Friday, January 29, 2010

Egypt Wins!!! Beat Algeria 4 to 0

Horns are beeping, people are cheering, fireworks are popping, Cairo will be celebrating all.night.long. Streets are at a standstill, flags are waving, its a scene man!

I just took the video below from our roof. The video image is bad, but you can hear the celebration. This will go on all night. Its now after 1:00am and this won't stop for many, many hours.

We put a local Cairo channel on TV and they were showing different parts around Cairo, they all look the same, flags, crowds, stand still cars, just literally everyone in the streets celebrating Egypt's win.

Congratulations Egypt, you deserved this win!


  1. Yea for Egypt and the team. It's always cool to be apart of a big celebration :)

  2. Congrats to Egypt on the win.


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