Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An unexpected dinner guest

So we're eating dinner the other night and I hear "meow, meow" I look out the door to the garden and saw this little guest as you see above, looking into the screen.

I am not usually fond of cats, i don't dislike them, but don't love them, but isn't this one cute.

It kept scratching at the screen door trying to open it, it was so cute. Then after a few minutes it just plopped down as you see above and relaxed.

I wish I had some tuna then, I gave it a piece of potato but it was not interested in it. Since then, it has come back and been lounging in our garden, too funny!


  1. Cute cat. I love cats, i have 2.

  2. Hi, I stumbled in here via Fertile Soul's blog. Very super-cute. Even though I have both a cat and a dog, I secretly identify much more with cats. even though the dog gets all the attention!

  3. Fertile Soul: thanks I have never been tagged before, working on it now and will post soon. Isn't this like chain email stuff that we never it couldn't be as WE are doing it! Thanks it's fun!

    Meg: Marked your blog and will follow. Great to meet another IF'r. Look forward to your blog.

  4. Assalamu alaikum!

    We had a cat in Jordan that looks a lot like your little visitor. I found him when he was a little bony thing trying to scavenge food from a dumpster. The poor thing was all dirty and just meowed all the time.

    I took him home and washed him all up and he became the most dedicated snuggle kitty in the whole world. We named him Orville and we loved him so much. We had to retrain him to be feral and dig for food in dumpsters because we were going to be leaving the country. My husband returned to Jordan 8 months later, called the cat from the street and he appeared!

    Nevertheless he was too wild to become the house kitty we so much loved and lived the rest of his days roaming the streets. He disappeared and we never saw him again. :-(


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