Thursday, April 14, 2011

26 weeks tomorrow

We have company from the US coming tomorrow and they'll be with us for 10 days. I'm excited as they are bringing a package from my Dad that has some really cute stuff for Superbaby I bought online. It'll be nice to see them too LOL.

So Superbaby found his toes and every time I change him, or he is laying down his foot goes into his mouth. Not only does it go in, but he sucks his toes like they are his pacifier! Its too funny and so cute as you see below.

Hard to believe he will be 6 months old next week. I look at him and see so much wisdom, yes I see it already. I think he is going to be like Super S in so many ways. A thinker, an observer, intelligent and wise. He is always quiet when we are out like he is really studying things not just looking like a baby does. My wise little man, keep eating them toes!

So I may not be posting too much for the next week, like I am now LOL, as we'll be busy with guests and travelling around Egypt too. We will go to Alexandria for the day and then to our beloved Dahab of course for a few days. We are so excited to take Superbaby there. I remember how much we've talked about him there and daydreamed of him being there with us. Last year during my 2ww we were there, I etched his name in the sand.

Here's a Thursday question for you... if you were successful at IVF and and it brought you your miracle, would you try again? Either by using embryos that you have on ice or starting a completely new cycle? Or are you just thankful and don't want to put yourself through the pain and agony again? Then again it could bring you yet another miracle, or not.

Have a great weekend. xoxo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perfect Moment Monday: Kindness Amid Chaos

Today we went to downtown Cairo, Tahrir Square to do some business at the famous Mogamma Building. We were there actually to pick up a paper and thought we'd be in and out LOLLLL. You go to one window, they send you to another and another. You have to go to yet another window to buy little stamps to stick on your papers, just crazy.

As Super S was running around getting  the needed stamps to put on our paperwork, I sat with Superbaby and waited. A nice young Egyptian girl started talking to me and playing with Superbaby. We talked about Egypt's future and the state of the "midan" Tahrir Square.

When we drove into dowtown, we planned on parking in the underground parking in Tahrir Square next to the Mogamma Building. Tahrir Square was blocked off, closed to traffic. Now we had the problem of where to park the car? There is not much parking in downtown but we lucked out and found some space under a bridge.

Here's what we saw as we walked to Tahrir Sqaure...

This is blocking cars to Tahrir Square

Normaly we would be driving on this street

Burned vehicle

Burned bus

Mogamma building with people gathering in front

Two hours later we finished at the Mogamma. As we walked out of the building after about 20 feet or so the nice Egyptian girl came up to me. She said she was coming back to find us and she wanted to kiss Superbaby and handed him a flag. She said she hoped he would remember her, remember Egypt.

Now that's a Perfect Moment, perfect kindness that will last for along time.

Superbaby's gift from his new friend

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Friday, April 8, 2011

25 weeks

It's official Superbaby is in love with his Mommy.

I went out for an hour the other night, Superbaby stayed home with Super S. They had fun, no fussing, he didn't cry all was good. I called many times to check on him of course.

So I get home, Superbaby sees me, he laughs and was shaking around so excited then started balling, I mean crying his eyes out. I held him and he hugged my neck so hard, made me cry.

Now did he really MISS me or was it a shock like after not seeing me for an hour. Don't know but I think he missed me and loves me so much. It was so cute and so emotional.

He is great. Can't believe that this month he will be 6 months old. The other day he wore a 6 month outfit for the first time and it fit good, the pants were just alittle long.

Superbaby has a hell of a grip. He recently starting squeezing my neck, my face and pulling the back of my head. He wants to eat everything and is teething alot now. Anything he can get his hands on, it goes in his mouth.

We'll be visiting the doctor later this month for 6 month immunizations and a check up. I'm curious to see how much he's gained.

He eats rice cereal twice a day, small amounts like two baby spoons and he loves it. My milk supply has not been affected at all. He still breast feeds as he did before so its working out good.

I boiled carrots and pureed them, thought lets see.... his face was like wtf is this? Where's my cereal! I give him a baby spoon each day though and takes it.

Today I had a lumpy mass in my left breast. Didn't hurt while nursing but tender when I touched it. After I fed Superbaby it went away. Could it have been a milk duct that was blocked and then it got unblocked? I don't know but its gone thank God.

We are still nursing like every 2-2.5 hours. It's fine for me, I just hope he is gaining like he should. He sure feels like he is, we'll see.

Laughing has increased and his facial expressions are priceless. His talking has picked up alot too. I swear he said Mommy the other day. He is just amazing. Completely amazing.

Ever since he came home from the hospital I have been talking to him. About anything and everything. I mean I really talk to him. Never know what he takes in. I also have been singing him the ABC's since he was a day old. Super S and I joke about it as I sing it so damn much. We say when Superbaby has friends over I'll come out and start singing the ABC's  and he'll be like "come on Mom...." But I bet, no I guarantee he will so know how to sing that song.

So thats my all over the place, non-flowing post for today. Its after midnight here and I am off to bed.