Tuesday, September 21, 2010

34 weeks, 2 days

So we met Superbaby's pediatrician last week and she is awesome. Used to practise in a large office for many years and decided to open her own. She told us that if you call in the middle of the night, its me you'll get. We smiled and said just like in Cairo. Very down to earth and super sweet, a great referral from the doctors office for sure.

Feeling good. Superbaby is very active these days man. I think he's ready to make his appearance... lets just hope he hangs out a bit longer right.

Got my automated call from doctors office today. Called number I was instructed to, to retrieve message from doctors office... lab results are all normal, yeah! Next doctor appointment on the 27th, so we'll see what that brings.

Just under a month now, man am I excited! So many people are waiting for Superbaby and Super S and I are THE MOST anxious and excited of all! Its almost real, I keep praying that all will be well and I can finally see my Superbaby that I have waited so long for.

Stuff is piling up around here. Buying things here and there and here and here LOL. My friend will have shower for me in a few weeks, so that is going to be fun. I created a registry and am adding to it daily. I actually created three, but decided to use only one as it covers so many things.

Hey, what should I pack for the hospital... for me and for Superbaby. I have read many suggestions online but some of you have went through this and I am interested to hear what you brought, packed or what you wish you had. Like I know they have diapers, creams and stuff but is it better to bring my own? Clothes for me... a robe, pjs what? Clothes for Superbaby, gowns, onesies what? Simple I know but I just don't know.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

33 weeks, 3 days

I'm heeeree... we made it! 

Travel was awesome, very smooth, I was comfortable and all was good. EXCEPT on the final approach to my city, we had very bad turbulence and I got sick. Throwing up like a dog, sweating it was bad. But after we landed I was good to go.

So yesterday was my first doctor appointment here. I saw the Nurse Practioner, who i love, she was awesome! I will see the doctor on my next visit which will be on the 27th. Superbaby's heartbeat was great, 150's and physical exam for me turned out good too. When she measured my tummy, top of uterus down it was measuring at exactly 33 weeks. No ultrasound this time. I had to laugh and tell her how spoiled I was in Cairo, every visit if I wanted, which I did, I got an ultrasound, she laughed! So they did some labs, urine and a vag culture, so hopefully those will all come back ok. Its an automated system that will call me and let me know in a few days I'd guess.

I also mentioned to her how so many people have told me to have a scheduled c-section.... she said oh no. If I am able to deliver vaginally and all is ok that is what they prefer to do. I asked her about incision before vaginally delivery, she said they believe that a natural tear heals better and faster, huh? I thought it was the opposite! She said no and they haven't done Episiotomy's for awhile, is this right? So she needs to see some records from a surgery I had back in 2000, they took a firbroid from my uterus. She needs to see where teh incision was and scar tissue, this could MAYBE impact my delivering vaginally, but she said she would have to see the report first. I will bring that with me next appountment.

Started iron again last night, no problems. The supplement I got in Cairo made me nausious as I wrote before. So this one seems to be ok. I took it with orange juice, the NP's advice and seemed fine. I also added a calcium and Omega 3 supplement with DHA and other good stuff too.

Touring the birthing center tomorrow, and going to meet a potential Pediatrician for Superbaby. Its all becoming so much more real now and getting so close.

Anyway just wanted to say hey and let you know all is good so far. Miss you guys and will be updating regularly.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

32 weeks, 3 days

Saw Dr. K on Sunday and all is still looking good with Superbaby, thank God.

We are off here in a few days and I have been so busy, but will try to post when I am stateside. But you know I will busy there too.

Man time is flying now... I will say I am a bit anxious, LOL "a bit" yeah right! Excited, scared, worried, overjoyed, all these emotions are cRaZy, but really really excited more than anything! I just pray all goes well.

Feeling good, have had some nausea the past few mornings like kinda bad, but other than all is good LOL. I think it may be from the iron supplement maybe as that is the only thing different in my diet? I read it could cause constipation, um opposite here.

Anyway, miss you all and hope to be back bloggin' a little regularly soon. xoxo