Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stokke me WiLd

I am in LOVE. Complete. Love. Man.

How could you not be? Watch and see if you agree with me.

The reason I even found this amazing creation was while we were in Dahab, this lady was pushing the coolest stroller I have ever seen! I did not have my contacts in nor my glasses on, so I said to Super S tell me the name on that stroller, because I could not read it. When we got back to our room, we went online and we both fell in love!

This is THE stroller no doubt. I would Superbaby to be riding in style and seeing the world at eye level the way he should. I hope. It is a VERY big investment for us, but you know what will be worth every single penny my friends. I may even put up a PayPal donation button for this bad boy, LOL... man oh maan!

Any of you have or ever had a Stokke Xplory? The new 2010 model has some improvements from what I read and watched from its previous models. If you have/had tell me about it. From all the reviews I've read so far, its seems A-MAY-ZING!

Stokke me wild baby.


  1. Before I knew I was having twins, this was the stroller I'd picked out. I can't comment on it since I've never actually touched one in person.

    I will say that I have everything else that Stokke makes: cribs, changing table, high chairs. I am a huge fan of each of them in their own right. My (very tall) husband loves the changing table most, and he has declared that everyone else is an idiot with their sideways, low changing tables.

  2. How much is it though? I can't find anywhere besides one place in New York that sells it in America and I don't live near New York LOL

    I do love it!!

  3. Oooh well, I have to warn you! Only the other day I saw a lady on the market with such a stroller. She had put a small bag on the handle with some veggies while caring for her other kid, only a toddler. This thing fell over with the baby inside. The baby fell on its face. The baby was crying, the other kid was grying. Veggies fell out. The mum became hysteric, because they were all shocked. The toddler started to scream because the mum had to look after the baby.....finally other people had to help her putting this stroller on its wheels again....those items are not safe and anyway, you can use them only a short time; kids grow so fast. Rather choose a traditional stroller that is more sturdy!
    Just a hint from an experienced mum :)))

  4. That looks like a moon walker or something! LOL

  5. That stroller looks wonderful....a real backsaver! I was kind of wondering if it was top heavy too....that might make me nervous.

  6. I think it is great, for warmer climats, not so great for where I live. But it is cute.
    But I love stokke products, I will be using a high chair that was bought 21 years ago and there isn´t a scratch on it. Has been in my family and used by a lot of children. I can at least confirm that these are quality products.

    I also love this one

    It is a norwegian company, and has been producing baby furniture and accessories for a long time.

  7. That is wickedly cool but way beyond my price range. Hope you love whatever stroller y'all get.

  8. Regarding what Bea commented. Point taken. It is a stroller just for the kiddo, not a cart to add things too. If she put the bag on the handle she caused the imbalance. I will bet that the instructions state not to do this. Nobody commented on this stroller might also be used for a high chair as it goes up to a table. The reinforcing orthopedic dare I say for the kiddo's back is simply wonderful and not found in other strollers, wagons, whatever! The height of the baby either facing mom, dad or forward is commendable. The fact that the kiddo can be eye level with mom dad and FACING them is worth whatever the Norwegiqns are asking. All in all, I wish I had invented that!

  9. I love it, esp the blue one...I didn't look up how much it is, mostly because my kids won't stay in their current stroller...HA. But for you, Totally worth's wonderful!!!!!

  10. I considered this when I was searching for prams and did look great one. One negative was the fact that it's wide and that if you have to go on and off pavements it's difficult to maneuver. I cannot remember if you can add a travel system to it which also put me off. I would say go look at one and try it out before you make up your mind. Stokke also does cots that transform from a baby's crib to a junior bed. I saw one last week and was impressed!

  11. I loved the xplory until I thought about where I'd put my nappy bag and what I'd do about carrying anything when out and about.

    I am so glad I didn't get it, I got a strider dlx travel system and the wheel base is about as wide as the xplory and I can't get through checkouts or small shop aisles... but I LOVE my strider because I can hang my adorable il tutto bag from it, store some shopping in the decent sized basket and still walk home with bub... the xplory would not be functional at all, my nappy bag is too heavy to hang and too large to put anywhere else (and I don't carry that much in it!).

    one thing that is hugely important is function over form... really try it out before you buy, we made the shop assistants bring the demo strollers out so we could practice putting them in/put of the car, folding them down and putting them up, we took my bag out loaded up with what I thoght I'd need for a day out with baby and saw if there was anywhere to put it and we borrowed a friend and her bub to see what it was like with a baby in it... I was in love with so many but in the end went with one I didn't really love but ticked all the right boxes and tbh I now adore it because it fits our lifestyle.

  12. My first thought when I saw this stroller was "WOW... that is one groovy stroller!" I love the idea behind it, and it looks like it would be a great investment. But, if at all possible, before plunking down that kind of money I would want to try it out first.


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