Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What day, what time please

As usual, puntuality seems non-existent here once again.

Talked to my doctor Sunday, told him to schedule my laproscopy tube removal, he said he get back to me with time and date.

Yesterday, Monday, DH called him for me and asked if he had scheduled. Doc said it would be Wednesday, tomorrow, but would call us today, Tuesday to confirm.

Its Tuesday night, 12 midnight now and no call. I have to be fasting so I assume i will not do it tomorrow, LOL! Love it, just love it!

If he wasn't such a great doctor I would have said bye along time ago. But I have to chalk it up I guess, the non-follow up, or lack of punctuality to culture. In all fairness, not everyone is this way, but many are very nonchalant when it comes to time.

So will let you know when I finally know when I am going in.

Watched inauguration on CNN here, how exciting! Even though I am not into politics, at all really, this was exciting for everyone, including me as I voted from far here in Cairo. He has a big job in front of him, lets hope he can do it!


  1. Too funny. Well, good luck with the surgery, whenever it turns out to be!

    Funny that you watched CNN... I couldn't handle any of the 8 American channels' coverage and instead watched BBC!

  2. The turnaround to get this scheduled at least seems fast. It took me weeks to schedule my lap and weeks more before it happened! I hope you get it all squared away soon and that all goes well!! Keep us posted!


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