Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Alive

Alive, but alittle sore. All went well.

Didnt get home until almost 11pm or so. We were at center at 2:30pm, they didn’t give us my room until almost 4 hours later and then surgery, I am not sure but think I went in like 7-ish or so. Crazy waiting....that’s life here.

So they disconnected tube and did not completely remove. The surgeon told me before if he can remove all he will, but if there are any adhesions or it would dangerous to remove, they would just disconnect, so that’s what they did.

The pain is not bad at all in the incision areas, only two, belly and left side, just a little sore.

I cleaned them today and put some antibiotic gel I had on them and recovered. They look really good and the stitches are under the skin I think they said so nothing to remove. Good job, thank God!

The anesthesia was a tough one....took me a while to recover and when we got home DH ordered food, thinking i would eat too, I just ate a few cookies so I could take antibiotic and pain pill and went right to bed.

And today I have the ribcage, diaphram and shoulder pain like a mutha! Its the affects of residual carbon dioxide left over in the abdomen that causes this pain and let me tell you it comes in spurts and is unbelievable! Its subsiding a bit now but i don't remember having it so bad last time. Pain killers help alittle but I still seem to feel it.

So thats that ladies. I am fine, will be better in next few days. I am going back to relax now, just wanted to check in and let you all know I'm still around. Talk soon. xoxoxoxoxo


  1. Glad you are doing well!! The shoulder pain sucks a bit, but it won't stick around. Yay! Onto only good things!

  2. I'm glad that it went well! Thanks for letting us know how you're doing! Hope that carbon dioxide pain disappears soon and you have a quick recovery!

    Enjoy your relaxing! :)

  3. I'm so happy it went well! The gas pain is awful...I remember that. Hope it goes away soon.

    Praying you have a painless, speedy recovery!


  4. Wowie zowie, that CO2 sounds unpleasant. Get well soon!!

    I wondered if they would start the surgery late... does anything ever start on time in Cairo? :)

  5. Glad you are well. Well as well as can be expected. You totally rock and I am so glad you came through this with flying colors. May thing heal quickly.

  6. My tummy hurts just reading about the CO2!!

    Hope you feel better fast!

  7. I am sooooo glad that you are doing ok! I said many a prayer for ya! I also had my tubes ligated (doc felt it may affect implantation and said removing them may compromise blood flow to ovaries). So, now we have even more in common!

    I think 2009 is going to be OUR year!!!!

    Take care!

  8. Thinking of you and hoping for a speedy, comfortable recovery. That pain sounds bad!! Rest well, dear.

  9. Glad everything went well and the doctor sounds like he knows what he's doing! :)

    The shoulder pain was the most pain I was in after my fibroid removal. Oh man, it was awful! I feel you there. Yucky. Hope that goes away soon so you can get to gettin'!

  10. I'm so glad to hear it all went so well! How crazy to do a surgery in the evening. (-;

    I remember that gas pain too. Uggghhh. I hope it goes away soon. Keep resting up with those pain meds and let the healing take place. Hugs.

  11. I'm glad you're doing better! Sorry about the shoulder pain. I had it too after my op and it sucked!



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