Thursday, February 5, 2009

Misc rantings

I found two houses that had the great yellow sticker as well. But you know what, those two houses are vacant, owned, but occupants not here, LOL! Anyway, I will not mention the yellow sticker again. (its still on our pillar..i will leave it there)

Nothing extremely exciting to report here. I feel great, no pain, like before I had my tube ligated, so that is cool.

The weather here is unseasonably warm. It feels like summer, and the sun is HOT! Normal high for this time is 67 I think i read, yesterday it was 85! I am so not complaining, its beautiful and am enjoying it very much!!

We are way overdue for a trip to our favorite destination within Egypt, Dahab and I think we will get going soon. The other day we were blasting some classic Santana, (reminds us of hippish Dahab music they play there) and we looked at each other thinking the same thing..."its time to go to Dahab!" So hopefully soon we'll be on our way for a few days of Red Sea swimming (maybe if the water is not too cold- the sun is hot, but that first dip is a b*tch).

I got a really awesome email yesterday from my dear friend back home, she has decided to apply to Law School. She is studying for the LSAT now and I couldn't be happier! She's a genius and will make the best attorney. She has always talked about wanting to but finally made the decision to do it.  She is an activist, helps SO MANY people and does alot of things that lawyers do without having a law degree, at least what the law allows her to do without being an attorney. Actually she is better and far more clever and intelligent than a few attorneys we know....she'll be awesome!

Oh Florenzo has been gone again, today is day 4, little brat, he'll be back, I know. I just wish he could talk cause I so want to know where he goes and what he is doing.

Hope you are all well, talk soon. xoxoxoxoxo


  1. Glad you are doing well....

    Yup, a getaway is definitely in order. Go and enjoy.

    And that wandering cat of yours is a funny one. I hope he makes it back home (exhausted I'm sure) soon. (-;

  2. Happy to hear you're feeling well!

    Your getaways always sound fabulous.

    My friend's cat would leave for days like that and always came back. She said he's out messing around with all of the girls in the neighborhood. She ended up getting him fixed and he stopped leaving...kind of sad. :(


  3. I'm still amused by the yellow stickers! Glad that you're healing and enjoying the weather : ) Hope kitty comes home soon.

  4. oh man...i don't know about this whole yellow sticker thing. why do they need to know if there are children there or not? more importantly, why do they feel the need to advertise it?


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