Friday, January 15, 2010

IVF Number 4 in Session

First off, my heart goes out to the people of Haiti. What devastation and grief they are suffering. If you can make a donation, however big or small, i think it will help.

Well its official. I have started medication for this IVF trial, our 4th and the one that will bring us our baby(ies), God Willing.

Here's my yummy cocktail as of now...

- Currently doing a super fun belly injection of Puregon daily until AF arrives.

- Also taking 10mg Predinisole daily now and will continue until 13th week or so of pregnancy.

- Taking a "super" antioxidant supplement I bought in the USA, along with low dose aspirin, and a prenatal vitamin, that by the way, I have been taking for 5 years!

- On day 1 of my cycle, Decapeptyl and Fostimon injections daily until follicles reach
desired baby making forces, monitored via ultrasound.

- Planning on IViG infusion 7-10 days before ET.

- Start Clexane (Lovenox) injections day after ET.

So I was reading last night about the "Colorado IVF Protocol" seems alot of people in Austrailia have had success with it. I read that some doctors there do not like it, but that some of the ladies were insistant and pushed their doctors for it, they did it and many had success.

So being that Dr. K is very cool and open to what I want, I am going to pull a few things from this protocol and add to ours. He doesn't know it yet, and of course will run by him.


- Super S will take Doryx 100mg twice a day for 7 days once I start stims.
- I will add Augmentin 500mg twice a day on the day after the HCG (trigger) injection and take for 5 days.
- I will see if they have Crinone Progeterone gel here and if so will do one application each morning starting after egg retrieval.
- I will also check to see if they have Estraderm mx patches (100mcgm) here and then two are applied to the butt, again starting after egg retrieval.
- Have intercourse the day before embryo transfer (why?).

It really is a fun bunch of stuff isn't it? I still have such a really great feeling about this cycle, and I am going to do all I can to make it work. Trying things and adding a few from here and there, my body is going to love me huh?


  1. So excited for you! Can't wait to hear the good news this cycle will bring ;)

  2. I am so excited and so hopeful for you this cycle.

  3. Taking charge of your own treatment always feels better. I hope that all your preparations will ensure a beautiful baby in October or November!

  4. I'm so crossing my fingers for you! Did you list on cyclesista?

  5. I'm praying this is THE ONE FOR YOU!!


  6. Being a planner myself, I LOVE that you've worked out a plan that is just for you! Sounds like you're doing everything within your control. :) Fingers crossed, good thoughts and many prayers coming your way!

  7. Yay! I hope this is the cycle for you! Btw, the sex before transfer is rumored that the spermies make the cervix more happy for the transfer, or some such thing.

  8. We were instructed to have sex the night before both transfers...some have suggested it prepares the uterus for implantation in some way...the first time we didn't follow it. The second time we did. I would never say THAT was why it worked, but hey....whatever we can do to help things along, right?

  9. Hi there, the BD before et is to create a more natural environment for the embies. the sperm in your uterus is suposed to be like a little welcoming comittee for the embies :)

    Crinone gel is just vaginal progesterone so if they don't have it over there ask for progesterone pesseries. 2x 200mg pesseies is equal to 1 x crinone stick.

    Estraderm patches are estrogen. if you can't get the patches you should be able to get an estrogen pill.

    Good luck with the colorado. It's suposed to have originated in colorado canada i believe and an Austalian doctor saw it when he went there and liked it and took it back home here and modified it to suit his practice. It's had alot of sucess with people who havn't been diognosed with any particular reason why standard ivf or ivf icsi hasn't worked. So it covers stuff like blood cloting issues, natural killer cells and antibodie issues with all the different meds it uses.

    Hope it does the trick for you!

  10. I´m optimistic this will work out for you now.

    We were not instructed to have sex before the ET, and therefore did not, not sure I could have, due to pain after the egg retriveal. But it can´t hurt to try, at least it makes sense that it would help.

  11. this ones the big bang... rooting for you

  12. Sending well wishes, sounds like you are right on track for success!! Kristina

  13. yay! i'm so glad your cycle is officially underway! hoping your med cocktail is spot on and you have a baby(ies) growing in your belly very very soon!

    p.s. i'm totally having sex the night before transfer! i hadn't heard that, but it totally makes sense. thanks for the tip!

  14. Wow. You have really done your homework! I have no idea what any of it means, but I do like the antibiotic in the cycle! I remember reading about that b/c I was prescribed one for a UTI. I was worried it would hurt my chances, but I talked to several OB friends and they actually said it was good to have an antibiotic around the time of implantation. That was the cycle we got Lizzy. I'm very hopefuly for this cycle for you and hope that all the protocols don't make you too crazy! Also, your Super S is a great woodworker (the cat condo..I suppose that sentence could be interpreted differently :-)! How creative and artistic he is!!


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