Thursday, January 29, 2009

No baby, blame it on the frying pan...

So this may be why so many of us have been waiting so long to have a baby... kidding.

Seriously, one of these days I expect to read "if you go outside and breathe air, you decrease your lifespan by half..." (Although that statement may not be that far off in some places huh?)

I bet if we acknowledged just a fraction of things that can potenitally harm us each day we'd never go out! Then we'd find out that most things in our homes are bad too, then what, where would we go? LOLLLLLL

Science never ceases to amaze me, just mind boggling what people find out, research and discover.

Hope you are all well.. xoxoxoxoxox

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Alive

Alive, but alittle sore. All went well.

Didnt get home until almost 11pm or so. We were at center at 2:30pm, they didn’t give us my room until almost 4 hours later and then surgery, I am not sure but think I went in like 7-ish or so. Crazy waiting....that’s life here.

So they disconnected tube and did not completely remove. The surgeon told me before if he can remove all he will, but if there are any adhesions or it would dangerous to remove, they would just disconnect, so that’s what they did.

The pain is not bad at all in the incision areas, only two, belly and left side, just a little sore.

I cleaned them today and put some antibiotic gel I had on them and recovered. They look really good and the stitches are under the skin I think they said so nothing to remove. Good job, thank God!

The anesthesia was a tough one....took me a while to recover and when we got home DH ordered food, thinking i would eat too, I just ate a few cookies so I could take antibiotic and pain pill and went right to bed.

And today I have the ribcage, diaphram and shoulder pain like a mutha! Its the affects of residual carbon dioxide left over in the abdomen that causes this pain and let me tell you it comes in spurts and is unbelievable! Its subsiding a bit now but i don't remember having it so bad last time. Pain killers help alittle but I still seem to feel it.

So thats that ladies. I am fine, will be better in next few days. I am going back to relax now, just wanted to check in and let you all know I'm still around. Talk soon. xoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, January 22, 2009

He's Home!!!

Okay so I didn't write about our baby Florenzo being missing in action for the last 6 days, I don't know, too painful for me and I just didn't want to write about it I guess?


This morning I was in the kitchen, and decided to look outside, as we have been doing for last 6 days, a hundred times a day, and there he was sitting in his chair outside the kitchen! He always sat in that chair in the mornings as it gets great sun! I cried and cried and screamed for DH, he came running downstairs, what a freaking moment i tell you!

For the past 6 days, DH and I have canvased the neighborhood, shaking our keys (he knows this sound and this is how we call him at home) and always came home with no Florenzo.

We even talked to many of the security guards who are assigned to the group (think small subdivison i'd guess you'd call it) we live in and they said they had not seen him either. He is a popular guy, they all know him. The guard on our street even said he fed him and gave him water somtimes, and that Florenzo would hang out with him, sitting next to him, I cried when he told us this.... and we went home sad without Floro once again.

We would say each day, 'where is he now? what/how is he eating? where is he sleeping?" We love this little guy so darn much man! I am so so so so HAPPY he's back!

See he's like an inside and outside cat. Maybe this is not good, I don't know (first time pet owners we are) but he always sticks around the yard when he's outside. Even if he goes for a walk or to visit his girlfirends, he always comes home. At night he comes inside and sleeps in his chair (covered with a towel, actually a patio set we have downstairs that will go on our roof patio eventually) then when he wants to go out, he comes upstairs and scratches on our bedroom door, then I take him downstairs, he eats a little and then goes to front door, its a nightly ritual.

So I ask those of you who are cat owners and know waaaay more about them than we do, is this bad- Florenzo being inside and out? I would think trying to make him inside only after he has been outside now since he came to us last year in May, would be difficult and maybe not good for him? I don't know, please give me your opinion.

Anyway, he couldn't have picked a better day to come home I tell you. I can go and become tubeless now, having a good, happy state of mind, as I have missed him beyond words! Maybe he felt it...nah.

Well here he is, still sleeping, my sweet habibi (baby, sweetie, love) Florenzo, I love you and so glad you're home!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tube-LESS tomorrow!

Well he called, the doctor that is. We will be at center tomorrow, Thursday at 2pm. fasting for 6 hours before at least he said.

I am excited, i know, sounds strange, but maybe, just maybe this has been an obstacle in all 6 of our embryo transfers? But of course I have the pre-laparoscopy jitters of course. (for those of you who are new here, I am having my left and only fallopian tube removed)

Anyway, hope all will go well. I'll be in touch soon! xoxoxoxo

- Cassandra, I watched the actual swearing in on CNN, but flipped between BBC, Euro News and some Arabic news stations too! I know what you meant...LOL!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What day, what time please

As usual, puntuality seems non-existent here once again.

Talked to my doctor Sunday, told him to schedule my laproscopy tube removal, he said he get back to me with time and date.

Yesterday, Monday, DH called him for me and asked if he had scheduled. Doc said it would be Wednesday, tomorrow, but would call us today, Tuesday to confirm.

Its Tuesday night, 12 midnight now and no call. I have to be fasting so I assume i will not do it tomorrow, LOL! Love it, just love it!

If he wasn't such a great doctor I would have said bye along time ago. But I have to chalk it up I guess, the non-follow up, or lack of punctuality to culture. In all fairness, not everyone is this way, but many are very nonchalant when it comes to time.

So will let you know when I finally know when I am going in.

Watched inauguration on CNN here, how exciting! Even though I am not into politics, at all really, this was exciting for everyone, including me as I voted from far here in Cairo. He has a big job in front of him, lets hope he can do it!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fruitcake anyone?

I never liked fruitcake...

But yesterday I got a fruitcake.

A friend from the States was visiting Cairo for a few days.  We met her downtown and she gave us this great big box from a famous patissere shop here, I thought that it would be the usual torta (cake) or gateux (mini cakes). When I opened it to find a beautiful bundt cake wrapped with a silk red ribbon, and great keepsake tin, I thought yum, it looks like some kind of pound cake with icing and cherries.

So i cut a piece and what do you know fruitcake. But I like it and so does DH. (see how much we ate, almost half!)

I just never thought I'd enjoy fruitcake, or eat fruitcake, and never in a million years did I imagine I'd be eating fruitcake in Egypt!  LOL!!!


My doctor has been away, should be back tomorrow. I will call to schedule surgery for my tube removal.
I'll keep you posted... xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wonder woman?

I know you have all been waiting to see my you go, LOL! I am so Wonder Woman huh?

Yep, I got a pair of super red HOT, sexy rubber gloves! They've been a LONG TIME coming, let me tell you!

Our house is super cold in the winter. Its made of brick, its big and it is not yet fully furnished. Oh and there is no central air/heat (not common here in Egypt, and if you add to your house, super expensive and it seems they don't do a very good job).

So we rely on split units, (aesthetic brilliance at its best, an interior designers nightmare actually I'm sure). Trouble is, the unit that is on our second floor, in our family room ,where we spend the most time is only air conditioning, not heat. So we have our lovely little space heater, its cool and does take the chill off...

Ok, anyway...I wash the dishes on our second floor in our second little kitchen area, and its cold as you now know, and my hands get so bad in the winter... red, cracked you know what I mean. So I am always saying "next time i go to grocery store, i gotta get a pair of rubber gloves..."

When we were in the store together DH and I the other day, I was doing some shopping and then when I found him, he had this wonderful package exuding red hot-ness! I was like "yeah, glad YOU remembered, cause I didn't- again!"

The specs on these hotties:

- Made by Scotch Brite in the United Arab Emirates
- 3M household gloves for "TOUGH TASKS"
-100% cotton lining for extra comfort and protection
- Lemon scented
- Cost 9.95LE (approx. $ 1.80!!!!!!)

So that's it. Doesn't take much to excite me...and yes they are AWESOME! Not a drop of water gets in, i can wash in scaulding hot if I want to and feel nothing! And of course the yummy scent, not lemon, but its smells more like spearmint or something. Scented gloves?

LOSER, you know I never dissappoint! xoxoxoxo

Monday, January 5, 2009

We are fine here

Hey! I wanted to first thank so many of you for sending me emails and asking about us here in Cairo. We are fine, and are FAR AWAY, approx. 7-8 hours away from the Rafah border. There have been lots of protests here in Cairo, but downtown- also far from where we are.

It is madness what is going on in the Gaza Strip! We pray for all the people who are suffering and dying each day. Peace is something that we wish for so badly in this region, but honestly, I do not think it will ever come easy, as its not a fair playing field.

Now on to my tube.... I am SO READY to remove this baby! Thanks so much for all of your comments, they encouraged me and helped me cement my decision to get rid of it, once and for all. Wouldn't it be amazing if indeed this was standing in the way of implantation? That would be so cool! I will call my doctor later today or tomorrow and schedule the surgery.

All else ok, nothing too exciting. Oh wait, actually my husband bought me a really cool present yesterday, its corny as hell, but the best to me! I will take a picture and post later.  Miss you all and a belated Happy 2009 to us all! xoxoxoxoxoxox