Friday, June 2, 2006

DAY 27 & 28

Well we did not yet travel and have not yet heard back from my doctor either. Thanks K. for your comments yesterday, I will indeed see what the doctor has to say. Our travel is delayed fro now, but we may decide to go next week sometime, I'll keep you posted.

So yesterday was interesting, we went to a "Sebou", for one of S's nieces. A "sebou" which means "seventh" in Arabic, is a celebration for a new baby after seven days of his/her birth. It is cultural, not religious and I must say quite interesting. It was our first to attend and S. said "we are not going to do this..." We all laughed so hard! He hates lots of noise, so we'll see. Here is a good description from an Egyptian magazine about the custom...
It was cool, but really kinda strange. What you read in the article does happen. I am not sure if this is considered haraam or what? But many people here seem to do it, both Muslim and Christians. The lady throws salt everywhere, they put the baby in a cute really fancy decorated cradel type basket and shake her around, I was so scared for the baby. Then they light charcoal and throw stuff into it, like incense and stuff. Then the mother passes over the smoke seven times alone, then with the baby. Man, I was so nervous! LOL.....anyway, it was a new experience for us both.

All else is okay, feeling good and counting down the days until next Wednesday, which happnes to be the seventh! LOL.....God Willing good news I will have to report.

Enjoy your weekend and talk to you all again soon!!!!


  1. You should have given the mother hot dogs as she passed over the coals. At least you would have had something to eat. ovaltine

  2. LOL, Ovaltine, you're too funny!

    Interesting article. It certainly sounds like there are some ancient Egyptian practices mixed in there--especially when passing over the fire, stepping over the baby, and burning tons of incense.

    I mean, there is the aqiqa that is a sunnah about 7 days after but without all the funkiness described in the article :-)

    Yeah, some halaal marshmallows and some Hershey's chocolate melted into some graham crackers would go well with those hot dogs!

  3. So, what? 5 days now until the pregnancy test?

  4. Okay, where did the hot dog reference come from? Am I confused, as usual? Yes the aqiqah is sunnah, along with shaving the head and giving some money to poor, I know. This "sebou" is strictly culture here indeed. And yes there are just 4 days left until preg test, insha Allah all will be good.


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