Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wonder woman?

I know you have all been waiting to see my present...here you go, LOL! I am so Wonder Woman huh?

Yep, I got a pair of super red HOT, sexy rubber gloves! They've been a LONG TIME coming, let me tell you!

Our house is super cold in the winter. Its made of brick, its big and it is not yet fully furnished. Oh and there is no central air/heat (not common here in Egypt, and if you add to your house, super expensive and it seems they don't do a very good job).

So we rely on split units, (aesthetic brilliance at its best, an interior designers nightmare actually I'm sure). Trouble is, the unit that is on our second floor, in our family room ,where we spend the most time is only air conditioning, not heat. So we have our lovely little space heater, its cool and does take the chill off...

Ok, anyway...I wash the dishes on our second floor in our second little kitchen area, and its cold as you now know, and my hands get so bad in the winter... red, cracked you know what I mean. So I am always saying "next time i go to grocery store, i gotta get a pair of rubber gloves..."

When we were in the store together DH and I the other day, I was doing some shopping and then when I found him, he had this wonderful package exuding red hot-ness! I was like "yeah, glad YOU remembered, cause I didn't- again!"

The specs on these hotties:

- Made by Scotch Brite in the United Arab Emirates
- 3M household gloves for "TOUGH TASKS"
-100% cotton lining for extra comfort and protection
- Lemon scented
- Cost 9.95LE (approx. $ 1.80!!!!!!)

So that's it. Doesn't take much to excite me...and yes they are AWESOME! Not a drop of water gets in, i can wash in scaulding hot if I want to and feel nothing! And of course the yummy scent, not lemon, but its smells more like spearmint or something. Scented gloves?

LOSER, you know I never dissappoint! xoxoxoxo


  1. Nice... In fact, Hope2morrow and I call each other Wonderwoman and Superwoman!! I miss her..

    ps How cold does it get in Egypt?

  2. They sure look superhot! Have fun, Spearminter!

  3. I'll bet those are sported with some style too! LOL.


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