Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I don't have much to write now, but wanted to have a new post as opposed to that news from the other day. I thank you all for your well wishes and we are fine. Just really sad this time around, i think this has been the hardest let down, this time. I was so optimistic and really thought it was going to work out for us this time. Anyway, if it is meant for us to be parents we will, I know that.

I feel I really need a break from this IVF stuff for awhile. But my the clock is ticking, thats the way I look at it. I am growing older each year and the longer I wait the older my eggs get right? LOL, we will try again, just not sure when. I expect sooner rather than later though, and of course you will know as soon as I do.

My friend will be here visiting next week, so I am looking forward to hanging out with her for a few days and of course she's bringing me some goodies from back home (USA) and I can't wait to get em. She was recently accepted into Law School so we'll have to celebrate that too!

Thanks again for all your wonderful comments I love you guys so much! Talk soon.


  1. Enjoy your time with your friend and your break from IVF.

    And enjoy those goodies! Let us know sometime what you've been missing from the U.S. -- some of my expat friends have pined for the weirdest things. On a similar note, one of my Canadian friends used to have me bring Cookie Crisp when I visited -- I'd rather eat regular cookies, but somehow the cookies as cereal were irresistible to him.

  2. Enjoy your time away from the IVF stuff. We always needed to take a break in was so exhausting on so many levels.

    You are always in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. Hope you enjoy this break....Have oodles of fun with your friend, and Congrats to her!

    Take Care!

  4. you are such an inspiration, seriously. I don't know how you do it (probably like I did, but with more optimism, it seems!). Have a fun time with your friend, sounds like a great distraction. :)

    lots of hugs

  5. I am so damned sorry it didn't work for you this time and I am in awe of your mostly positive outlook.

  6. I feel your pain... I had a 'betacrash' last week as well. (I can't bring myself to call it what it is yet.)

    I'm so sorry. This is all so painful. I wish it wasn't. I wish we could just be sedated while the docs work it out with our bodies. I wish they'ss just wake us up whn it is over, and we are safely well into a second trimester...

    Your 'Partner in Suck',

  7. Hang in there, love. I'm so sorry.

  8. I hope you have a good time with your friend! I'm also curious - what do you miss from the USA? My kid brother lives in CZ and he misses taco bell. He ate it like five times in two weeks when he came back for a visit this spring.

  9. I'm so sorry. I know how devastating it all is. I hear you about the clock ticking. I just hope mine didn't stop ticking!!

  10. i am so sorry this wasn't your cycle. It sucks. I think it sucks more when you get a positive, then you get the betas dropping. what the F is that supposed to mean??

    i'm glad you are optimistic to try again. i think you are meant to be parents!

  11. Sending more hugs, hun. I'm sorry you feel the pressure to keep pushing forward when you also want a break... Sitting here with you for whatever is next.


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