Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunny and better

I was able to get to sleep last night, thank God.

My eyes are better but still irritated a little. Just not sure what happened.

Dentist could have just been coincidence, maybe this flare up or whatever it is/was had nothing to do with being there. Maybe a reaction to this Prednisolone or Puregon, both of which I am taking for the first time? Anyway all is good and I will live.

Its beautiful here in Cairo, sunny, warm 75 degrees, like an early summer day really.

The babies are loungin' enjoying the weather... Super S and I willjoin them in a bit.

Have a great day wherever you are. xoxoxox


  1. Watching your kitties makes me lazy. Glad to hear you're feeling better :)

  2. Oh Dear!
    I am not really a fan of summer, but could you please send up some sun to us :))) Your pix are so nice and relaxing; something I would enjoy now, too, in this difficult days (see my blog). At least you are well up again!!!
    It's all gray, gloomy and very snowy uphere...
    Northern Greetings

  3. glad you're feeling better. love, love, love your kitties! give 'em a pet for me.

  4. I wouldn't mind trading places with your cats right now!

    Glad your eyes are better.

  5. Glad your eyes are doing better. And, boy do those kitties have a good lounge spot.

  6. Your kitties are sooo gorgeous and boy have they grown! Glad to hear your eyes are doing better. Hugs from Morocco....

  7. For some reason my comment got posted under AiM.. it's me Clare, before you start wondering who the hell AiM is ;)


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