Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Better way of predicting IVF success

(guardian.co.uk) - Mathematicians have devised a way of predicting how likely a couple is to have a baby as a result of IVF, if the first cycle of treatment didn't work. They say their model is 1,000 times more accurate than the methods currently used, which are based mainly on a woman's age.

(Reuters) - U.S. researchers have developed a formula that can predict whether fertility treatment will succeed more accurately than using age alone, and used it to develop a commercial test.


  1. I had heard something about that. Pretty interesting.

  2. Interesting reading...

  3. wow, it is interesting, I don't know if I agree with some parts of each study, but to have people go with something besides age is refreshing, considering that women over 40 could have viable eggs and women in their 20 may not...due to other complications.

    thanks for sharing. It's interesting for those of us that did IVF.

    Happy ICLW

  4. This article is a relief for couples trying to conceive via IVF, like my husband and I. I can't wait for this tool to come out in the U.S market, it would bring so much piece of mind, as well as savings! Thanks for sharing :)


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