Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playing around with my feeds

So i was playing around with feedburner which is now google, i hope i didn't screw things up.

Let me know if you get this (if you subscribe to my feeds).

If you don't yet subscribe you should.

Why, because I blog breaking news (my news anyway) and things you cannot live without...ranging from life in this crazy city of Cairo Egypt, to trying to get pregnant for the last 10 years, my cat Florenzo and anything and everything else in between.

Seriously, let me know if the feed burn comes across right or not. I am so not into feedburner(ing) it confuses me when i sign in.


  1. Um, I'm not sure what you are asking...but I have subscribed to you on Google Reader for months now and this came across just fine for me.

  2. Also Google Reader, no problem.

    But, the Land of If icon in the sidebar doesn't come through -- just code. That's probably not a feedburner issue, though. It looks like you may have a > where you want a <.

    Not what you were asking, but since you're asking for feedback...

  3. Um, no idea what a feedburner is...but I see you in my googlereader! Which I am reading again!
    You have the best breaking news about your life I have read anywhere.

  4. Ok so it seems I did not mess it up...cool. Thanks ladies for letting me know!

  5. Thanks for coming by my site and Im so glad I checked out yours. Glad your cat is back too. My Mom is going to visit Cairo in April, she is so excited. I'll be sure to give her a heads up about the sand. Thanks!

  6. You're still in my GoogleReader too.

  7. Still in my google reader too.......

    So glad you guys are safe. Your previous post is so scary.

  8. You have a new award on my blog!


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