Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Maybe next time...

Well it was negative. Maybe next time huh? We both feel okay thank God.

Anyway thanks to all of you for your supportive words and prayers.

Maybe now, I can post some fun stuff about this crazy place I live in... Cairo. Then when we try again I can get back to posting about our second IVF round.....we'll see.

Thanks again to all and I really appreicate each and every one of you. Even those of you I don't know personally, but feel like I do since I started this blog. A sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart.

In to you soon.


  1. My heart felt thoughts go out to you both during your time of sorrow. Your loss in this attempt is ever felt as mine too.

    Praise be to God who has seen you through this effort. It is but for a reason. As you both well know, we can always wonder why, but dare not question or give thought as to why not.

    In a topsy turvy crazy world that makes no sense whatsoever, we see young women (even girls!) aborting left and right. However,
    those who yearn for a child face difficulties. No one but he can make sense of it. Life goes on.
    Lets us all do the best with the time we have left. And yes, Inshallah, maybe next time.
    Love you both, you know that. O

  2. Sorry to hear this news. You sounded a lot like me when i started my first ivf, so chipper and up and excited (which was the opposite of what i thought i would act. i thought i'd be petrified and worried the whole way). Sorry about the letdown. It's not easy ... at first, but eventually, after a time, it gets better. Sometimes, i feel there are greater spiritual rewards in experiencing loss than in experiencing gain. It is an opportunity to come closer to God (if you're so inclined, given that so many ivf-ers go in the opposite direction), in a manner unlike the everyday, habitual attempts.

    Of course, i've yet to actually learn much myself by loss, given that i'm not such a fast study, i think, or maybe it comes faster for others, or maybe (my favorite reason) i'm not worthy (well, that cant be true, right!). But i know one thing for sure, the opportunity is there.

    When will you guys try again? Is it cheaper to do ivf in Cairo than the states?

  3. I'm very sorry. Even when you're prepared, it's still a blow. Treat yourselves well.

  4. Hi I found you today and am so sad to meet you under these sad circumstances. I hope you feel better soon.
    Tell us about Cairo!


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