Thursday, January 22, 2009

He's Home!!!

Okay so I didn't write about our baby Florenzo being missing in action for the last 6 days, I don't know, too painful for me and I just didn't want to write about it I guess?


This morning I was in the kitchen, and decided to look outside, as we have been doing for last 6 days, a hundred times a day, and there he was sitting in his chair outside the kitchen! He always sat in that chair in the mornings as it gets great sun! I cried and cried and screamed for DH, he came running downstairs, what a freaking moment i tell you!

For the past 6 days, DH and I have canvased the neighborhood, shaking our keys (he knows this sound and this is how we call him at home) and always came home with no Florenzo.

We even talked to many of the security guards who are assigned to the group (think small subdivison i'd guess you'd call it) we live in and they said they had not seen him either. He is a popular guy, they all know him. The guard on our street even said he fed him and gave him water somtimes, and that Florenzo would hang out with him, sitting next to him, I cried when he told us this.... and we went home sad without Floro once again.

We would say each day, 'where is he now? what/how is he eating? where is he sleeping?" We love this little guy so darn much man! I am so so so so HAPPY he's back!

See he's like an inside and outside cat. Maybe this is not good, I don't know (first time pet owners we are) but he always sticks around the yard when he's outside. Even if he goes for a walk or to visit his girlfirends, he always comes home. At night he comes inside and sleeps in his chair (covered with a towel, actually a patio set we have downstairs that will go on our roof patio eventually) then when he wants to go out, he comes upstairs and scratches on our bedroom door, then I take him downstairs, he eats a little and then goes to front door, its a nightly ritual.

So I ask those of you who are cat owners and know waaaay more about them than we do, is this bad- Florenzo being inside and out? I would think trying to make him inside only after he has been outside now since he came to us last year in May, would be difficult and maybe not good for him? I don't know, please give me your opinion.

Anyway, he couldn't have picked a better day to come home I tell you. I can go and become tubeless now, having a good, happy state of mind, as I have missed him beyond words! Maybe he felt it...nah.

Well here he is, still sleeping, my sweet habibi (baby, sweetie, love) Florenzo, I love you and so glad you're home!!!


  1. Hei again,
    it's been long since I last wrote, but your news are outstanding.
    To live without a cat would definitely kill me...they give so much joy and I am hapyy all came to a good end. Maybe you should castrate him to keep him more home, keep him healthy (not fighting with other males etc.) and not produce too many kittens that may will end up in not such a good home! Cats that go out usually don't live as long as inside cats. And with males it is often that they choose 3 or 4 homes and feeding places at a time and you have to share him with others and maybe even not goodheartet persons...
    have a nice day!
    Happy regards and thinking of you and your wish for a baby in frosty Germany,

  2. Florenzo is so cute! I can imagine how devastating it was for you to have him go missing! I'm so glad he came home!

    I'm thinking of you for your surgery!

  3. All of my cats except one were indoor cats. Indoor cats tend to live longer and are healthier.

    My one in and out cat began as an indoor cat but he had the wanderlust and we just resigned ourselves. We bought him a collar and tag, neutered him, and made sure his vaccines and flea meds were up to date. We lived in a pretty cat friendly neighborhood and he lived for about ten years happily.

    Unfortunatley with an out door cat its inevitable: a contractor leaving his job next door didn't take caution while leaving the driveway and Frankie was no more. Risks all outdoor cats have: vehicles (even if the neighbors know your cat strangers won't), the occasional sadist or ignorant child who "play" too roughly, dogs and other larger animals. Also have to think about the environmental stuff, people who put out poison or traps n, fertilizers, antifreeze, gasoline, etc.

    My mother lost three cats to poison and a dog. It was traumatizing

  4. I have been lax on reading blogs and I'm glad you came to tell me about today's post (sorry I've been MIA!!): Florenzo is so freaking adorable! I want to nuzzle up in that belly.

    Here's my advice, for what it's worth: he's fixed, I seem to recall, so if you can, I'd keep him inside most of the time. I'd let him out when I could accompany him or watch him from inside. I have 2 outside cats, but they're guys who've always been outside (plus, they spray) so they get really cranky when they have to be inside for too long. They're older too, so their wanderlust seems to lead them from the front to the back and that's about it! Our inside cats have never been outside and thus haven't tasted the freedom that Florenzo has now tasted.

    I wonder if he just got caught up in an adventure? Either way, I am SO glad he made it home--especially to make his momma happy and make it so she can have her surgery with a happy heart (good luck, btw!!).

    I think after a few weeks or so of keeping him solidly indoors, he will maybe think twice about leaving on such a long jaunt and possibly just stay around home when he does get outside.

    I know that it's best to keep a cat indoors, but I also have seen a cat stare for hours at a time out the window because she wants to be outside so bad. It's a hard choice, but if he's done well up to this point, you're doing alright. They say that cats forget something the second after it happens, so maybe keeping him indoors for a good while will make him less apt to travel?

    Good luck with that, I know how difficult it is to keep a travelin' cat down! :)

  5. Welcome home habibi! (I know that word well because an Israeli friend uses it all the time -- it's the same in Hebrew)

    My cat is inside-only, but she's used to it. Is Florenzo fixed? If not, he will feel much more of a need to wander around and will probably try to escape. I guess it would also depend on safety, whether there are other cats, other animals, cars, etc. that can get him into trouble.

    I wonder what he was up to for 6 whole days!

  6. So glad he is home safe where he belongs so you can have some peace of mind before going in for your surgery.

    Good luck with it all. I hope going "wireless" is just what you need to get this IVF thing to work. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I'll be looking for your update!!


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