Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dahab, jewel of the Red Sea

Well we're back in Cairo. (boo hoo...) Although we love Cairo, its hard to be back to SO many cars, people and polluted air after being in the Sinai area on the Red Sea where the air is clean and there are not so many folks.

It is awesome in Dahab, really a melting pot of people. Mostly Europeans, some Americans and everything else in between. In the summer months, it is also a place where many Egyptians take their families and vacation too. So as you walk around you hear so many different languages being spoken, its very cool.

I can describe it as a Bohemian style city, approx. 20 kilometers in length on the shore, its a small place. It is not yet touristy in the traditonal sense of the word. Sharm El Sheikh, another city on the Red Sea is full of 5 star hotels, more expensive and crowded. Dahab is still spread out enough, not as crowded and with just a few 5 star hotels but not on the main shore/promenade, it has a drifter like feel to it.

My husband was there 20 years ago, it was him with his restaraunt and just a few other small restaraunts. They camped in the sand, had generators and no running water. Times sure have changed. There is a guy who was there 20 years ago, he is still there! Many people come as tourists and end up staying there.

It is strange, it has a magnetic pull,most who have visited will say the same thing. If you're looking for a laid back, careless place where time does not exist, you HAVE to go to Dahab! It is our favorite place in all the world. When we lived in the States, we had pictures on our walls of Dahab, and wondered when we get there its just a 6 hour drive and we're there!!!


  1. As I was reading this I was transformed to someone reading
    a travel article. You should fine tune it a little and save and submit it. I have read enough to know that what you have is 'it'

  2. You rock girl ... I love reading you :)

  3. thanks nikkinix, I dont know about rock, well okay maybe sometimes, you have a blog?

  4. Okay nikkinix I finally found your blog! Its a scream, I love it and will check often....


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