Saturday, February 7, 2009

Face time at the Cairo Zoo

I watched an UNBELIEVABLE video today. You have to watch the video and read the article... you will not believe what is allowed here at the Cairo Zoo, i couldn't!

We have never been, but heard it is horendous! Just a basic search of images for the zoo on Go.ogl.e gives you hundreds of pics with people holding animals and links to articles talking about the terrible state of this zoo.

A British lady I know actually reported them to WAZA and had a verbal fight with zookeepers as to why some of the animals were kept in such small cages.

Anyway I sure hope they get it together because those poor animals are suffering.


Oh our baby is home! Florenzo turned up this morning. Today is day 6, just like his previous vacation, six days away and then back home, crazy boy! He looks good though, not so dirty, another bite MAYBE  it looks like on back leg, but not bad. He's sleeping now, probably had a busy 6 days, LOL! I will post some pics later because i know everyone loves the Florenzo!


  1. I'm too much a blubbering mess when it comes to this kind of stuff and will have to pass on the video for today.

    So glad your Florenzo is home. Quite the adventurous life he lives! (-;

  2. Me too....childern and animals. I can't bare the thought.

    You're going to have to put a tracking device on that boy. Glad to hear he's back.

  3. Hey, this is totally off topic, but I meant to tell you that I ate some falafel for lunch the other day! It was fried up and wrapped in a pita wrap with pickles and garlic..from a restaurant in Birmingham. Very tasty!

  4. Can't wait to see pics of Florenzo! I will be waiting for the 5-yr plan you'll be drawing up for me, and you can count on me being the biggest, noisiest cheerleader in your ttc quest! I pray this happens by the end of 2009.
    *dusting off pom-poms*

  5. Hi! thanks for checking in on me :) I'm doing ok :)

    I'm glad florenzo is back - he sounds adventurous!! Can't wait to see pics :)

    Hope you are doing ok!

  6. Oh, I hate when animals are abused & neglected!!! I agree with pp, it's just as bad as child or elder abuse!

    And I think Florenzo is hilarious...he just wants to get away every now and then...can you blame him?!?

    Thinkin of you :)


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