Friday, February 11, 2011

Goodbye , Farewell Mubarak

Well its official, as you all know I'm sure, Mubarak is outta here. The celebration is unbelievable here. Where we live the horns and fireworks have not stopped since the announcement was made. The entire country is celebrating and will be for days.

Lets hope Egypt will be a better country and people will live free, elect their own leader, earn better wages and live a happy, prosperous life.

What a story of the last 18 days we will be telling Superbaby later...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lamb Dogs

All hot dogs suck in Egypt, sorry but they do. We have tried several brands and they all bite. But being the hot dog fan that I am the last time we went shopping I bought a package of hot dogs that we had before, they sucked too, but they were edible once I boiled and fried the hell out of them.

So tonight we get home from being out all day, needed something quick and I thought why not a nutritious nitrate laden dog.....

What the .....  this is a hot dog? It was a lamb dog! I swear to God it tasted like BBQ lamb! Now look at the package ingredients...

No where does it say lamb, but I say it was so not beef. But hey it had vitamin C. After taking one bite, I rinsed off the ketchup and  mustard, chopped up and will give to the cats tomorrow.

Superbaby will be 16 weeks this Friday, time is flying. He is doing great and just getting cuter each day man I swear.

He is trying to eat his fists these days. He does use a pacifier, a Soothie and despite the fact that he loves his wubby he always wants his fists and my fingers sometimes too. I swear if he was older I would think he's teething.

But then of course I searched it, as I do with everything and read about non-nutritive sucking. So he is being completely normal. Cool.

As you probably know, protests are still going strong here in Egypt's in Tahrir Square. I don't think the people are going to stop until their president leaves.

But life outside the Square seems to be getting back to normal, alittle bit anyway. We were out today and people were shopping and doing business although many placea are still not open. The army tanks are still on the streets and it really feels weird.

Yesterday we took pictures of Superbaby next to an army tank where we live..... we'll tell him about this when he grows up.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Superbaby 15 weeks tomorrow

Well the unrest is not stopping. Last night was scary as hell as the pro-government and anti-government protestors really went to battle. There is chaos as I type this still going on in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo. I fear tomorrow Friday will be even more deadly. God how I hope I am wrong....

Superbaby will be 15 weeks tomorrow and is growing so much. He has found his hands and "talks" alot. He is really vocal when we talk to him and is making the cutest sounds ever. More and more sounds as the days pass.

I think he will be an early talker. I say this depsite the fact that a friend of mine told me "don't be discouraged if Superbaby starts talking late as it has been shown that babies exposed to more than one language start talking later..."

Superbaby will hear Arabic and English in our household. We want him to learn Chinese as well. Super S speaks many languages and also wants to teach Superbaby Spanish and German, I told him lets start off with English and Arabic and see how he does LOL. I have many friends who spoke more than one language when their kids were little and they grew up understanding and speaking both. As far as Chinese, we will have to find a tutor as neither of us speak Mandarin. I think I will go with him too as I would love to learn, if I can LOL.

So just a quick update, all is still quiet where we are thank God. Continue to pray that the madness gets better soon as this is unbelievable to be happening in a normally safe, yet crazy city.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We are good

Hey. We are all fine, thank God. Thanks so much for your messages and email, i love you guys.

So you all know the about the unrest and craziness going on here in Egypt, man it is crazy. Where we live we are okay.

It was scary though on Friday, January 28th as they were making announcements from the mosque loud speakers that  looters and thieves were coming to the city in New Cairo where we live. They advised everyone to carry a weapon and protect their homes. That kinda freaked me out...

We have security guards on every street anyway, even before this unrest, but since last week, at night time the youth set up roadblocks all around the city and check people on foot and in cars. So that was the only time I was scared. And not really scared, but alittle bit. They continue with the the roadblocks and everyone is very vigilant. People can be seen carrying sticks, poles anything that can be used as a weapon, even in daylight.

Then Saturday they deployed army tanks to surround our city. I heard them coming into the city at night  and then we went for a walk the next day to see if we could take a picture of them, they were not here, not inside our city anyway.

Super S was in Alexandria on Thursday the 27th of January, before the "real" protests started. THANK GOD he came home that night as he was planning on styaing for three days. Now all roads and train services have been stopped in the country. He would have been stuck there and Superbaby and I would have been alone, I would have died!

Then all cellphones were shut down, and the internet, it was scary. The landlines, home phones always worked though so I was able to connect with my family and a few friends to let them know we were okay.

So I went to the market this morning, LONG lines at all bakeries (where you buy pita type bread), supermarket shelves are emptying out, but the vegetable vendors seem to be okay yet. I was able to buy the vegetables I needed without any problem. I wanted to buy bread but decided against waiting in the long line. We did some major shopping just the week before so I am pretty well stocked.

Its weird, I never thought I'd live in a time or place, where I would have to worry about food. Where I'd worry about going to sleep at night and my home being safe. But all seems to be stable where we live and no intrusions from so called thugs or looters.

Alot of restaraunts here have shut down, I bet due to lack of supplies rather than safety. There have been no deliveries for days now so how could they operate? The roads in Cairo were completely shut down yesterday, I am not sure about today but no doubt Cairo has come to a standstill.

Still unsure if we will leave for the US or not, leaning towards not, but we'll see.

Superbaby contnues to smile and laugh and has no idea what is going on. He is getting bigger everday and my love for him is so big, I can't even describe it.

Anyway I wish the best for this country and hope that it will revive itself, it will, but will take time for sure.

I'll continue to update, I sure hope the internet stays on...