Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring cleaning...EARLY!!!

Man did i clean yesterday! Its approaching the time of year here in Cairo which is referred to as "khamseen" (ham-seen ). DUST DUST DUST and lots of it! Strong, warm winds and DUST! It gets in through the slightest crack and you can see it and smell it everywhere! You have to close all windows, but even still it seeps in. And its like a very fine dust so its sucks cleaning wise.

It comes every year about March-April, and sometimes like yesterday, a few days in late February and its so weird. Like today for example, clear skies, no dust or wind. Then maybe tomorrow we'll get the warm dusty wind again! So its sporatic like that.

On top of my dustng and mopping binge yesterday, I was given the opportunity to deep clean my kitchen.

We are having a deck built off our kitchen. (DH designed it, and its rather cool I must say). Anyway, the workmen were laying the rokham (marble- but sturdy outdoor type, extremely common here) yesterday and they removed the piece in front of kitchen door, you know that seals opening between door and flooring, and man did the entire kitchen get covered in a mix of cement, marble dust and good old dust from our friend khamaseen! Just from that few minutes of them removing that piece and creating a blowhole from outside into kitchen, made the kitchen a disaster!

But you know what I am glad. I needed to do some serious cleaning, you know that detailed kind, like wiping down the little things and getting corners and places you didn't know needed to be clean? So i am happy it happened and we have a nice spotless kitchen now.

Thats my exciting report from here, i know you're jealous, what fun days I have, I know.

In my pregnancy challenged news.... I think we will wait until my next cycle, March, to replace our final 4 frozen embabies. I will go to my doc make sure all is good and then plan for that God Willing.


  1. I need to do a little deep cleaning myself. Like cleaning under and on top of the frig. Maybe insde the frig tto.

    Praying for your little embrys.

  2. The deck sounds nice. We will be adding one this year. Can't wait to bask in the sun.

  3. You will love that deck, once finished. :)

    The dust sounds dreadful...I'm glad it only lasts about a month.

    I actually am jealous of your exciting day of cleaning! I need to do some deep cleaning and just can't get the motivation to do it. Maybe once this cycle is over. :)

    I'm always praying for you guys...


  4. wow, that's some serious dust!! I hope you don't get anymore of it anythime soon :) I'm impressed by your serious cleaning! I need to do some serious cleaning in the kitchen too - especially those areas down the side of the fridge and dishwasher!

    Thinking of you as you plan for your next cycle!

  5. Hope the dust doesn't just replenish itself when the wind next blows.

    Did the doc give you a timetable for recovering from the surgery? Or is it up to you?

  6. I hopped over from All Mediocre...

    Best of luck on keeping your kitchen dust-free, and of course a "sticky" March cycle.

    I am just fascinated by your blog so far!


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