Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kids and Cairo

So is it only when you don't have children, or are trying really hard to, that they are everywhere? I mean in real life, on TV, just everywhere you look KIDS or something related to children!

I see children, children oriented things, commericals about kids, soap operas with kids, TV series with kids, even kids in some music videos! There is one Lenbanese singer that even made an entire album for kids! (although I must admit the video is kinda cute, the kids- not her as a fairy, and I LOVE that she included a child with Down's Syndrome!) The commericals on TV here for milk, yogurt, mobile phones, and so many other consumer products all show families with thier children. I would guess and say that 90% of advertising here uses children in some way to sell their product to families. Even the street vendors on corners, now especially in summer time, are selling rafts and inflatible toys for kids!

Cairo is an extremely child oriented society, as is the Middle East in general, there is NO escaping kids AT ALL. Am i complaining, no actually I'm not.

Despite not having kids, i really do enjoy all the kid friendly stuff. Its harder sometimes than others, but all in all i enjoy and am happy to see it.

It seems alot more prominent here than what I saw in the USA. Sure we have tons of great kid stuff back home, but here its like society as a whole is totally involved. Children are taught to refer to complete strangers as Taunt (Aunt) and Amu (Uncle) and they don't even know them. You don't hear about child crimes here and it seems kids are safe and enjoy a safe environment everywhere.

I love it when a child says to me "Taunt can you help me with this..." , or they may to Super S "Amu, what time is it?" We are their aunt and uncle if just for a moment..... its hard to explain but their complete trust in strangers is amazing.

One might think that in a society that is so open and geared towards kids, there would be a high occurence of crimes towards them... not the case here. Cairo is a religious society and people seem to treat children for what they are, gifts from God.


  1. It must be a wonderful place to live.

  2. A gift from God, indeed!

    I love that you put up Cairo time...I've always wondered the time difference! :)

  3. Okay, way to make me tearful.

  4. Wow...funny that you posted this. I miss Cairo so much...a few hours ago I was thinking about the last time I was in there (May 2008) and was ttc and was so depressed cause there were kids everywhere.

    Kept popping over to see if you wrote any posts...glad you did.

  5. Yes, it does sound like a nice place to live, though I can understand how it would be hard sometimes. Great photo, Wishy!

  6. It's been so long since I last visited your blog. Ironically I find it after making the decision to make my dream come true....I will be in Cairo in May of 2011!!! Gahhh I can't wait!

  7. A gift from God is right! It's a shame that this isn't the norm.

  8. I often wonder how it is in other places, but here too [Israel] you really can't escape kids & babies (probably as you said - it's a middle east thing..). Just thinking of playgrounds - don't remember seeing much of those in England, here - within walking distance of almost every house there is at least one playground.. And yes commercials and everywhere you look.
    Sometimes it feels like enough! Give me a break. But there is also advantage in a society that sees family building as a primary goal - fertility treatments are covered by state and one can undergo treatments for almost no cost at all (paying mainly for meds, which even though they are not cheap, it still is only a 15% co-pay)

  9. Wow, thanks for a wonderful description of a bit of life in Cairo. I've never been to the middle East so it really helps to see how it is to live there. I like that "Taunt and Amu" story. I just melt when a child calls me Tante (Dutch word for aunt) and what ever they are asking for I'll try my darndest to get for them.
    Heart warming.

  10. I love, love the photo. It sounds like such a great place for kids. I wish things were as safe for kids here in the states. Sadly, I guess a lot has changed in our culture over the last 20+ years.

  11. It's the same here in Morocco too. I couldn't get over how complete strangers would walk up to kids and give them a kiss on the cheek, and that's just normal. I get TV from the mid east too so I see all the adverts you talk about - I mean having children is not really a choice here, it's something expected of you, it's so important. But it's is a lovely contrast to what we see in the West, apart from when you're really feeling your IF and then you just want to hide away for a while!

  12. How interesting! It would get me down, day in and day out seeing how revered kids were and not having any of my own. That's why you are a better person than I. :)



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