Friday, June 30, 2006

I took it off

I took off the NO RIGHT CLICK from this blog, sorry for that. I heard from some of you that you wanted to copy and paste recipe, but couldn't. That paranoid html script was added by me, left over i guess from my days of ebaying, LOL!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An unexpected dinner guest

So we're eating dinner the other night and I hear "meow, meow" I look out the door to the garden and saw this little guest as you see above, looking into the screen.

I am not usually fond of cats, i don't dislike them, but don't love them, but isn't this one cute.

It kept scratching at the screen door trying to open it, it was so cute. Then after a few minutes it just plopped down as you see above and relaxed.

I wish I had some tuna then, I gave it a piece of potato but it was not interested in it. Since then, it has come back and been lounging in our garden, too funny!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Undercover gourmet

Did you know I LOVE cooking? Well i do. My best friend once told me that I know "the science of cooking", I laughed. She said I know what ingredients go well and blend together, complement each other...whether true or not, I do love to cook and try new things always! My way is once I taste something, I duplicate it, but add my own special "hooking it up" as I call it and my friend would quote me as saying too.

As you know, I have no life, (smile) so I have decied to decide to post a recipe, one each week hopefully. If you try any let me know how you like it.

This first one is a great summer dish, light and very tasty, I hope you like it!

Saneya Samek (Baked fish with savory vegetables)


- thick cut of fish, fillet, preferably boneless- mild flavor (orange roughy or red snapper)
- carafes (leaves of celery stalk)
- some fresh chopped cilantro
- 1 large onion, sliced thin and in half
- 2 good size tomatoes, chopped
- 1 bell pepper, cut in pieces
- 1 red bell pepper, cut in pieces
- 1 yellow pepper, cut in pieces
- 1 jalapeno pepper
- Fresh garlic, chopped finely/crushed (not from jar)
- 1 large lemon
- 1 large orange
- Cumin
- Salt
- Pepper
- Old bay Spice
- Butter


Spray a glass baking dish with a bit of non-stick cooking spray or rub lightly with Olive Oil or butter.

Wash the fish well. Best to do so with a bit of salt and a drop of vinegar to wash out any impurities.

Slice the fish into medium size slices. Not too thick or thin, up to you.

Lay the fish slices in baking dish.

Sprinkle generously with cumin, salt, pepper, old bay spice and add a bit of garlic to top, keep the rest for top later. Squeeze the juice of lemon over this. Add all chopped vegetables, peppers, onions, etc.

Take remaining garlic, jalapeno, celery leaves and cilantro, pound into a paste, does not have to be totally paste, but put together and blend well, spread this over fish. You can squeeze lemon juice into this to make easier to blend.

Squeeze the juice of orange into baking dish, top with pats of butter. You may add a bit more seasoning if you like.

Cover with foil and bake in oven at 350 degrees for approx. 45 minutes. Towards end of baking, you may uncover if you want to lessen juices or to brown, but just as good with juices, great over basmati or white rice, warm pita bread and a olive oil and balsamic vinegar green salad.

If you make this dish and you have leftovers, the next day slice an onion, sauté it in butter, chop a small tomato, add to the onion and cook until a bit smooth, add leftover fish dish, and a few pats of butter…this way is even better than when made fresh the first time. ENJOY!!!

Doritos Update

Okay, yes they're Doritos, but NO they do not taste like the classic, oh so yummy nacho cheese at all! I can describe the taste as more of a baked taste and on the side of cool ranch without the ranch...yeah its kinda weird, but hey they are Doritos.

What a life huh? Gimme an "L", L, gimme an "O", O, gimme an "S", S, you know the rest...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Can u say "L O S E R"?

Well i did it, I finally hit the all time LOSER you ask? Well the highlight of my day yesterday was getting flavored Lipton Tea and the long awaited arrival of Doritos in Egypt! Now Doritos have been available here, but imported from US or Europe and they cost 50LE, approx. $8.70. I could not justify paying that much for a lousy bag of Doritos, even though I love them so. Now the Egyptian made, new arrivals costs 3LE, approx. $0.52, thats a DEAL! So what can I say, I am indeed a certified L O S E R!

Going to make mango peach tea and eat some Doritos now. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Got Meebo?

So I'm reading a blog and see this awesome link to something called Meebo. (click the meebo below to go to the site)

You can sign into Meebo and without having to download stand alone messenger programs, i.e. MSN, Yahoo, AOL you can sign into all accounts from meebo. Cool for those that work and don't want to or can't download messenger programs.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hotter than...

Just came back from going to the souk (store area) here where we live, my God it is HOT! I think the temp is just 97 F, but it must be humid as I really felt it! I came in the house sweating like crazy! Now I know why so many people wait until after sunset to go out, and they stay out late. What i always wonder though, people who have to work, how do they manage to get up for work when they stay out until 4 AM? If it were me, I'd be dead! Okay maybe a few times I'd mange, but so many of our friends do this so often and have to work in the morning....

I heard Kuwait is even hotter, like the whole day the country is at a standstill, its too hot to even walk across the street. Cairo indeed is not like that, but for some reason it just felt so damn hot to me today.

Nothing else to much exciting really. I have thought very little about another IVF cycle to tell you the truth. Will I do it, yes I will, but it has not occupied my thoughts much. That will change once I really start thinking about this next round. Maybe July, maybe August, we'll see what we decide.

Hope you are well in your part of the world, glad I can share mine with you.

Stress & Fertility,,3-2235656,00.html

This is a very intersting article indeed, especially if you have trouble with ovulation.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dahab, jewel of the Red Sea

Well we're back in Cairo. (boo hoo...) Although we love Cairo, its hard to be back to SO many cars, people and polluted air after being in the Sinai area on the Red Sea where the air is clean and there are not so many folks.

It is awesome in Dahab, really a melting pot of people. Mostly Europeans, some Americans and everything else in between. In the summer months, it is also a place where many Egyptians take their families and vacation too. So as you walk around you hear so many different languages being spoken, its very cool.

I can describe it as a Bohemian style city, approx. 20 kilometers in length on the shore, its a small place. It is not yet touristy in the traditonal sense of the word. Sharm El Sheikh, another city on the Red Sea is full of 5 star hotels, more expensive and crowded. Dahab is still spread out enough, not as crowded and with just a few 5 star hotels but not on the main shore/promenade, it has a drifter like feel to it.

My husband was there 20 years ago, it was him with his restaraunt and just a few other small restaraunts. They camped in the sand, had generators and no running water. Times sure have changed. There is a guy who was there 20 years ago, he is still there! Many people come as tourists and end up staying there.

It is strange, it has a magnetic pull,most who have visited will say the same thing. If you're looking for a laid back, careless place where time does not exist, you HAVE to go to Dahab! It is our favorite place in all the world. When we lived in the States, we had pictures on our walls of Dahab, and wondered when we get there its just a 6 hour drive and we're there!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hey from the Red Sea

Hope all is well for everyone.

I am more than great... On the Red Sea, at our FAVORITE place in all the world! It is awesome here, I will post some pics when we get back to Cairo. It is a lot quieter here than usual....they had a bombing here about two months ago, and now the World Cup (soccer-fooball if you're not in USA) is playing, so lots of the usual European tourists that come here are not here. It is really nice though, even a bit quieter, even better!

It seems to be a bit cooler than it was in April, strangely as it is June now...oh well maybe its the Sinai breeze...

Anyway just wanted to check in and say hey to all, talk to you soon and stay cool wherever you are...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Betty who?

Just wanted to check in and share my "fun" with you all. What a capital "L" (LOSER) I am. I just made dough for sugar cookies.....why is this strange, other than being extremely out of character and corny for me at least.... I don't bake at all. ( i love cooking just not baking) But something came over me, I had all ingredients from recipe except for eggs, so I sent S. to get eggs. Its in the fridge now setting I guess, will pull it out in a couple hours and bake away....I am laughing now as I type this.

Going to get out of Cairo for a few days...going to the Red Sea. What an amazing place it is indeed. It's so cool that I can say that... "I think I'll get out of town and go to the Red Sea...." LOL....when I lived in the U.S. San Diego was a get away for us, being from the southwest. So this is amazingly cool!!!

Have a great to you soon.

Not for sensitve people AT ALL

This is have watch until the end.

Early morning BLAH post

If I didn't personally know me, and stumbled onto this blog, I wouldn't come back to see my blog, make sense? Not fun at all huh? Is IVF fun, I'm not saying it is or should be, but after reading many IF/IVF blogs these days, they make me want to go back and check them daily.

I guess its safe to say, I did not create this to attract readers, thats for sure. This blog was started for my friends and family who know me, thats it. I am a first time IVF'er and thats what we do, share our experience with friends and family...LOL. Sounds so funny and predictable after reading the veterans in IVF journeys musings. They would be proud that I wrote that and its just what they know we first timers they did once upon a time.

Anyway, just ranting here...its early in the morning and maybe I am feeling post cycle loss shite-syndroum? I don't know....

These last few days have been great though, its strange. S.'s been more than awesome, as usual. I feel strangely happy, and peaceful, couldn't be better really, except........... if I were pregnant...LOLLLLLLLLLL I better stop now, this could get ugly....

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Football in Cairo

Well the fun has begun here in Cairo. Last night was the opening night of the World Cup from Germany. They are HUGE football (soccer) fans here! All the coffee shops and cafes have big screen TV's and many many people gather each night to watch the games. Its a festive atmosphere, even though we do not care too much to watch, its fun.

Just wanted to check in and will blog again very soon. I know some of you are waiting to hear more about where I live...I promise to deliver some good info about Cairo real soon....

Friday, June 9, 2006

My best friend

So today my husband went out, said he was going to visit a friend...he came home and brought me the most beautiful flowers!

I am so lucky to have such a best friend, he means everything to me. He is so patient, kind, loving and understanding, the list goes on.... (those of you who know him, know what I mean). I could create a blog just about him, he is THE best ever!

Isn't it funny how a beautiful bunch of flowers brightens our day so much? But is it really the flowers, or the person giving them? Definitely the later.....

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Maybe next time...

Well it was negative. Maybe next time huh? We both feel okay thank God.

Anyway thanks to all of you for your supportive words and prayers.

Maybe now, I can post some fun stuff about this crazy place I live in... Cairo. Then when we try again I can get back to posting about our second IVF round.....we'll see.

Thanks again to all and I really appreicate each and every one of you. Even those of you I don't know personally, but feel like I do since I started this blog. A sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart.

In to you soon.

A much needed laugh

You have to watch this video, it is SUPER CUTE and funny! Thanks to D. for forwarding to me, such a sweetie and great friend!!!

Going to test tomorrow, thinking it will not be good news, have a regular like period today....Will blog after results.....

I am thankful to God for everything, even if its negative.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The Best Wisdom

There is no God but He
who has

no partners
with Him,

Yours is the Kingdom
Yours is the praise.

You are the Possessor of power over all things.

If You want to give,
no one can prevent it;
if You withold anything,
no one can get it.

- Prayer of Prophet Muhammad to God

Monday, June 5, 2006

DAY 30 & 31

I woke up and saw some spotting . I freaked! It is not real red, more brown (like what I had when I had ectopic preg in January) but there is a little red in it.

Anyway, I have to be calm and wait and see. But you can imagine how I feel. Man oh man, I hope at least one of the four stuck in place….we’ll see.

Just hung up with the doc he said just wait until Wednesday, continue taking my pregestrone and insha Allah (God Willing) all will be okay. Said spotting can be okay sometimes, said not to worry. (smile...right)

Pray for us…and I will check back in soon.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

DAY 29- 4 days until test

Now just 4 more days until preg test. Nothing yet, ( no flow ) so maybe good news for us we'll see.

It is really hot here today, has to be over 90 degrees, oh yeah, I have that temperature thing on this blog, although I cannot see it now as I am bloggin this. The clock in my house says 84 degrees in the house. I hate air conditoning, so I try not to put it unless we are so so hot. Here there is no central AC, so we have a unit in our living room and one in our bedroom. Haven't used yet, but sure we will very soon, if not today.

The driving here in Cairo, I must complain. Those of you who have read my other private blog, know how I feel about it. You cannot imagine how TERRIBLE it is driving here. People have NO IDEA about any rules. The lane lines are just that, LINES. They drive on top of them, so if you have a two lane street, it becomes three and four lanes automatically.

When people get a drivers license, they take no written test. They take a "driving test" if that is what you can call it, it consists of driving around a few cones, then you pass. Unbelievable! Any inch of space between you and a car, is used. They pass you within an inch and feels like you will be hit. The cardinal rule of driving in Cairo: you must give up the right of way to any car that speeds in front of you. There is no such thing as being "cut off" because that is the norm and expected.

I have come close to heartattacks on many occassions. It is something we have to get used to, but we both cannot. S. gets so frustrated when he drives, I am always scared out of my mind as a passenger, its nuts! Anyway, I feel better now! LOL

Attached aboveyour viewing pleasure, one of THE most dangerous vehicles around, a Cairo taxi! But even worse than this is something called the "mini bus"or "service", has been referred to as a flying coffin!

Have a great Saturday and talk to you soon. Think thoughts of babies...

Friday, June 2, 2006

DAY 27 & 28

Well we did not yet travel and have not yet heard back from my doctor either. Thanks K. for your comments yesterday, I will indeed see what the doctor has to say. Our travel is delayed fro now, but we may decide to go next week sometime, I'll keep you posted.

So yesterday was interesting, we went to a "Sebou", for one of S's nieces. A "sebou" which means "seventh" in Arabic, is a celebration for a new baby after seven days of his/her birth. It is cultural, not religious and I must say quite interesting. It was our first to attend and S. said "we are not going to do this..." We all laughed so hard! He hates lots of noise, so we'll see. Here is a good description from an Egyptian magazine about the custom...
It was cool, but really kinda strange. What you read in the article does happen. I am not sure if this is considered haraam or what? But many people here seem to do it, both Muslim and Christians. The lady throws salt everywhere, they put the baby in a cute really fancy decorated cradel type basket and shake her around, I was so scared for the baby. Then they light charcoal and throw stuff into it, like incense and stuff. Then the mother passes over the smoke seven times alone, then with the baby. Man, I was so nervous! LOL.....anyway, it was a new experience for us both.

All else is okay, feeling good and counting down the days until next Wednesday, which happnes to be the seventh! LOL.....God Willing good news I will have to report.

Enjoy your weekend and talk to you all again soon!!!!