Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No more needles

Right... I wish!!!

You'd think I'd be used to needles by now. I can't even count the number of injections I've taken in the last couple years.

So, today I started Fostimon which is injected into the butt with a long ass needle and I experienced what I think maybe was an anxiety attack?

You see, I CANNOT, under any circumstances, ever SEE the needle penetrating my skin, never, ever, ever, ever!

Super S gives them to me, thank God and if for some reason he is not around I go to the pharmacy and there is a nice little pharmacy girl that can give them to me.

So as Super S was preparing the injection today, (mixing the water with powder etc.) thats when i felt anxious as shit. Just seeing that needle, I got all shakey and sweaty- I had to walk away. Ok I am sure it wasn't a REAL panic or anxiety attack, I don't think, but the sight of that needle made me uneasy man.

Now when I ice the injection area just before and then get the injection I'm cool, I cannot see it and I don't feel a thing.

Just the sight of those damn needles make me cringe. I have three syringes in the kitchen now and I had to put them in a drawer so I would not see them as I walked by.

I'm good each cycle as long as I don't watch the prep time if there is any, i should know better. I have to laugh at myself, but I know me, I am a BIG baby, a total punk, always have been.

The only one who gets it really is my Mom. Super S knows and deals with me, but Mom is the one who I get sympathy from, LOL. Sad thing is I have not even told her about this cycle, I want to surprise her when I get my positive beta.

I'm off to bed now, almost midnight. Have I ever mentioned that when I lay down, I think up blog posts? I never remember them, but I can see the title, and as I am thinking of sentences I see them too. And they are damn good too, not like what you read here.

I know, I know, give this girl a baby or two and fast! Night. xoxoxoxox


  1. I sleep blog a lot, too. Sometimes I just can't shut my brain off. It's annoying, lol!

    I'm the same as you when it comes to my progesterone shots. My butt clenches even at the thought of them!

    Prayerfully, hopefully, this is the last round of injections for you (unless you're trying for baby #2, that is!). :)

  2. I don't blame you - it's awful to watch. I would imagine you would have some PTSD from that.

  3. I am totally with you! I can't watch the needle process AT ALL. Btw, love the pic for this post. Can I borrow it for my next injectible cycle?! :)

  4. Don't like needles either, and I agree, seeing them makes it so much worse!
    I blog while I walk the dog and the same goes for those, they're so much better than what I actually post.
    But sweetie, the ones you post rock!

  5. Injections are no fun. I don't understand why we are called babies if we freak out a bit about them.... anyway sending hugs and best wishes!!!

  6. I'm a wienie when it comes to needles, too...blood draws are the worst for me. The lab girls at my doc's office know just to go ahead and lay me out on the table because regardless of the size or reason for the needle, I'm going to pass out! Wimpy!! :)

    Oh, and I blog myself to sleep, too, then can't remember the good stuff when I wake up. What's up with that?

  7. I haven' had shots in a long time but I remember the anticipation of those huge long needles. It IS awful. You're not a baby.

  8. Long IM needles really freak me out too!

  9. I never looked at any of mine, either.

    I bet if we had a contest to see who's more chicken, I would beat you.


  10. awe, i'm so glad super S doesn't have a needle phobia too! haha.

    2010 will bring you your baby(ies)! sending you lots of positive needle-free thoughts!

  11. I do the same thing with the blog posts! Man, I would have the best blog EVER if I just posted everything I wrote in my head while lying in bed...


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