Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playing around with my feeds

So i was playing around with feedburner which is now google, i hope i didn't screw things up.

Let me know if you get this (if you subscribe to my feeds).

If you don't yet subscribe you should.

Why, because I blog breaking news (my news anyway) and things you cannot live without...ranging from life in this crazy city of Cairo Egypt, to trying to get pregnant for the last 10 years, my cat Florenzo and anything and everything else in between.

Seriously, let me know if the feed burn comes across right or not. I am so not into feedburner(ing) it confuses me when i sign in.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cairo Bombing near Khan al Khalili Bazaar

Last night we went a concert at the Cairo Opera House. The artist was a friend of my husband's and it was amazing! It was a guitar recital, spanish flamenco and classic just really amazing.

So DH got a voicemal from his niece, saying to call her it was an emergency.

He called her and she asked if we were ok. She said she knew we were going downtown, but she didn't know where and there had just been a bombing near the Khan al Khalili bazaar.

We were like what? So we get home, turn on the news and sure enough some a-holes set off a bomb. A young French tourist, 17 years old died and many more were injured.

People really suck I tell you.  

I was grateful that more people were not killed, thank God- and saddened that the young tourist was.

This same guitarist whose concert we went to last night holds concerts in a venue just up the street from Khan al Khalili Bazaar/Hussein Mosque area. We have attended those and before the concert we always walk in this exact area where the bomb went off yesterday.

Had the concert been in that venue, we may have very well been right there at 7:30pm-ish when it went off, as his concerts usually start at 8pm. We would have parked the car, walked in Hussein /bazaar area a bit before walking to concert up the street at 8pm.

I hope the authorities catch the people who did this!!! I also hope that people are not scared to visit Egypt. We can't let terrorists ruin the tourist industry that Egypt so heavily relies on.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring cleaning...EARLY!!!

Man did i clean yesterday! Its approaching the time of year here in Cairo which is referred to as "khamseen" (ham-seen ). DUST DUST DUST and lots of it! Strong, warm winds and DUST! It gets in through the slightest crack and you can see it and smell it everywhere! You have to close all windows, but even still it seeps in. And its like a very fine dust so its sucks cleaning wise.

It comes every year about March-April, and sometimes like yesterday, a few days in late February and its so weird. Like today for example, clear skies, no dust or wind. Then maybe tomorrow we'll get the warm dusty wind again! So its sporatic like that.

On top of my dustng and mopping binge yesterday, I was given the opportunity to deep clean my kitchen.

We are having a deck built off our kitchen. (DH designed it, and its rather cool I must say). Anyway, the workmen were laying the rokham (marble- but sturdy outdoor type, extremely common here) yesterday and they removed the piece in front of kitchen door, you know that seals opening between door and flooring, and man did the entire kitchen get covered in a mix of cement, marble dust and good old dust from our friend khamaseen! Just from that few minutes of them removing that piece and creating a blowhole from outside into kitchen, made the kitchen a disaster!

But you know what I am glad. I needed to do some serious cleaning, you know that detailed kind, like wiping down the little things and getting corners and places you didn't know needed to be clean? So i am happy it happened and we have a nice spotless kitchen now.

Thats my exciting report from here, i know you're jealous, what fun days I have, I know.

In my pregnancy challenged news.... I think we will wait until my next cycle, March, to replace our final 4 frozen embabies. I will go to my doc make sure all is good and then plan for that God Willing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Show and Telling My Blossoms

I know, its Tuesday, but the Show and Tell IS open until Tuesday night says Lolli. So be sure to head over and check out the rest of kids...
Anyway, today I want to share with you my budding, frutiful blossoms...
We planted these last summer I think it was, they are still babies, but wow, these babies are blossoming.
Here is the peach...see the cute little fuzzies?
And here are a few blossoms that are close to bearing peaches...

This one is our apple, no fruit yet, but close I'd guess.

Orange tree below, you can really see tiny little oranges, its so cool!

Here's the lemon, not a great picture but look close you can see them coming out...

And this one is our poor banana tree. When we planted it it had two leaves, one dried up and died, the remaining one was broke by a workman carrying a HUGE ladder and he clipped it right off with the ladder, didn't even tell us, we found after he left! This is the new leaf. This baby will take years to banana-ize I bet, we'll see.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Homebound punk

That title sounds mean, but we say it with love.

Florenzo has been hangin' out with us constantly, without wandering off, for the past few days. Its so cute, when he wants to use the bathroom (he won't use litterbox...) we let him out, and when he's finished he comes and sits at back door waiting for us. When we go out with him, he sits in the sun or runs around the yard, then when he sees us going in, he runs right after us!

We are lovin it!

His back legs are still healing, a cat.fig.ht for sure, maybe he is smart , (of course he is) and is just taking easy and knowing that if he wanders off the a*$hole  black cat will just attack him again? You can see one of the wounds in the pic below. He has a worse and larger one on inside of his leg. 

Here's the deal with the black bully cat. I think he is male, not sure, but he attacks ALL cats around here- I've witnessed three so far. He particularly seems to hunt down Florenzo, or maybe its just coincidence that I always rescue Floro from this bully? He even comes into our yard and tries to lounge in backyard, I always chase him away! Isn't this strange, or maybe it isn't, but Florenzo being a male and IF this cat is male, i thought they do not come into other male's territory, is that right?

Anyway, he is healing and just hangin out which is very cool with us.

Here's Florenzo back in the day (last year, June- a month after he wandered into our yard). Waay too cute then and still is today, just grown up and fatter!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Face time at the Cairo Zoo

I watched an UNBELIEVABLE video today. You have to watch the video and read the article... you will not believe what is allowed here at the Cairo Zoo, i couldn't!

We have never been, but heard it is horendous! Just a basic search of images for the zoo on Go.ogl.e gives you hundreds of pics with people holding animals and links to articles talking about the terrible state of this zoo.

A British lady I know actually reported them to WAZA and had a verbal fight with zookeepers as to why some of the animals were kept in such small cages.

Anyway I sure hope they get it together because those poor animals are suffering.


Oh our baby is home! Florenzo turned up this morning. Today is day 6, just like his previous vacation, six days away and then back home, crazy boy! He looks good though, not so dirty, another bite MAYBE  it looks like on back leg, but not bad. He's sleeping now, probably had a busy 6 days, LOL! I will post some pics later because i know everyone loves the Florenzo!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Misc rantings

I found two houses that had the great yellow sticker as well. But you know what, those two houses are vacant, owned, but occupants not here, LOL! Anyway, I will not mention the yellow sticker again. (its still on our pillar..i will leave it there)

Nothing extremely exciting to report here. I feel great, no pain, like before I had my tube ligated, so that is cool.

The weather here is unseasonably warm. It feels like summer, and the sun is HOT! Normal high for this time is 67 I think i read, yesterday it was 85! I am so not complaining, its beautiful and am enjoying it very much!!

We are way overdue for a trip to our favorite destination within Egypt, Dahab and I think we will get going soon. The other day we were blasting some classic Santana, (reminds us of hippish Dahab music they play there) and we looked at each other thinking the same thing..."its time to go to Dahab!" So hopefully soon we'll be on our way for a few days of Red Sea swimming (maybe if the water is not too cold- the sun is hot, but that first dip is a b*tch).

I got a really awesome email yesterday from my dear friend back home, she has decided to apply to Law School. She is studying for the LSAT now and I couldn't be happier! She's a genius and will make the best attorney. She has always talked about wanting to but finally made the decision to do it.  She is an activist, helps SO MANY people and does alot of things that lawyers do without having a law degree, at least what the law allows her to do without being an attorney. Actually she is better and far more clever and intelligent than a few attorneys we know....she'll be awesome!

Oh Florenzo has been gone again, today is day 4, little brat, he'll be back, I know. I just wish he could talk cause I so want to know where he goes and what he is doing.

Hope you are all well, talk soon. xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, February 2, 2009

" X " Marks the Baby-less

Hey thank you all for your well wishes during my recovery. I am healed up just fine and back to my normal baby-less self.

So yesterday DH and i were outside, we were standing at our front gate and on the pillar is this cute little square, yellow sticker with a hand written "x" on it.

"Em, thats strange..." I say to DH.

He so calmly tells me that this signifies there are no kids here.


So what i understand from what DH tells me, the security guards went around to all the houses in our group here (remember think small subdivision) and told parents about vacinations.

After DH told me about this cute little sticker, I said "Oh this is SO getting blogged..."

DH cautioned that this sticker could mean they "checked" us and put it there as so not to check again.


So not only am I stickered, so far, we are the only baby-less house on the block!

I will take another walk (last walk at night) but in daylight to check out the rest of the pillars on my street.

If I find any yellow stickers, I just may ring the bell and introduce myself.


If I wasn't in Egypt it would be bizarre, but actually, believe it or not, this is acceptable to me- here. LOL!!!!