Saturday, July 31, 2010

27 weeks today

I have been so fortunate with this pregnancy, none of the sometimes, "usual symptoms" have visited me, but maybe now as I enter the final stretch they will?

Bring on the heart burn baby! Yes, it has arrived, just two days ago. It sucks bad too, let me tell you. I have read all the different remedies, we'll see but I hope it subsides and I won't need to do anything. I go to sleep with it, wake up with it and even water seems to give me heartburn now. I will start eating smaller more frequent meals through out the day and not eat close to bedtime, we'll see.  As of this early morning, it seems to have subsided though so maybe, just maybe it will come and go?

Last night had a spell of dizziness too. It started when I bent down and over in the kitchen and it lasted until I went to bed. Maybe low iron? Maybe a fluke? Its gone as of now, so I will keep an eye on this too.

We saw Superbaby Wednesday and he is so adorable! Dr. K said he is doing well, all is looking great. He was moving alot and was camera shy, but I managed to snap a few pics below from the very long, detailed ultasound Dr. K did for us. Dr. K is amazing. He explained EVERYTHING we were seeing, so much so we did not get eveything that he was describing. He really did a detailed examination of the heart and organs and from what he said all is progressing just fine. What a relief!

Not very clear these snapshots, but isn't he adorable?

Already a peaceful little guy... peace to you baby!

So now I prepare to travel back to the US for Superbaby's arrival. I decided to go home to deliver, well because I want to. I want to be around my family, I want to bring so many things back for Superbaby that I can't get here, the aftercare in the hospital for babies is better I think and just so many little reasons, but most of all because it feels right.  I am planning on travelling in early September (puts me just starting my 8th month) and staying possibily until the end of the year. I found a very good, recommended OB and a great hospital as well. My mother will fly to the State where I'll be and I am very excited that she will be with me for Superbaby's birth. Its her first and only grandchild and she is SO excited! My Dad, who I stay with in the US is super excited too. He has been receiving all my online purchases and emails me when they arrive, always commenting on how small and cute the things are!

My best friend and my sister both live in the State I will be in so that is very cool as well. I have many friends that are so overjoyed at our news and know how long we've waited for Superbaby, it will be a blast with so much love around Superbaby and I.

I just pray that all continues well and I really need to "girl up" and get ready for this. As happy as I am, I know I will be getting very nervous as the time gets closer. Vaginal, c-section its all good. I am prepared either way, I just pray Superbaby is healthy and all goes well.

I started alot of research about travelling with an infant. I think pray it should go well and I will really try to prepare the best I can. If all goes as planned, I will travel back to Cairo with Superbaby when he will be just a few months old. I would like to NOT buy a seperate ticket for him. If he is in my lap, I pay 10% of an international ticket fare plus the lovely fees and taxes, which are substantial. Anyway, we'll see.

I wanted to share a really cool website I came across for moms who travel alot. Shelly Rivolvi has so many reviews of great little inventions and gadgets for travel with your baby. I am planning to invest in a few of these cool things as Superbaby will be a travellin' baby, I think more often than not. You can visit her website HERE. She gives great tips and advice, really a wealth of info.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gimme some suga

I did the one hour Glucose challenge test yesterday...

I went in thinking, well dreading really, the sweet drink I'd have to consume, but you know what it was good. I mean like I wouldn't pour myself 50 grams of glucose and chug it for breakfast, but it was not bad at all.

Good news is I passed with flying colors, woo hoo!

So we are off to see Superbaby tomorrow. We will see Dr. K in the evening. We are so excited and this time should get a really good look at our son. I will be 27 weeks on Saturday... its still so surreal man!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A kinda sneak peek

Ok I know this is not a "profile, proper" belly shot, but since so many of you, yes all five of you,  have emailed asking for one, this is what you get until I take a real one.  You know you want my bathing suit*... at least I won't get a sunburn bi&ches! xoxo

* FYI this material is like UV one million and it repels water. So its super lightweight and I do not get weighted down.  It is also mad cool, as in it keeps me cool. And lets be honest,  it is kinda sexaay, LOL!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Better way of predicting IVF success

( - Mathematicians have devised a way of predicting how likely a couple is to have a baby as a result of IVF, if the first cycle of treatment didn't work. They say their model is 1,000 times more accurate than the methods currently used, which are based mainly on a woman's age.

(Reuters) - U.S. researchers have developed a formula that can predict whether fertility treatment will succeed more accurately than using age alone, and used it to develop a commercial test.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stokke me WiLd

I am in LOVE. Complete. Love. Man.

How could you not be? Watch and see if you agree with me.

The reason I even found this amazing creation was while we were in Dahab, this lady was pushing the coolest stroller I have ever seen! I did not have my contacts in nor my glasses on, so I said to Super S tell me the name on that stroller, because I could not read it. When we got back to our room, we went online and we both fell in love!

This is THE stroller no doubt. I would Superbaby to be riding in style and seeing the world at eye level the way he should. I hope. It is a VERY big investment for us, but you know what will be worth every single penny my friends. I may even put up a PayPal donation button for this bad boy, LOL... man oh maan!

Any of you have or ever had a Stokke Xplory? The new 2010 model has some improvements from what I read and watched from its previous models. If you have/had tell me about it. From all the reviews I've read so far, its seems A-MAY-ZING!

Stokke me wild baby.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dahab Charm

Doesn't get much better than this.... walk out on your balcony to this in the morning.

And then see this taking a walk at sunset...

And the clean, clear waters of the Red Sea...

Where else can dogs lounge this good?

Having lots of fun and really, really enjoying ourselves.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

24 weeks man!

Today marks a HUGE milestone for us... 24 weeks, 6 months pregnant with Superbaby. Its still so hard to believe, but getting more real each day.  I officially look pregnant, although I have not gained too much weight, my stomach shows that I am indeed carrying a Superbaby. I can no longer button ANY of my pants, God bless the Bellaband again and again.

Feeling good. Yesterday for about an hour I felt like I wanted to throw up, it passed. Sleeping is sometimes uncomfortable at first until I find a good position, but all in all this pregnancy has been amazing. Not alot of  the common "symptoms" and just a real pleasure.

So now I enter the final phase, the final stretch, the last three months... what to expect? I have been reading each week about how Superbaby is doing, what stage he's at, its all just so amazing to me. I sure hope all contniues to go well and in October Superbaby will make his appearance as a healthy, happy little guy.

Its midnight here in Dahab, we arrived today and are SO WIPED! I think once I hit the bed I am going to sleep like a baby for real. So I have to go now I am runing on fumes man.

So look for some great pictures from here on the Red Sea in the next few days.