Sunday, June 11, 2006

Early morning BLAH post

If I didn't personally know me, and stumbled onto this blog, I wouldn't come back to see my blog, make sense? Not fun at all huh? Is IVF fun, I'm not saying it is or should be, but after reading many IF/IVF blogs these days, they make me want to go back and check them daily.

I guess its safe to say, I did not create this to attract readers, thats for sure. This blog was started for my friends and family who know me, thats it. I am a first time IVF'er and thats what we do, share our experience with friends and family...LOL. Sounds so funny and predictable after reading the veterans in IVF journeys musings. They would be proud that I wrote that and its just what they know we first timers they did once upon a time.

Anyway, just ranting here...its early in the morning and maybe I am feeling post cycle loss shite-syndroum? I don't know....

These last few days have been great though, its strange. S.'s been more than awesome, as usual. I feel strangely happy, and peaceful, couldn't be better really, except........... if I were pregnant...LOLLLLLLLLLL I better stop now, this could get ugly....


  1. YAYYY!!! I found another IVF virgin :) Me too sweety :) I am just learning the ropes and probably wont be startin guntil August. Come check out my blog, and keep in touch !

  2. Hey Nikki, I tried to find your blog, I can't, I don't see link from your profile??? Thanks for stopping by, good to meet another first timer...It's a crazy train, but indeed worth it.... in the long run we all hope...


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