Monday, September 22, 2008

Show and Tell- Better late than never

Hey ladies. As promised a quick Show and Tell today. I am a day late, but am hoping Lolli will post it anyway. She's awesome like that.

So I was thinking what to share today...something about my classroom, (I'm a new KG teacher as some of you know) or my cat Florenzo who has recently decided to leave for hours at a time and then return home to eat. Then I thought of my Oma. My grandmother who died in 2006.

My Oma was very ill in late 2005, she had a rare form of cancer, and was very very sick. When my mom told me how serious it was, I decided I must fly home to see her.

While I was in the air from Cairo to NE USA, she died.

So when I got to my mom, she told me something that happened the day before Oma died....

They were sitting in her room, my mom in a chair, Oma in the bed as she was too weak to be anywhere else. Oma was starring at a rocking chair in the other corner of the room. My mom asked her what she was looking at, she replied "I am watching Wishing4One play with her baby..."

Wow, i thought how I wish that would come true.....

Check this out. While I was there I was due for Aunt Flo to come, she came, but very light and different than ever before. I chalked it up to the travelling, change of time zones, etc.

When I got back to Cairo, for some very strange reason, while at a friends house, I had the strong urge to go get a pregnancy was POSITIVE! First and only time I freaked!

After a regular visit to the doctor he confirmed it was a 6 week pregancy in my fal.lopian Of course I had it removed and haven't had another positive since.

Still gives me the chills thinking that she "saw"this before she died....I love and miss her so. I wish I could have seen her one last time, but she left that "vision" with me forever.


  1. That gave me chills! Sorry it didn't work out as you had hoped, but surely Oma wasn't wrong in her vision.


  2. Maybe she was seeing a pregnancy that would work out in the future. You never know.

  3. Ditto what Malky said. I think Time means little to spirits.

    I have a similar experience:

    Very cool of your Oma.

  4. I never write on other pepole's blogs, but today i can't helpt it. Our stories are so similar i just had to tell you about it. On June 7th of this year i had my second IUI. Nobody knew. On the same day, in a delirious state my grandmother hallucinated that i had a baby boy, she told my mother all about the pregnancy and delivery and didn't believe it when she was told it wasn't true. She died on June 9th. I had a positive pregnancy test on June 22nd, but that was followed my a m/c in the 7th week... her visioin haunted me with how close to home he hit. Too bad our oma and grandma's visions didn't come true all the way.
    Good luck in your TTC adventure, and thank you for your lovely bolg!

  5. Wow - those connections are so powerful. I'm glad you have that memory and experience in connection with your Oma and your baby. I was struck by her best friend lost hers too a few years ago (pronounced Omee), what is your heritage?

    Thanks for the comment..back at you from ICLW

  6. What a truly beautiful story and memory of your Oma. I'm so sorry you didn't get to see her one last time and hope her vision is timeless, bringing you a baby to play with here on Earth so very soon. Much love to you. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  7. I also got the chills reading this. what a beautiful story and how lovely to remember your oma that way.

  8. I'm so sorry about both your losses. I'm glad she was able to connect on some level before she moved on.
    (So glad your computer is back!)

  9. Major chills, just like the other commenters. Wow.


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