Thursday, January 29, 2009

No baby, blame it on the frying pan...

So this may be why so many of us have been waiting so long to have a baby... kidding.

Seriously, one of these days I expect to read "if you go outside and breathe air, you decrease your lifespan by half..." (Although that statement may not be that far off in some places huh?)

I bet if we acknowledged just a fraction of things that can potenitally harm us each day we'd never go out! Then we'd find out that most things in our homes are bad too, then what, where would we go? LOLLLLLL

Science never ceases to amaze me, just mind boggling what people find out, research and discover.

Hope you are all well.. xoxoxoxoxox


  1. I have teflon pans... that must be it! Except, weeks or months can go by without using them, since very little cooking occurs in this house unless it's a special occasion.

    Looks like we have two options: Scotchgarded rugs and no babies, meaning a spotless house, or non-scotchgarded rugs and babies, meaning stains everywhere.

  2. I've already ordered my bubble.

    Glad to hear your recovering well. I'm sorry about the gas. It does hurt, but it goes away after a couple of days.

  3. Yeah, you may just want to crawl into a sterile hole. ;)

    When I went to the chiropractor once, they said that a misaligned spine can contribute to infertility! But again, crack is ok as is heroin. ha ha ha.

    btw, how's the kitty situation??

  4. I give up...

    How are you doing?

  5. ha! I good excuse to give up cooking...or maybe buy new pans :)

    How are you doing? I hope you are all recovered!


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