Saturday, June 3, 2006

DAY 29- 4 days until test

Now just 4 more days until preg test. Nothing yet, ( no flow ) so maybe good news for us we'll see.

It is really hot here today, has to be over 90 degrees, oh yeah, I have that temperature thing on this blog, although I cannot see it now as I am bloggin this. The clock in my house says 84 degrees in the house. I hate air conditoning, so I try not to put it unless we are so so hot. Here there is no central AC, so we have a unit in our living room and one in our bedroom. Haven't used yet, but sure we will very soon, if not today.

The driving here in Cairo, I must complain. Those of you who have read my other private blog, know how I feel about it. You cannot imagine how TERRIBLE it is driving here. People have NO IDEA about any rules. The lane lines are just that, LINES. They drive on top of them, so if you have a two lane street, it becomes three and four lanes automatically.

When people get a drivers license, they take no written test. They take a "driving test" if that is what you can call it, it consists of driving around a few cones, then you pass. Unbelievable! Any inch of space between you and a car, is used. They pass you within an inch and feels like you will be hit. The cardinal rule of driving in Cairo: you must give up the right of way to any car that speeds in front of you. There is no such thing as being "cut off" because that is the norm and expected.

I have come close to heartattacks on many occassions. It is something we have to get used to, but we both cannot. S. gets so frustrated when he drives, I am always scared out of my mind as a passenger, its nuts! Anyway, I feel better now! LOL

Attached aboveyour viewing pleasure, one of THE most dangerous vehicles around, a Cairo taxi! But even worse than this is something called the "mini bus"or "service", has been referred to as a flying coffin!

Have a great Saturday and talk to you soon. Think thoughts of babies...


  1. AsSalaamu alaikum....After reading this....stay out of the car for at least the next four (4) days. Why put yourself through the stress, eh?
    I see where I confused somebody with the hot dog comments, sorry.
    My sense of humor is not for eveyone. I must remember that. I apologize for the comment. ovaltine

  2. AsSalaamu alaikum...thinking ahead.
    Since your description of the driving test and getting a license; I assume BABY SEATS are options? Please tell me they are readily available there with cushioning and padding all around them. ovaltine

  3. I do not plan on being in the car really. I drive around here where we live, nice and quiet, not crazy like outside. You're right, why stress when I don't have to.

    I don't think you confused anyone with the hot dog comment, they were laughing I think....LOL....

    Car seats, definitely an OPTION only. Unfortunately the norm here is holding babies in your arms and on your lap while in cars. Don't get me wrong, I have seen a few car seats, but less than more.
    I will bring mine from U.S.A. better quality there than here and cheaper too!!!

  4. Ah, yes. Car seats. When I brought my daughter to Jordan, she was only 8 months old. We stayed until she was about 14 months old.

    I ended up brining over her car seat but I think we used it a whole 3-4 times. Since we didn't have a car, we had to resort to holding her most of the time in public buses, "service taxis" and yellow taxis. We tried using it when we took taxis but unfortunately most of the public service vehicles aren't equipped with seatbelts in back!

    We ended up using one of those Snuggly things and my husband strapped her on and wore her around most of the time. Using a stroller was often difficult due to the uneven streets and high curbs.

    And then there was the social stima of using a carseat... Most people who saw us with it were pretty much amused. They thought we were overbearing and overprotective. Whatever.

    We saw a car slam on the brakes (driving in Jordan is much like that in Egypt--a good time to experience a near-death experience) and a little boy go flying and hit his head and face on the inside of the winshield.

    Let me know when you'll be back in the US. I have lots of baby things. Junior is almost 9 months old now...

  5. When i visited Cairo, i was so relieved to be in a taxi! I would go nuts if i had to drive that aggressively. I would give EVERYONE the right of way and never get anywhere. So i figured, taxi for me or minibus. I didnt know they were death traps ... is that really true?

  6. Hey fertile soul, you were the best off in the taxi. Yes they are dangerous, all cars here are, but really it was the best for you and all tourists to hire a driver, a taxi or ride a tour bus.

    The "service" or mini-buses are THE worse along with the infamous "Peugeot".

    I would have been more accurate in saying that the Peugeot is referred to as the flying coffin, not nescesaarily the taxis, some maybe, but not all.

    So glad you made it, as you remember I'm sure, how crazy all drivers here are, and thank God you did not have to experience driving on your own- I'm like you, I'd let everyone go, and be stuck in one place all day. I am grateful my husband can drive in it, but he too, is finding it very hard to get used to.


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