Friday, March 6, 2009

Finally a window...

Its been crazy around here. We are building a deck in backyard off kitchen, took out three small kitchen windows and made into one large one and a few other projects and man its been hectic!

The kitchen window has been the real trip. They started last Saturday i think it was and just installed window last night! Long story short, the guys doing cement made the opening just a few miilimeters to small and they had to break and re-cement so window frame would fit in- just crazy!

So the window is in and its quite nice actually. Good thick glass, I can't hear a thing from outside and the seams of frame seem to be great, no dust coming in (unlike rest of windows in our house- which would be waaaay too expensive to replace, too damn many).

Next is getting deck walls painted (DH designed- its like two circular balconies kind of, not sure how to explain), they will be same color as our house. Then the walkway around perimeter of our house and a parking/sitting area. We decided to do in a brick style, flat rectangular, i think its going to very cool. Maybe I will post some pics, maybe not. LOL i will later.

Talked to my friend this morning, the one who decided to go to law school, she took LSAT last month and got a 150! That was her goal at least 150, so thats cool. She decided on a school in her city, waiting to get her acceptance letter (she will get in no doubt). She submitted two awesome ref letters from attorneys there and her personal statement rocked too, then her 150 on LSAT- she should be good to go.

Florenzo is good. He's really been sticking around the house, as if he knows he has to heal up and can't properly defend himself yet. He is still limping a bit from his front paw being injured, but really he is doing so good. We go outside, he goes outside, we come inside, he follows- way too cute! We are happy that he has decided to stick around.

On the embryo transfer front, nada at the moment. I need to go to my doctor to get a checkup and a pap actually. Once I do this, and I will soon, will think about replacing our frozen embryos. Its just kind of on hold for now, which I am okay with. Right now I am so not excited or eager to replace/transfer. Sounds bad I know, but seriously thats how I feel , for now anyway. xoxoxoxoxo


  1. We have adopted an outside cat that was hanging around and every time I see him I think of your little guy, because I worry when he's not around meowing.

  2. I'm glad Florenzo has decided it's a better idea to stay around the house for now. He'll get some wild hair soon enough and take off for another adventure, but at least he's at home while he heals. Good boy.

    Your windows sound like ours. Our house is 50+ years old and a lot of our windows are the crank style, single pane of drafty glass. Ugh, what I wouldn't do to replace all of those. They're terrible! But that would be very expensive. One at a time, I guess.

    I hope you do post your deck, it sounds interesting.

    And good luck making your decision with the embryos. That's a tough call, so lots of luck.


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