Tuesday, September 21, 2010

34 weeks, 2 days

So we met Superbaby's pediatrician last week and she is awesome. Used to practise in a large office for many years and decided to open her own. She told us that if you call in the middle of the night, its me you'll get. We smiled and said just like in Cairo. Very down to earth and super sweet, a great referral from the doctors office for sure.

Feeling good. Superbaby is very active these days man. I think he's ready to make his appearance... lets just hope he hangs out a bit longer right.

Got my automated call from doctors office today. Called number I was instructed to, to retrieve message from doctors office... lab results are all normal, yeah! Next doctor appointment on the 27th, so we'll see what that brings.

Just under a month now, man am I excited! So many people are waiting for Superbaby and Super S and I are THE MOST anxious and excited of all! Its almost real, I keep praying that all will be well and I can finally see my Superbaby that I have waited so long for.

Stuff is piling up around here. Buying things here and there and here and here LOL. My friend will have shower for me in a few weeks, so that is going to be fun. I created a registry and am adding to it daily. I actually created three, but decided to use only one as it covers so many things.

Hey, what should I pack for the hospital... for me and for Superbaby. I have read many suggestions online but some of you have went through this and I am interested to hear what you brought, packed or what you wish you had. Like I know they have diapers, creams and stuff but is it better to bring my own? Clothes for me... a robe, pjs what? Clothes for Superbaby, gowns, onesies what? Simple I know but I just don't know.


  1. I read often but to day is day one of (icomleavwe)so here is my two cents worth. I have not given birth, but I come from a large catholic family and many of my friends and college roommates have given birth recently. My mother has always said that you should dress your baby in their own gown. My friends have also recently done this. They also brought a special outfit to "bring home" the baby in. I have also seen all the new moms take the extra diapers and tiny bottles of formula off the isolete cart and put them in their luggage daily. Glad you are enjoying your time in teh states and hoping you enjoy your remaining time with Super baby being on the inside.

  2. Glad to hear all is going well with you and Superbaby. Your paediatrician sounds just like the kind of paediatrician you need as a first time mom!! I need to find me one of those too!!

    It's so exciting to see all the baby stuff accumulating around the house isn't it?? It makes it all so more real!!Not too long till your baby will be wearing all those cute outfits and play with all his new toys!!

  3. My hospital would NOT let me dress K in anything until the day we were going home. She had to stay in the hospitals clothes. A rule they have.

    I brought clothes for me and never wore them until I was going home. I was bleeding so heavy I didn't want to ruin any of them. I DID bring nursing bras and wore them though. And nursing pads.

    Everything baby related my hospital supplied. But I brought my cell phone charger and list of numbers, things like that.

  4. Things you need: Extra luggage to take home everything on the baby cart! Clothes for everyone to wear home. Snacks and entertainment for SuperS for the labor waiting time, because there's only so much hand/brow stroking that he will do and you will tolerate. Cell phone, charger, phone numbers. I just wore hospital gowns until it was time to go home, but I'm not very picky. They're easy to unsnap for nursing.

    Take all the freebies you can - diapers, butt cream, snot suckers, pacifiers, receiving blankets, bottles of formula (unless they charge for them...in that case, leave it all there). Usually the formula companies will give you certificates for free samples and backpacks - I think we left with 3 of them...and I was breastfeeding. I don't know if you're planning on breastfeeding , but if you are, I still think it's good to have some formula on hand in case of an emergency - you don't have to use it and it doesn't expire quickly. Also, the backpacks can come in handy, as they are usually insulated.

    Enjoy the next few weeks...once he's here, you'll have to share him!

  5. Yep, I will echo what others have said. Bring an outfit for the baby to go home in (maybe two in case he is too big for newborn sizes), otherwise keep him in whatever the hospital provides until you go home. I just had a cute sleeper for her to go home in, nothing fancy. I brought a robe and nursing bras but no pajamas. Even though I hate hospital gowns I didn't want to wreck anything of my own - and you WILL. An outfit to go home in, plan that you will be as big as 5 months pregnant. Nursing bras are a must if you are going to nurse. I brought my own toiletries which I was very glad to have.

    Use everything they provide for the baby - they use good brands, plus its free (probably actually included in the cost of the room or whatever). Good luck! It is really difficult at first but also amazing and worth it!!

  6. Hiya sweetie :) Yay, we are both doing IComLeavWe!
    I put O in an outift the day we went home--but thats the only time I could put something I brought on him.
    The hospital air tends to dry you out--and I wasnt happy with the lotion they had--so if you have a favorite, definitely throw that in the bag!

  7. Wow time does fly by!! As for the hospital bag.. my hospital gave us just about everything baby related (and some of things are charged - so whether you use them or not, your insurance might get a bill of things provided.) they only gave me one outfit for baby, so the next couple of days we were there, we dressed them in our own clothes we brought from home. If you plan on BFing take a boppy if you have one already, it helped me a bunch. Going home clothes for pictures! :) HunHun has a belief that yellow is good luck.. ::shrugs:: but we did it anyway.

    For you: comfy PJs or yoga clothes you can be in so you're wearing that gown! Shower stuff - a brush, CHAPSTICK!!, a hair tie or clip, phone charger, laptop charger if you're taking it.. A BFing bra / tank if needed or one that will be able to take whatever you may expand when your milk comes in. Change for vending machines or cafeteria. Oh and slippers or flipflops.

    Ask about the car seat. We brought ours down so could have the boys secure in them, and they said, no way. I had to carry them in my arms as I was rolled out.

    That's all I can think of. Thinking of you!! xo

  8. I can't wait to hear about your shower! You are really getting there :) So excited for you...rest up the next few weeks!

  9. Ditto to what the ladies said above. I brought a bunch of stuff and really the only thing I ended up using was my shampoo/conditioner and toothbrush. There is lots of fluids so better to ruin their gowns then your stuff.

    I did bring a little outfit, but brought 0-3 months and that was WAY too big for my 7lb baby. So this next time (cross fingers) I will bring a newborn outfit.

    Definitely take the freebees. I even took a couple of the industrial pads and was glad to have them.

  10. I am glad to hear that things are going well. That is great that you found a pediatrician you really like and feel comfortable with. So exciting that we both are almost there.

    I need to pack my hospital bag this week too! Things I was thinking about - snacks, a robe, super pads (if you do not want to use the ones the hospital provide), toothpaste, shampoo, chapstick, camera, music (if you want music played in your room), chargers, nursing bra (if you will b/f), socks & slippers (if you will walk around during labor), own towel for shower, money, anything to massage your back during labor (if you want Super S to do this)etc.... I am sure there is more.

    Wishing you the best!!

  11. Some food and drinks, mainly ones that give energy, like energy bars, dates, nuts. etc.
    And don't forgot something for Super S to eat while waiting with you..

  12. I brought a ton of stuff, but here's what I absolutely used (keep in mind, though, that we had a c-birth, so we were there for a while):
    -nursing pillow (though this was most important for tandem breastfeeding the twins...)
    -my own bed pillow
    -nursing nightgown (it was soooooo nice to be out of the scratchy hospital gown after a while, but I waited until day 2 when the bleeding had slowed way down, but I wish I had brought two or three of them as they were so much more comfy than the hospital ones!)
    -snacks (nuts and some candy-- mostly eaten by my husband, but it was nice when I was hungry in the middle of the night and meal service wasn't an option)
    -my own toiletries (I didn't get a chance to shower until my last day there-- eew.-- but when I did, MAN, it was great to have my own stuff! I used hand lotion and my own toothpaste/face wash/deodorant every day, and it was all so much better than the hospital-issue stuff)
    -my own pads (I hated--HATED--the ones they supplied in the hospital)
    -fuzzy socks/fuzzy robe (though at points during the day, I would shed them both because it was too hot, and then really need them later when it cooled off too much)
    -LIP BALM! It's dry in the hospital!

    I wish I had brought a few more tee shirts for my boys. The hospital supplied long-sleeved tees in size SIX MONTHS for them to wear, and they were difficult to dress them in and WAY too big. We had two short-sleeved tees in newborn size which we used at one point, but they barfed through those in an hour or so. I also didn't really bring anything for them to wear home, because I just didn't care all that much, and it ended up being crazy-hot, and they were dressed in the hospital long-sleeves and blankets, which was just too much for the insane heat in our car on the way home. Probably not a concern for you in October, but worth considering. Also, you never know exactly what size he'll be when he's born, so bring outfits in a few sizes if you want to have something special to bring him home in.

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  14. Hi, have followed you for all your pregnancy, mostly a lurker but wanted to say I'm thinking of you. I can't believe there are only 25 days left! looks like you got some good advice for hospital packing. must be fun to pick out your registry, hope I'm there one day soon - may actually be trying again next cycle. Hope to hear another update soon. sending lots of positive thoughts, Kristina


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