Saturday, July 31, 2010

27 weeks today

I have been so fortunate with this pregnancy, none of the sometimes, "usual symptoms" have visited me, but maybe now as I enter the final stretch they will?

Bring on the heart burn baby! Yes, it has arrived, just two days ago. It sucks bad too, let me tell you. I have read all the different remedies, we'll see but I hope it subsides and I won't need to do anything. I go to sleep with it, wake up with it and even water seems to give me heartburn now. I will start eating smaller more frequent meals through out the day and not eat close to bedtime, we'll see.  As of this early morning, it seems to have subsided though so maybe, just maybe it will come and go?

Last night had a spell of dizziness too. It started when I bent down and over in the kitchen and it lasted until I went to bed. Maybe low iron? Maybe a fluke? Its gone as of now, so I will keep an eye on this too.

We saw Superbaby Wednesday and he is so adorable! Dr. K said he is doing well, all is looking great. He was moving alot and was camera shy, but I managed to snap a few pics below from the very long, detailed ultasound Dr. K did for us. Dr. K is amazing. He explained EVERYTHING we were seeing, so much so we did not get eveything that he was describing. He really did a detailed examination of the heart and organs and from what he said all is progressing just fine. What a relief!

Not very clear these snapshots, but isn't he adorable?

Already a peaceful little guy... peace to you baby!

So now I prepare to travel back to the US for Superbaby's arrival. I decided to go home to deliver, well because I want to. I want to be around my family, I want to bring so many things back for Superbaby that I can't get here, the aftercare in the hospital for babies is better I think and just so many little reasons, but most of all because it feels right.  I am planning on travelling in early September (puts me just starting my 8th month) and staying possibily until the end of the year. I found a very good, recommended OB and a great hospital as well. My mother will fly to the State where I'll be and I am very excited that she will be with me for Superbaby's birth. Its her first and only grandchild and she is SO excited! My Dad, who I stay with in the US is super excited too. He has been receiving all my online purchases and emails me when they arrive, always commenting on how small and cute the things are!

My best friend and my sister both live in the State I will be in so that is very cool as well. I have many friends that are so overjoyed at our news and know how long we've waited for Superbaby, it will be a blast with so much love around Superbaby and I.

I just pray that all continues well and I really need to "girl up" and get ready for this. As happy as I am, I know I will be getting very nervous as the time gets closer. Vaginal, c-section its all good. I am prepared either way, I just pray Superbaby is healthy and all goes well.

I started alot of research about travelling with an infant. I think pray it should go well and I will really try to prepare the best I can. If all goes as planned, I will travel back to Cairo with Superbaby when he will be just a few months old. I would like to NOT buy a seperate ticket for him. If he is in my lap, I pay 10% of an international ticket fare plus the lovely fees and taxes, which are substantial. Anyway, we'll see.

I wanted to share a really cool website I came across for moms who travel alot. Shelly Rivolvi has so many reviews of great little inventions and gadgets for travel with your baby. I am planning to invest in a few of these cool things as Superbaby will be a travellin' baby, I think more often than not. You can visit her website HERE. She gives great tips and advice, really a wealth of info.


  1. I love his little arm and the peace sign - precious!!!!

  2. Peace, Superbaby, peace :) Love the pictures! Just out of curiousity, why are you going to the US for the birth? Will your hubby come with you? It's great that you get to have your family around you for this wonderful thing though!!

  3. My heartburn has actually gotten better on the last stretch of the pregnancy, but I´m better on avoiding things that give me heartburn :) I would try to stay away from onion, oranges.
    Love the peace sign

  4. Very cool photos!!! Congratulations on 27 weeks!! I am sorry to hear about the heartburn - I hope you are able to figure out ways to help avoid it going forward!!

  5. I hear you on the heartburn and man is it bad?? It got so bad for me in the third trimester and there is nothing I can do to make it better..what seems to help is eating but then you get it after. A lot of people here in the Emirates also go back home (europe, us, aussie)to deliver to be around family! How exciting that you'll be around fam and friends!! Great news that all is great with Superbaby and how cute does he look!!love his peace sign.. How cool is he??

  6. Great pictures!! I can't believe you're coming to the US for delivery - but I would definitely do the same thing because I am totally neurotic. It must be kind of scary to contemplate being away from home for this. Will Super S be able to join you for any length of time? Sorry to hear that you're getting heartburn and dizziness, though. I hope it all subsides - and that Superbaby is just sitting on a blood vessel and planting his feet in your belly. Then he can move around and give you a break.

  7. Cute baby!

    Is your hubby coming with you? Whats the scoop with that? Hopefully he will be here for the birth and get to stay a bit.

  8. Super S is going too. I re-read my post and I made it sound as if I'm going alone... opps. Superbaby without Super S not happenin! xoxo

  9. Those pictures are amazing. You know, I am so, so happy for you. Drop me an email if you want to chat via phone once you get to the States.

  10. Well, do what is best for the Baby! My mother will also be with us for the final lap, and I too have a city-of-birth-decision to make, but I am too far off the d-date and I would like to get a comfy close to finally decide.

    Best wishes to you and SuperBaby!

  11. Great update! Traveling back to the U.S. sounds like a good plan. RE air travel: your fellow passengers will be more tolerant of a crying baby than an ill-mannered preschooler.. so live it up while Superbaby is still little!

  12. Great news all around about you and Superbaby!!! He looks very laid back!
    We're almost exactly at the same stage!
    No face pics for our baby - she is shy everytime and hides! Good luck and sorry about the heartburn

  13. PEACE are beautiful!!!!! :)

    the heartburn for me was awful, they finally just wrote a script and things got MUCH Better.

    I am so happy that you are coming "home" to deliver, I know it's a lot to plan and travel etc, but I know having my mom there was the greatest feeling for me and I know it will be for you too.

    Wow, it's going to be here before we know it. YIPPEE!!!

  14. I hope the dizziness is nothing. I've heard it's pretty common in pregnancy but obviously don't know for sure.

    That's so exciting that you're traveling back to the US for the birth! Having all your family around will be wonderful for you and them! :)

    (Yay - the pop ups are gone! Thanks :) Not sure why they were giving me so much trouble.)

  15. Your plans sound so exciting! It's going to be a most wonderful rest of the year!
    Look at those cheeks (Well, one cheek)!! So kissable.

  16. Really enjoying your blog, i am so new to all this, its so good to see women who have gone through this and have babies!! Love and luck x

  17. I've traveled with an infant a TON. My one tip fo you is to bring your carseat to the gate, ask if they have an extra seat. Almost always they do and will give it to you so you can have space for you little one. I've gotten an extra seat 7 out of 8 trips. If they don't have a seat for you then just gate check your carseat. I think most if not all US airlines let you check a stroller and carseat for free at the gate. Not sure about international. Good luck.


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