Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Egypt vs. Algeria again...

While Super S and I are not really soccer fans, at all, when Egypt plays Algeria tomorrow  a semi-final match in the African Cup of Nations, um we're thinkin we may watch.

Back in November Egypt and Algeria had a brutal few games for the World Cup qualification and it was beyond heated. It got all out crazy actually and Cairo was on fire.

So just to join in the madness we will watch. Actually there is a concert tomorrow, a friend of Super S's is having in downtown Cairo that we wanted to go to, but then we heard about this match... if we went downtown there is no way we would be able to get back home, for sure. Cairo will be cRaZy tomorrow night. So we will watch in the comfort of our home, staying off the streets man.

Soccer is not just a sport here, it seems to be in the blood of most Egyptians. In my opinion, it does not even compare with our die hard sports fans back in the US. They take it beyond seriously as hell here.

So lets hope tomorrow Egypt wins and all will be calm... LOL, there will be no calm no matter who wins I think.


  1. Soccer seems to be a major obsession every in the world (except for the US). I don't get the attraction, myself, but I'm not interested in any sports. Good plan staying home, though. It's bound to be out of control!

  2. Oooh, have fun if you decide to watch! The Hubs is a huge football (soccer) fan and we really miss getting to watch it over here. Hopefully there will be no bloodshed!

  3. Hope things don't get too crazy.

  4. I love soccer, not as much as Handball though. Have fun watching and hopefully enjoy a victory, the atmosphere must be amazing if they win.

  5. Most Americans don't get soccer, also known as football to the rest of the world. Just like the rest of the world does not get American football. But it is hard not to get sucked into the excitement of it all. Good luck to Egypt tomorrow!


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