Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Doritos Update

Okay, yes they're Doritos, but NO they do not taste like the classic, oh so yummy nacho cheese at all! I can describe the taste as more of a baked taste and on the side of cool ranch without the ranch...yeah its kinda weird, but hey they are Doritos.

What a life huh? Gimme an "L", L, gimme an "O", O, gimme an "S", S, you know the rest...


  1. Thou shalt not call you looser, for I is one. The packaging picture sure looks better.

  2. Yeah the packaging is cool, but still not same good old Doritos Nancho Cheese, but like I said, I settle for these. I am sure you are not a loser unless you are "O" that is....LOL


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