Monday, February 23, 2009

Cairo Bombing near Khan al Khalili Bazaar

Last night we went a concert at the Cairo Opera House. The artist was a friend of my husband's and it was amazing! It was a guitar recital, spanish flamenco and classic just really amazing.

So DH got a voicemal from his niece, saying to call her it was an emergency.

He called her and she asked if we were ok. She said she knew we were going downtown, but she didn't know where and there had just been a bombing near the Khan al Khalili bazaar.

We were like what? So we get home, turn on the news and sure enough some a-holes set off a bomb. A young French tourist, 17 years old died and many more were injured.

People really suck I tell you.  

I was grateful that more people were not killed, thank God- and saddened that the young tourist was.

This same guitarist whose concert we went to last night holds concerts in a venue just up the street from Khan al Khalili Bazaar/Hussein Mosque area. We have attended those and before the concert we always walk in this exact area where the bomb went off yesterday.

Had the concert been in that venue, we may have very well been right there at 7:30pm-ish when it went off, as his concerts usually start at 8pm. We would have parked the car, walked in Hussein /bazaar area a bit before walking to concert up the street at 8pm.

I hope the authorities catch the people who did this!!! I also hope that people are not scared to visit Egypt. We can't let terrorists ruin the tourist industry that Egypt so heavily relies on.


  1. That's such terrible news about the bombing. It breaks my heart to think what the family of the tourist and the other injured teenagers are going through.

    I hope you are doing ok, I would imagine that you are feeling a bit in shock right now.

    Thinking of you!

  2. so awful. glad you're ok. very scary.

  3. Glad that you were nowhere near there.

    I don't know that it will affect tourism much, because many people think that such things already happen commonly. Entire regions seem to get lumped together.

  4. So glad u were not there too. I emailed u as soon as I heard that news here. Cassandra is right, the whole region always gets lumped into one. I plan to visit Egypt as soon as I am able to.

  5. Very scary. It is funny (not funny ha-ha) how when that happens, people immediately realize how it could have happened to them..its so close to home. I had some falafel again today! Yummy!

  6. I'm very glad that you did not get blown up. And I don't mean that to sound as glib as it does when I type it.


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