Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Best online help forum EVER man!

I think many of you know I have been having some MAJOR computer problems. Indeed, many nasty dirty tro.jans, and all types of mal.ware found their way into my world.

So in my usual quest with Dr., i came across a fantastic online forum to help me.

I just want to say that this is not your ordinary Geek forum, oh no. This one ROCKS beyond belief!

After a few days of posting back and forth, I have successfully cleaned my laptop and am virus FREE!

I am sharing the link to this forum as it was a life saver.

The person who helped me, an expert on malware, viruses, etc. was so awesome, he (maybe she?) always replied to my posts, told me exactly what to do, step by step- it was amazing.

So if you have any computer issues, or not visit them cause they are da bomb!!


  1. Yay - glad your computer is feeling better!

  2. Yeah! Glad to hear you are back in the swing of things. missed you, girl!

  3. I hope all is going well with your computer and new job. (: I'm excited to hear more about it.

    I'm just catching up and am interested to read the articles linked in your last post too.

  4. Glad you are back up!!!

    How is school prepping going? I can't wait to see pics of your classroom :)


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