Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kids and Cairo

So is it only when you don't have children, or are trying really hard to, that they are everywhere? I mean in real life, on TV, just everywhere you look KIDS or something related to children!

I see children, children oriented things, commericals about kids, soap operas with kids, TV series with kids, even kids in some music videos! There is one Lenbanese singer that even made an entire album for kids! (although I must admit the video is kinda cute, the kids- not her as a fairy, and I LOVE that she included a child with Down's Syndrome!) The commericals on TV here for milk, yogurt, mobile phones, and so many other consumer products all show families with thier children. I would guess and say that 90% of advertising here uses children in some way to sell their product to families. Even the street vendors on corners, now especially in summer time, are selling rafts and inflatible toys for kids!

Cairo is an extremely child oriented society, as is the Middle East in general, there is NO escaping kids AT ALL. Am i complaining, no actually I'm not.

Despite not having kids, i really do enjoy all the kid friendly stuff. Its harder sometimes than others, but all in all i enjoy and am happy to see it.

It seems alot more prominent here than what I saw in the USA. Sure we have tons of great kid stuff back home, but here its like society as a whole is totally involved. Children are taught to refer to complete strangers as Taunt (Aunt) and Amu (Uncle) and they don't even know them. You don't hear about child crimes here and it seems kids are safe and enjoy a safe environment everywhere.

I love it when a child says to me "Taunt can you help me with this..." , or they may to Super S "Amu, what time is it?" We are their aunt and uncle if just for a moment..... its hard to explain but their complete trust in strangers is amazing.

One might think that in a society that is so open and geared towards kids, there would be a high occurence of crimes towards them... not the case here. Cairo is a religious society and people seem to treat children for what they are, gifts from God.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Is this a picture a blog?

I know, I know I have been posting so many pictures lately. I have so much I want to write, but putting it off until I feel like spilling it.

So these are some pictures from Alexandria, Egypt from a few weeks ago when my friend was here visiting. Its a beautiful place on the Mediterranean sea, but damn it was HoT and freakin' HuMiD! Fall/winter is THE best time to go there.





(amazing, amazing library and a great website too)

 (Built over the Stanley Bay to be a one way road as part of the expansion of the corniche. It was inspired by the Montazah Palace with its Islamic style four towers at both ends of the bridge)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All 4 with mommy now!

Welcome to all of you who ended up here for the first time at this super exciting, super fun and very important blog of mine from ICLW! You'll be addicted now, you've been warned, LOL! Short summary of my woes... married for 13 years, starting TTC 11 years ago. I live in Cairo Egypt. I am American and yeah I miss home sometimes, but love my new home too. We have done 3 IVF cycles, including 7 FET's, no luck yet.

Ok, so my last post showed Florenzo's babies (we think he is the daddy anyway). At that time the mother Fiona had only brought 3 of them here. Well well well...

The 4th one Naranja is here! He is so so so so super cute and alot smaller than the rest. Maybe that is why he was separated? Don't know but we have fallen in LOVE with this little guy! If we keep any it will be him.

He is so little, alot smaller than the rest, maybe he was not getting enough milk from Fiona? He is actually the most active one, he seems so friendly and so happy to be with his brothers and sisters. He runs around all day and plays like a little craZy man!

Fiona moved them today from under the couch outside to a spot under some trees in the front yard. So we still get to watch them in the grass.

They all have names now.... (left to right) Amelia, Charlie and ET; and of course little Naranja above. Amelia and ET are female and Naranja and Charlie and male. Charlie is the biggest of all and ET can climb her a$$ off.

It's so funny, Super S and I have never had pets. We have never been interested in having them actually; that is until Florenzo showed up last year. Our senses have been heightened and we absolutely love animals now, especially cats. Its strange for us, but we so get all of you cat/dog lovers now, and are so grateful and alot happier let me tell you!

Friday, July 17, 2009

WARNING: Major cuteness here

Well Florenzo's girlfriend Fiona gave birth to four kittens. The security guard on our street told us about a month or so ago that she was moving them everday. During that time she would come to our house everyday, she used to be scared, but now is like Florenzo, not scared at all, rubs against us, loves being petted and eats like a little piggy!

She has brought three of her four kittens to our house. The fourth one is next door behind a wooden board, we have seen him but she has not brought him to the rest of her kittens, any idea why? She goes to him daily we saw her nursing him, but wonder why he is still separted from the other three?

The three kittens are underneath our wicker couch outside. They have been venturing out, but always go back under, and are waaay too cute! We have held them and Fiona is ok with that. The kittens seem not to be scared, no hissing, just let us pet them a bit and go back under couch. They were playing on Super S's sneaker today.. climbing up it and his pant leg, we laughed so much.

Super S fed Fiona today and the black striped kitten jumped into the bowl and slurped up some fishy water from it!

So a few questions for you cat experts out there....

1. Will she eventually bring the 4th one here?
2. Why is that 4th one seperated? Should we bring it to the rest or leave it, i am thiking leave it right?
3. How old do you think they are? Their eyes are open and they walk but a bit wobbly still.
4. When will they go off on their own, is it 8 weeks?
5. I know it is better to find them a good home, rather than them venturing out into the street, when can I do that? (unless i keep some, we'll see)

Now for the cuteness...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Egyptian humidity and marathon walking

My friend is leaving in a few hours, its 6AM here. Too short of a trip but I am glad she was here.

We crammed so much into the week she was here. She has been here before so there were things we did not do, i.e. seeing the pyramids again. But we did do the bazaar at Khan al Khalili, a must for shopping which we did last time as well. Her last visit here we went to Dahab on the Red Sea, this time she wanted to see the Mediterranean sea....

So we went to Alexandria. Stayed right on the Mediterranean, walked our a$$es off and boy was it humid! I mean the kind of humidty that makes you feel like you showered with your clothes on. I took lots of pics and will post some later.

I have not read any blogs, but i'm back now and plan to catch up soon.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I don't have much to write now, but wanted to have a new post as opposed to that news from the other day. I thank you all for your well wishes and we are fine. Just really sad this time around, i think this has been the hardest let down, this time. I was so optimistic and really thought it was going to work out for us this time. Anyway, if it is meant for us to be parents we will, I know that.

I feel I really need a break from this IVF stuff for awhile. But my the clock is ticking, thats the way I look at it. I am growing older each year and the longer I wait the older my eggs get right? LOL, we will try again, just not sure when. I expect sooner rather than later though, and of course you will know as soon as I do.

My friend will be here visiting next week, so I am looking forward to hanging out with her for a few days and of course she's bringing me some goodies from back home (USA) and I can't wait to get em. She was recently accepted into Law School so we'll have to celebrate that too!

Thanks again for all your wonderful comments I love you guys so much! Talk soon.