
- blood flow in uterus is excellent
- Endometrium lining at a nice 12mm
- IViG infusion went fine. Took about 45 minutes or so. I felt alittle lightheaded but other than that all good. The girl administering it says to me, in Arabic, "oh so you are pregnant with twins now..." I didn't understand fully, so I asked Super S what she said. LOL twins?? I did not gain that much weight this cycle, and I was laying down too! So when i answered " no not yet, but soon God Willing.." She asked me if I wanted twins. I laughed and said I want anything, one, two, just healthy....we laughed. She knows us from going there the past 4 years, so maybe she was just assuming. She had to be because I so don't look pregnant man, for real!

So i will trigger with Chorimon on Monday night and then egg retrieval at 9:30AM Wednesday morning.

We are shooting for a blastocyst 5 day transfer again this time.

Friday, January 29, 2010

January 30th, 1915

January 30th, 1915 my Grandma was born. Tomorrow is January 30th, 2010.

Dates are significant sometimes, don't you think? Usually, they aren't that much to me, but for some reason tomorrow feels like it will be.

My Gram and I were so close. I love her so much and I miss her so very, very much. I was lucky, she lived with us most of my life. 

She actually raised my sister and I.

My mom used to work nights and go to school during the day when my sister and I were little. My Dad ran his own business and my Gram was home at home to take care of us. She would feed us, walk us to the bus for school, greet us when we got home, it was the best.

As I got older, we watched Perry Mason and Murder She Wrote together, I know, but i watched for her.... Gram loved those shows. I laugh when I think back to watching them with her. She had seen them all before apparently, and she would tell me what was going to happen while we were watching.

I miss the days of just sitting with her in our living room, or in the backyard. I would ask her if she wanted something to drink or eat and bring it to her. I would take her to her favorite restaraunt for lunch sometimes, it was all simple, but so very precious.

She too was so simple, in such a great amazing way. No fuss with or from her for or about anything. She was so kind, so giving and completely unselfish. She was innocent and charismatic in her own special way.

Grand (Super S called her that) passed away in Spring of 2000.

When she went into Hospice she was not talking, she had a stroke, but was alert. I will never forget what she did when we got there....

There was a male nurse with us, he was good looking and Gram raised her eyebrows and eyes as to say " hey there hottie.." we laughed, boy did we laugh!

The place was a beautiful, amazing Hospice House. When I say house, it was actually a residential house. A special house for special people, a home- made into a place that would make people feel comfortable and safe. Its walls were filled with beautiful artwork from patient's families, pictures, poems, prayers... I just remember the peaceful feeling there.

While I was there I saw a little girl. A beautiful little girl, looked to be about 3 years old, playing with her family by the patio door. She was the patient.

I remember crying really hard after leaving that day, for Gram because I wanted her to stay awhile, and was not sure how much longer she'd be with us, but I cried even more for that innocent little girl.

At that time I had no idea how hard it would be for Super S and I to conceive, it had only been 2 years TTC at that time and I did not think too much about it yet.

But I did think of that little girl's parents... wondering how they were going to cope after she left? It was too much for me to handle. I said a prayer for her, for her family and honestly have not thought about her again, until I started writing this.

While I growing up, especially as a teenager, i was always concerned with my weight. I wasn't really overweight, but you know as a teen you think you are even if your not.

I remember saying sometimes "oh i look fat in this" or "I should lose some weight.." etc.  Gram always said "you look beautiful... nothing else matters unless you have your health." She was so right. She always made me feel better and made things look and sound good, even if they weren't. Damn why can't more people be that way today?

So I know January 30th will be a wonderful day tomorrow, I feel it.  Gram I love and miss you so much lady.... Your birthday will be a special one for me tomorrow.

This is what I keep next to my bed.... it was a box I gave her and I have a few items of hers I keep inside...

The box

 A keychain we had made she used to carry

 A little handkerchief and her wedding ring

 The wrist band she wore while in Hospice

Her prayer beads

Arabian Sand Cat born via IVF

I have never heard of the Arabian Sand Cat before. It is strangely cute with its big head isn't it? Especially that pic above, he's all "Yeah I am so an Arabian Sand Cat, and you are so not."

And how cool is it that some were born via an IVF embryo transfer? I love it!

Once again, 2010 is the year of IVF babies for Arabian Sand Cats and Wishing4One and you too!

Egypt Wins!!! Beat Algeria 4 to 0

Horns are beeping, people are cheering, fireworks are popping, Cairo will be celebrating all.night.long. Streets are at a standstill, flags are waving, its a scene man!

I just took the video below from our roof. The video image is bad, but you can hear the celebration. This will go on all night. Its now after 1:00am and this won't stop for many, many hours.

We put a local Cairo channel on TV and they were showing different parts around Cairo, they all look the same, flags, crowds, stand still cars, just literally everyone in the streets celebrating Egypt's win.

Congratulations Egypt, you deserved this win!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Impregnate me

Now this could be a cool Clinic to go do an IVF cycle at huh?

engrish funny impregnation room
Go laugh at some more Engrish

Egypt vs. Algeria again...

While Super S and I are not really soccer fans, at all, when Egypt plays Algeria tomorrow  a semi-final match in the African Cup of Nations, um we're thinkin we may watch.

Back in November Egypt and Algeria had a brutal few games for the World Cup qualification and it was beyond heated. It got all out crazy actually and Cairo was on fire.

So just to join in the madness we will watch. Actually there is a concert tomorrow, a friend of Super S's is having in downtown Cairo that we wanted to go to, but then we heard about this match... if we went downtown there is no way we would be able to get back home, for sure. Cairo will be cRaZy tomorrow night. So we will watch in the comfort of our home, staying off the streets man.

Soccer is not just a sport here, it seems to be in the blood of most Egyptians. In my opinion, it does not even compare with our die hard sports fans back in the US. They take it beyond seriously as hell here.

So lets hope tomorrow Egypt wins and all will be calm... LOL, there will be no calm no matter who wins I think.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life during an IVF cycle

I had to laugh.

Super S was online with his friend  (in USA) and they were playing guitar, improvising together while Super S recorded on his computer and then they play it back, do it again, etc. They do this almost daily, its so cute and it makes him so happy.

So I call to Super S and tell him he needs to do my injections.

He says to his friend "listen I"ll be right back, I have to do something..."

So he comes here, where I am, prepares injections, all this while we listen in the other room to friend playing music.

Friend has no clue, Super S is humming as he prepares injections, its a scene man.

I told him thank you. Thank you for doing all this everyday, for taking care of the extras this cycle, IViG, additional meds for immune etc. He says, "Don't thank me, thank God. It will not be the IViG or anything else, it is all up to God." He sweetly told me to remember that.

Have I told you how lucky am I? A start to a perfect day indeed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Moving right along

Saw Dr. K today. Follies, everything is great, all progressing nicely. About 6 on left ovary and a bunch on right. All similar in size. He was happy with what we saw.

Will see him again on Saturday and will do my 1st IViG infusion then, and a second approx. 2 weeks later.

Man its real.

This is it guys... it has to be, I feel it. xoxo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Was it a loss?

Going through January's ICLW list and commenting I have stumbled on to more than one blog that mentions loss, their loss, a stranger's loss, other blogger's losses. While it broke my heart to read these things, it also got me thinking.

My first and only pregnancy ever, not known to me at the time, was tubal in Jan 2006. My first and only positive blood test, from IVF number 3, our 7th embryo transfer, was a low first beta, then turned out to be a chemical pregnancy, those were my losses. Weren't they?

I have never really considered them as losses. A loss yes, but not like a loss of my child. Is that weird? I don't know, maybe it is. Maybe not?

I admit I can never know how those of you who have lost a child feel. I know some of you consider a chemical pregnancy as losing a child, ok and maybe I do to, but i never considered MINE as such before. Until these last few days, where I have thought about my maybe losses.

I hope, pray and wish that this round of IVF does not produce loss for me. I guess, if I am honest with myself, each negative blood test is a complete loss in so many ways isn't it? Loss of hope, somehow a loss of myself and lost are my baby(ies) that could have been.

To those of you who have lost a child, had a chemical pregnancy, miscarriage or experienced any kind of loss, please understand that this post is just my personal thoughts. It may not make complete sense, or you may not agree with it, but I do feel the pain of loss, well not completely, but you know what I mean. Its just me writing my thoughts out, my free therapy if you will.

But, thank God, positivity comes back and tells me its 2010, Year of the Baby, as so many of you have heard me declare. So no to loss, no to negatives, and yes to babies for all of us. xoxo

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ICLW January 2010

Welcome all ICLW-ers. Its that fun time again, I just love it! I missed it last month as I was travelling, so I look forwad to meeting some new bloggers this time.

I live in Cairo, Egypt and am currently doing IVF for the 4th time. Today is Day 3 of my cycle. I feel really good about everything and feel this is the cycle that will bring us the baby we've been trying for for what seems like forever.

My blog is about our IVF cycles and our cats and my fun filled life in the Land of the Pharaohs. Its gets out of hand sometimes and I am actually all over the place most of the time, but it works out well, for me anyway. I see this blog as great a venting machine and really a relaxation for me. Real exciting stuff here let me tell you.

I love perfume, shoes, cooking, blogging and a good chocolate ganache sauce on anything sweet. A charcoal grilled beef hot dog is one of my favorite "gourmet" foods. The hot dogs SUCK here in Cairo so I miss them so.

Oh, 2010 is the year of our baby. I will be pregnant next month and I ask that you come back and congratulate me then. Thanks and do stop back by anytime.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No more needles

Right... I wish!!!

You'd think I'd be used to needles by now. I can't even count the number of injections I've taken in the last couple years.

So, today I started Fostimon which is injected into the butt with a long ass needle and I experienced what I think maybe was an anxiety attack?

You see, I CANNOT, under any circumstances, ever SEE the needle penetrating my skin, never, ever, ever, ever!

Super S gives them to me, thank God and if for some reason he is not around I go to the pharmacy and there is a nice little pharmacy girl that can give them to me.

So as Super S was preparing the injection today, (mixing the water with powder etc.) thats when i felt anxious as shit. Just seeing that needle, I got all shakey and sweaty- I had to walk away. Ok I am sure it wasn't a REAL panic or anxiety attack, I don't think, but the sight of that needle made me uneasy man.

Now when I ice the injection area just before and then get the injection I'm cool, I cannot see it and I don't feel a thing.

Just the sight of those damn needles make me cringe. I have three syringes in the kitchen now and I had to put them in a drawer so I would not see them as I walked by.

I'm good each cycle as long as I don't watch the prep time if there is any, i should know better. I have to laugh at myself, but I know me, I am a BIG baby, a total punk, always have been.

The only one who gets it really is my Mom. Super S knows and deals with me, but Mom is the one who I get sympathy from, LOL. Sad thing is I have not even told her about this cycle, I want to surprise her when I get my positive beta.

I'm off to bed now, almost midnight. Have I ever mentioned that when I lay down, I think up blog posts? I never remember them, but I can see the title, and as I am thinking of sentences I see them too. And they are damn good too, not like what you read here.

I know, I know, give this girl a baby or two and fast! Night. xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 1

Today is Day 1 of this IVF cycle, the one that is branging us our baaybe.

AF started today and I officially started stims, even though I have been injecting for 6 days prior to flow with Puregon, that stopped today.

Today began with a half syringe of Decapeptyl and tomorrow, Day 2, four vials of Fostimon will be added and I'll continue both of these daily for a while until follicles reach desired size, etc. I will see Dr. K on Day 7, next Monday.

You know this cycle has started out so good. For so many reasons... One is that we had just enough of Puregon and thought we may have to go buy more, but AF being the sweet little B that she is, showed up in time today. Did last of the Puregon yesterday.

See Puregon is not available in the pharmacy where we live, at "The Center" they sell it for alot less (60LE less) than the pharmacy does, if they had it. But we didn't need it and the other drugs are available in our pharmacy and they are not "on sale" at Dr. K's.

The "sale" at Dr. K's I think is the pharm.aceut.ical company kick backing to them maybe to get their patients to use Puregon?? The drugs are ridiculously cheap here compared to the USA and Europe so that little kick-backing-it, if that's what it is, is ok with me.

There are NO ads on TV for any drugs, you don't see any kind of advertising for drugs, except MAYBE a poster in the pharmacy, but even there I have not seen many. I do miss all those disclaimers at the end of those commericals- too, too funny. "You may experience death, explosions from parts of your body not related to human functions while taking this medication..."

The same companies are administering these drugs like in the USA or Europe- Me.rck,, etc. Most of the drugs I take are imported and most are not manufactured here in Egypt. They are the same quality, grade, etc. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I think perhaps they are cheaper as there is not much advertising or need for lobbying going on here maybe?

Whatever the reasons, i am happy and it works out great for us! By Western standards it's stupid, crazy, sick cheap here, but of course it still adds up for us.

A perfect little comic to sum up my superwoman feeling right about now.....

The Cat's Crib

Its after midnight here in Cairo and I am off to bed. Watched a really strange movie with Ashley Judd called "Bug".... weird, but good, well sort of.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you Super S's magnificent creation, the condo for our babies i mentioned the other day.

We laid a towel down inside temporarily, we are having cushions made to put in the house. It opens from the right side, (your left while looking at the pics) its a door, for easy cleaning, see the little latch?

What do you think? Pretty suite eh?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunny and better

I was able to get to sleep last night, thank God.

My eyes are better but still irritated a little. Just not sure what happened.

Dentist could have just been coincidence, maybe this flare up or whatever it is/was had nothing to do with being there. Maybe a reaction to this Prednisolone or Puregon, both of which I am taking for the first time? Anyway all is good and I will live.

Its beautiful here in Cairo, sunny, warm 75 degrees, like an early summer day really.

The babies are loungin' enjoying the weather... Super S and I willjoin them in a bit.

Have a great day wherever you are. xoxoxox

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Proping my eyelids open

I got a tooth filled today. A cavity came out a while back, I've been putting it off and since I'll be pregnant soon I thought I better take care of this now.

Right now I can barely see. Ok, i can see but my eyes are watering like crazy, they hurt like hell, and are a little swollen.

This all started about an hour after I had my tooth done. I called the dentist to see what kind of anesthesia he used, making sure there was no penicillin in it, I know its anesthesia... but I had to ask, I'm allergic to penicillin.

I told him what medications I am taking now and asked if it could have been a bad reaction or something, he didn't know.

The worst thing is when I close my eyes it feels worse, how will I sleep man? I am like proping these babies open and then they water even more, sweet.

Hopefully this will all be gone in the morning. It really really sucks though, feels like there is little rocks under my eyelids.

Friday, January 15, 2010

IVF Number 4 in Session

First off, my heart goes out to the people of Haiti. What devastation and grief they are suffering. If you can make a donation, however big or small, i think it will help.

Well its official. I have started medication for this IVF trial, our 4th and the one that will bring us our baby(ies), God Willing.

Here's my yummy cocktail as of now...

- Currently doing a super fun belly injection of Puregon daily until AF arrives.

- Also taking 10mg Predinisole daily now and will continue until 13th week or so of pregnancy.

- Taking a "super" antioxidant supplement I bought in the USA, along with low dose aspirin, and a prenatal vitamin, that by the way, I have been taking for 5 years!

- On day 1 of my cycle, Decapeptyl and Fostimon injections daily until follicles reach
desired baby making forces, monitored via ultrasound.

- Planning on IViG infusion 7-10 days before ET.

- Start Clexane (Lovenox) injections day after ET.

So I was reading last night about the "Colorado IVF Protocol" seems alot of people in Austrailia have had success with it. I read that some doctors there do not like it, but that some of the ladies were insistant and pushed their doctors for it, they did it and many had success.

So being that Dr. K is very cool and open to what I want, I am going to pull a few things from this protocol and add to ours. He doesn't know it yet, and of course will run by him.


- Super S will take Doryx 100mg twice a day for 7 days once I start stims.
- I will add Augmentin 500mg twice a day on the day after the HCG (trigger) injection and take for 5 days.
- I will see if they have Crinone Progeterone gel here and if so will do one application each morning starting after egg retrieval.
- I will also check to see if they have Estraderm mx patches (100mcgm) here and then two are applied to the butt, again starting after egg retrieval.
- Have intercourse the day before embryo transfer (why?).

It really is a fun bunch of stuff isn't it? I still have such a really great feeling about this cycle, and I am going to do all I can to make it work. Trying things and adding a few from here and there, my body is going to love me huh?

Monday, January 11, 2010

A change is gonna come

Just hung up the phone with the wonderful Dr. K here in Cairo. He asked if we could come in Wednesday. He said is thinking about changing our protocol this time around.

How happy am I to hear this? Extremely.

Not sure yet what he is thinking but its something different and to me thats good.

I will get to discuss with him what Dr. Ahlerling suggested and I that I want to add these few things as well.

After we meet with Dr. K. on Wednesday I will post a full update of what we will do this time around.

So get ready- start practising your congratulatory wishes... 2010 has got to be it man.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

If I was doing IVF in the USA...

I would be doing it at SIRM - St. Louis. Why?

Because of Dr. Peter Ahlerling.

I just want to tell you that I have never been to SIRM St. Louis nor met Dr. Ahlerling.

Dr. Ahlerling has been more than gracious in answering a few questions I had via email. He did not have to do that, but he did.

So IF we are ever to do IVF in the States I am so there. But we won't have to right as we will be pregnant in a few weeks after IVF number 4 in Cairo, more to come on this soon...

I wanted to share this with all of you in case you are looking for a good IVF Center in the United States. They have such a great reputation and for me, not even being a patient and getting such wonderful responses via email from Dr. Ahlelrling says alot. Imagine if you are a patient?!

Again, thank you Dr. Ahlerling for sending me such great information and for being so helpful to me!

Be sure to visit these websites for tons of excellent information:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in the land of dust

It took my being away to realize how friggen dusty it is here. It just seems dustier than usual, maybe its just me or maybe it was the dust collecting in my house, although Super S was the man and kept the house in such great shape.

So I made it home safely thank God. Good to be home with Super S but missing being in the US already!

I came home with three bags, which gave me a nice additional baggage fee (2 bags up to 50lbs. are free). But it was all worth it and mucho thanks to my Dad for covering the outrageous fees. Thanks more than you know man.

I missed by babies so much, they all got bigger and it was great to see their furry little butts when i got home. Super S built them a sweet house, we call it the cat condo- I'll post pics tomorrow as he just finished painting it today.

Lots coming up this month, will share with you soon.

*** I made a cake the other night without baking powder, why? We wanted something sweet and were too lazy to go to store and buy baking powder or a ready made desert. This "cake" tastes like marzipan, is not super dry, rather moist, minus the rising that cakes usually do and know what we love it! I know you are so glad I'm back.