Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lamb Dogs

All hot dogs suck in Egypt, sorry but they do. We have tried several brands and they all bite. But being the hot dog fan that I am the last time we went shopping I bought a package of hot dogs that we had before, they sucked too, but they were edible once I boiled and fried the hell out of them.

So tonight we get home from being out all day, needed something quick and I thought why not a nutritious nitrate laden dog.....

What the .....  this is a hot dog? It was a lamb dog! I swear to God it tasted like BBQ lamb! Now look at the package ingredients...

No where does it say lamb, but I say it was so not beef. But hey it had vitamin C. After taking one bite, I rinsed off the ketchup and  mustard, chopped up and will give to the cats tomorrow.

Superbaby will be 16 weeks this Friday, time is flying. He is doing great and just getting cuter each day man I swear.

He is trying to eat his fists these days. He does use a pacifier, a Soothie and despite the fact that he loves his wubby he always wants his fists and my fingers sometimes too. I swear if he was older I would think he's teething.

But then of course I searched it, as I do with everything and read about non-nutritive sucking. So he is being completely normal. Cool.

As you probably know, protests are still going strong here in Egypt's in Tahrir Square. I don't think the people are going to stop until their president leaves.

But life outside the Square seems to be getting back to normal, alittle bit anyway. We were out today and people were shopping and doing business although many placea are still not open. The army tanks are still on the streets and it really feels weird.

Yesterday we took pictures of Superbaby next to an army tank where we live..... we'll tell him about this when he grows up.


  1. How can you live in a world without good hot dogs? That's just terrifying! Give me political upheaval any long as I can get a good hot dog!

    You never know when babies are going to start teething...but you'll know when he is. He'll likely get cranky for no good reason, and you'll pull your hair out until you get a look in his mouth and see a little white spot poking through.

    Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal for you.

  2. sososo glad to read you are still ok and that life is returning to normal.

    I would miss Pork so much if I lived there - when we travelled it made me so sad to be served beefbacon.

  3. that is such a shame, because I happen to really LOVE hot dogs. :( I'm always ready to SEND YOU SOME HOT DOGS. (let me know if I should *wink*)

    so glad Superbaby is doing so well..and the sucking etc, sounds JUST right...I thought my guys were teething early too..they weren't ...just getting ready to. Hope you have lots of burp clothes. :)



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