Sunday, February 15, 2009

Homebound punk

That title sounds mean, but we say it with love.

Florenzo has been hangin' out with us constantly, without wandering off, for the past few days. Its so cute, when he wants to use the bathroom (he won't use litterbox...) we let him out, and when he's finished he comes and sits at back door waiting for us. When we go out with him, he sits in the sun or runs around the yard, then when he sees us going in, he runs right after us!

We are lovin it!

His back legs are still healing, a for sure, maybe he is smart , (of course he is) and is just taking easy and knowing that if he wanders off the a*$hole  black cat will just attack him again? You can see one of the wounds in the pic below. He has a worse and larger one on inside of his leg. 

Here's the deal with the black bully cat. I think he is male, not sure, but he attacks ALL cats around here- I've witnessed three so far. He particularly seems to hunt down Florenzo, or maybe its just coincidence that I always rescue Floro from this bully? He even comes into our yard and tries to lounge in backyard, I always chase him away! Isn't this strange, or maybe it isn't, but Florenzo being a male and IF this cat is male, i thought they do not come into other male's territory, is that right?

Anyway, he is healing and just hangin out which is very cool with us.

Here's Florenzo back in the day (last year, June- a month after he wandered into our yard). Waay too cute then and still is today, just grown up and fatter!


  1. Maybe the bully thinks that Florenzo is in his territory, not the other way around?

    What a cute kitten he was!

  2. What a little stinker! Glad to hear he is home again before heading out on his next adventure. (-;

  3. Oh no, male cats always want to take the other male's territory! If you have a cat who goes outside and is not fixed, you will forever have a cat who sprays and that spray is what they use to show other cats their territory. We have 2 outside male cats who spray everything that isn't tied down and the other neighbourhood cats like to come around and try to start fights and spray their scent. It makes for a stinky yard and a lot of cat fights. Unfortunately, most of the fights are at 3am!! Luckily though, my boys are good fighters and can kick some bully cat butt.

    Poor Floro, I hope he heals well and that it teaches him a lesson about going too far in his journeys. About the black cat, do you guys have animal control where you live? You could try to trap it and then call someone to come pick him up..or trap him and take him someplace very far (if you're sure he doesn't belong to anyone). That might help a little, until another bully takes his place!

    Ah, the trials and travails of being an outside kitty! Take care of that cutie and love him while he's home (I know you do!) so he knows where to come for more. :)


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