Friday, January 29, 2010

Arabian Sand Cat born via IVF

I have never heard of the Arabian Sand Cat before. It is strangely cute with its big head isn't it? Especially that pic above, he's all "Yeah I am so an Arabian Sand Cat, and you are so not."

And how cool is it that some were born via an IVF embryo transfer? I love it!

Once again, 2010 is the year of IVF babies for Arabian Sand Cats and Wishing4One and you too!


  1. so cool! we love our kitties! and IVF will help us all. :) 2010! positive thinking galore: positive! baby(ies)! ++++ pregnant! sticky embabies! BFP!

  2. Hella agaon....
    what a very special kitty; never heard of such before. I have a new pic of mine out in my blog, too!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!!
    *~ ♥ ~*

  3. What a cute kitty. I hope that 2010 is the year of the baby for both of us.

  4. That is one cool cat. Thanks for sharing the article. It's amazing what IVF can do.... great for people or cats!

  5. what a cutie! I want one!

  6. That cat is so cool looking! Never heard of that kind either.


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